Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, June 25, 2012



Well I didn't see it so i'll explain that later. Well another week that just flew by I don't see how/why time is going by so fast but hey I’ll take it! This week was pretty good for doing missionary work, a ton of people cancelled on us so that made it bad but we still taught 26 lessons? So with all the rescheduling and such this week should be jam packed! We started walking to save miles on the car and so we could talk to more new people during the day, so we would walk to appointments etc and to set up later appointments and if they didn't work out we would tract and street contact people. But we didn't just go knocking on random doors as a matter of fact we knocked on 5 doors one day and 4 of them said they would want us to come back and the other no one was home at. The coolest part about it though is that there would be all these different houses and we would both pick the same one at almost the exact same time! Tracting by the spirit yo! Which brings me to the title of this email. This lady that said we could come back said that she believes in God and Jesus Christ but that the Bible is just a book of myths? And she also proceeded to tell us for 15 minutes about the UFO that she saw when she was in her mid 30's and we asked for her name and said you guys can just call me old granny haha and that she is! We went to an Less active members sisters wedding at a Catholic church and boy did we stick out but everyone was super friendly and wanted us to stay longer but we had appointment to go to so we left. The less active has a boyfriend that is interested and we have been teaching him and had a great lesson with them yesterday and we bought pizza the day before from papa murphys (you buy the pizza then take it home and bake it yourself) so we had dinner and a lesson with them! Also I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday on member missionary work and it was awesome. I got on to the members just enough to get the point across and they all came up to me afterward and said that was the motivation they need and a bunch signed up to feed us saying that they will have someone for us to teach which will be awesome! Well other than that just your typical week. Well actually we went and did some service for some random people and they were really into guns and one of them has a .50 caliber which is a huge gun and bullet and he gave me two bullets for helping him, they are SO HUGE! Gotta love red necks!
Elder Dees

.50 caliber and ?
?????  playing again  ?????

To much time on his hands

MOM: Hi Son,

I enjoyed the email.  Glad you are working hard and trying to motivate us lazy members to share the good news.
I hope your teaching appts are good for this upcoming week.
Do you need anything?  Mom

Elder N. Dees:  PS:  yeah send me some packages or something- my greenie is getting tons of mail and its making me look bad!

Mom:  Hey, I just reread my last email to you.  It came across like I was being mean but I didn't mean it to be mean, I wanted it to be encouraging.  I just think you are better than that- How about a pic of your completed tooth.  It they did a poor job have them redo.  It cost thousands and needs to look great.  Lv mom

Elder N. Dees:   I don’t care if you get onto me I’ll just ignore it - we both know that (= but the tooth is done great I’ll send a picture next week.

Mom:  ok, sounds good.


JUNE 25, 2012

Hi Son, AKA:  Elder Dees,

So much going on around here.  How about there?  How is the missionary work coming along?  We actually have a baptism or two this coming Saturday!!!!  One of the investigators had started with the sister missionaries and really missed them when they left the area but still attended regularly.  The elders have been teaching her and finally said a couple of weeks ago that they had a baptism coming up and would she like to be baptized?  She said, "yes, I think I'm ready!".  They were thrilled as am I.  She and her husband (who was less active till some months ago) are excited.  I still haven't placed a Book of Mormon.  Gotta do that!  Gotta start rereading it myself.  Been a slacker in that area.  How is your reading coming along?  Are you reading the Bible ( Old or New Testament) or the Book of Mormon or other studies?  Our spiritual growth and testimonies grow and become firmer when we do.  I have a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true!  I love the spirit I feel when I read of the teachings found within.  The Bible as well.  I just wished I could understand it better.  Hence, Sunday School, Sacrament Mtg, Gospel Doctrine, RS, etc. oh and prayer, don't forget prayer, helps me to understand the truths better.  I pray often for you Elder Dees.  I pray you will find comfort and happiness in following the teachings of Jesus Christ and God, The Father.  Don't be fooled that life can bring fulfillment with living these teachings.  

I had to give a talk in sacrament yesterday.  It was on repentance.  I know as we repent we can have a sweetness of spirit in our personal lives.  The love of God is why we should repent, not because we get "caught", but because we love our Heavenly Father so much and that we want to once again return to his presence. That is why we should repent!  Daily!  And then, attend our mtgs, especially Sacrament Meeting, in order to partake of the sacrament and renew our baptismal covenants.  I want to do better.  I hope you will forgive me for not being a better mother at some times.  I love you and am so very proud you are serving a mission.  Elder Dees, I know it is not always easy.  However, thank you for developing you faith and testimony to go out and serve.  "Wherefore, go ye and preach my gospel, whether to the north or to the south, to the east or to the west, it mattereth not, for ye cannot go amiss."  Doctrine and Covenants 80:3  Sound familiar :)  .

So tell me how your training efforts are coming along.  We received the letter that Pres. Cannon wrote to you stating that he has full confidence in your dedication, obedience, success and work ethic for this critical and important responsibility in the mission.  I hope you are being "exemplary in every area of missionary service."  Set aside everything else and use the remainder of you mission to serve---righteously!  Use patience Elder Dees.  Be compassionate.

We are having a tropical storm, Debbie, at present.  We've had some good rain, high winds at times with more to come.  I think tomorrow or Wed it will actually come on shore---RIGHT IN BAY COUNTY.  It may even hit hurricane status.  The southern part of Florida has had a fatality or two and some tornadoes, flooding, etc.  Keep us in your prayers.  I hope we fair well.

We are busy with cleans, mostly saturdays now.  aarrrhhhh.

Haven't seen Michael in a few weeks.

Please let me know how you are and can I send you anything?  Are you and comp getting meals?  

We had our missionaries over last Tues.  John wanted us to try a dish he had on his mission and perhaps you have too since it seems to be a western dish.  Hawaiian Haystacks.  The were great and our missionaries are from Utah so they are familiar with the dish and loved them.  Yeah.

Well, I best close.

I love you and pray and fast for you!

Love---GRETCH~~~~  hahaha   Thought you would like that but don't call me that!  As I always tell ya, I'm you MOTHER,  not gretch.

Love, mom.

** **  **  ****   *****

Monday, June 18, 2012



Hi Elder Dees,

How are you doing?  How is the training coming along?  I'm proud you have the trust of your Mission President to "train" a new elder.  Please uphold that trust and be a fine example of the missionary program.  I especially enjoyed the picture of you and Elder Stone and President and Sister Cannon.  Hopefully you have made it to get a haircut---a bit long for a missionary LOL. 

So, now that you have a new companion how are the teaching appts working out?  We need to give our Elders some referrals but I just don't know who---then after the RS lesson yesterday I should share it/the gospel, with everyone I know.  It is our duty and obligation to let others know that the gospel has been restored.  That we have a living prophet right among us, President Thomas S. Monson, and there are covenants that are to be made and lived by in this life time.  The Atonement is effective if we do all we can to live the teachings of Jesus Christ.  It is not just enough to "accept" him but we must live as he did and taught.  Our actions and thoughts must be inline w/our Savior, Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, God.  I've got a lot to do!  How about you?  I'll try today to strengthen my actions in doing those things we should be doing such as repenting, forgiving, living righteously, serving my fellowman, reading the scriptures, praying, fasting, and going to my church meetingS especially to partake of the sacrament---worthily.  See, so much to do!!!  :) 

We were going to go to Leslie's for a get together on Sunday evening.  Melissa and kids (Tyler coming later next week) and Mark and Savannah and kids are down.   It was great to see them.  Mark and Savannah may settle this way. (PC area)  Yipee Yah!!!!  Anyway, as I was saying, we were going to Leslie's so we were going to try to leave church right after the meetings but I stuck around talking and then as I was leaving I was called back in by Brother Cope.  I was hoping I was getting a calling of Assistant Librarian--but he just said, "no, there is a line for that"  LOLOLOL!  He just wanted to ask me to give a talk on this upcoming Sunday, on Repentance.  Of course your dad and John said, "how fitting".  I gotta get to writing my talk.  Any suggestions?  

Saturday was Tropical Smoothie Flip Flop Day.  The buzz of the blenders was SSOOO LLLOOOUUUDDDDD!!!  How could you stand that !  :)  There was a lengthy line but it went fast.  They were working hard!  I know you were a hard worker too.

Cleans are pretty much Friday and Saturdays for this summer.  Everytime I go to clean I think---"I gotta get a different job"!  We fuss and fight because, well that's just what we do---cleans or no cleans.  I hate it.

Madison completed camp.  She said she had a good time.  I didn't get anything accomplished around the house.  All I ever hear is, "I'm hungry" so I have to stop and cook or go get something.

Son, I have you on my mind  and prayers constantly.  I pray you are developing your testimony.  Search out those things you don't understand.  Pray and seek guidance in all good forms.  President Cannon will assist you if you will go to him.  Use Heavenly Father's servants to assist you and you be a good servant for your Heavenly Father.  

I love you. I pray for your success.  Allow your will to be in line w/ God's will.

Love, Your mother


ps:  I sent a pkg last Thursday.  Did you get it Sat.?  If not it will be today.  The cookies are best the day they are baked so by time they get to you they may not be as good.  The random papers in your pkg were from the Post Office indoor trash~~~~LOL.  The pkg contents were shaking around so I needed some space filler to keep the items stationary.  You know me--trash lady!  :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Elder Dees w/new "greenie"companion-Elder Stone,
and w/President and Sister Cannon

Left-Elder Nicholas Dees w/his former trainer, Elder Kurtz in back, (dad in missionary lingo),
In front is Elder Dees trainee, Elder Stone and right is Elder Dees' missionary brother-Elder ?

Email of Elder Nicholas Dees:  

6/13/12 -- 4:12 pm

Hey I'm allowed to send a quick email since my new missionary is/has to tell his parents he made it to the mission safely and that he arrived in his area safely. His name is Elder Stone he will be serving in the Pueblo, Mexico mission but he is here being trained by me until he gets his visa. He seems really cool. Super excited to have a normal companion considering the bad luck I have had with the last few. I will be sending a picture on Monday of the “family picture” of me, Elder Kurtz and our new missionaries, all together showing the progression of our family. haha Other than that things went great street contacting in Boise. It was a total success. We went right in front of BSU stadium where I went when I was in his shoes and we had an awesome time. I was with an Elder Nelson who was also brand new (this was before we were assigned to our new companions). I just wanted to write this quick email and let you know how everything is going and I expect a reply to both of my emails now (; ta ta.
-Elder Dees
********            ***************            ********

Email from Mission Office~~~~

June 13, 2012 Dear Parents,
We thought you would enjoy receiving a photo of Elder Dees and his new trainee, Elder Stone, from Colorado, posing with President and Sister Cannon. It is a pleasure serving with such wonderful young missionaries in the Idaho Boise Mission.
Regards, Sister Waller Idaho Boise Mission
*********            ****************            *********
Email from Mom:
Reg:  Real Qucik

Hi son,

You sound like you are doing well. :)  makes me smile  :)  Sorry I've been missing your emails.  I made you some cookies and shipping them today!  
I'm proud you are showing responsibility and that Pres. Cannon can count on you to have his back and serve as you should.

Anything from the State of Idaho? 

Be sweet.  I love you.

Gotta go clean.

Love your mom.  Gretchen

Monday, June 11, 2012

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!

This is Elder Dees' weekly email.  He seems to be doing fine.  In the email there is some missionary lingo he uses such as:  father, brother, uncle.  He said when a new missionary goes out into the field the missionary that trains them becomes their "dad".  So when Elder Dees' "dad" trains another new missionary then that missionary becomes Elder Dees' brother. etc, etc,.  These terms aren't used by the church it's just missionaries that make-up this stuff to have a little fun.  I was busy w/Young Women Girls Camp so I failed to send a formal email to Elder Dees.  If you feel to drop Elder Dees a letter here is his current address:  

1106 1/2  2nd Ave S.
Payette, ID 83661   


Monday, June 11, 2012 5:20:21 PM

It's A Boy!!!!!!!!

You guessed it I'm a proud father! This last Friday we got transfer calls and on the call it said that I would be training a brand new missionary this transfer! It will be a visa waiter ( meaning he will be waiting on his visa to go to another country). I was super shocked when I got the call because President Cannon said that I would be training and he had hinted to it before and it didn't happen so I didn't think it would but it did! I'll be in meetings all day for the next few days all on training my new missionary. Tomorrow we will spend about 3 hours street contacting people in downtown Boise. It will be interesting no doubt. Today for P-day we went back to Jump Time - that trampoline place in Meridian I went to my first P-day in the mission field and we had a ton of fun, didn't take to many pictures or videos though because we only stayed for an hour, last time we stayed 3 hours. This past week was very difficult though. My companion wasn't feeling good. He insisted staying home two days so we didn't get much accomplished this week due to that so it was a total bummer. Other than that I'll be here in this area for my birthday! The next transfer is July 23rd so its just right around the corner and I should be staying here next transfer as well. My trainer is also training again. So I get a brother and my greenie gets an uncle! I have been doing my family history (;.  Other than that though really nothing else to report on. Just been a slow week and I'll be able to email again on Thursday with my new missionary so I'll be on sometime then and also I'll be getting my implant on Thursday as well, FINALLY =D. Well that's all and also my 9 month mark is Thursday! So I guess it does take nine months to have a kid (;   

Elder Dees

Monday, June 4, 2012


If people from here don't stop asking me that, I just wanna say shut up! you know it's different don't ask obvious questions! Whew now that that's off my chest time for this weeks recap. Week went very well had 21 lessons even with a good amount canceling and my companion making us miss quite a few. So last P-day we just played some volleyball and that's really about it.  Anyways work here in Payette is going good.  We set another Baptism Date with a guy we are teaching named Nick, what a great name! And today for P-Day we are going to a local museum here pretty soon so that should be fun! Other than that this week should go by fast.  We have a busy night tonight and tons of appointments scheduled for the rest of the week so it should go by pretty fast hopefully.  We get transfer calls this Friday night, never been more excited for them in my entire life! I'm pretty sure I might be staying but I know my greeny area is getting shotgunned because one Elder has to go home for medical reasons and the other Elder has been there 6 months now and I think that President will move him so maybe I'll get to go back! (= doesn't hurt to dream right? Well that's all i have for now until next week and next transfer!

-Elder Nick Dees

Elder Dees:  Sure a package would be nice! Some more homemade cookies would be awesome.   But other than that I'm still alive so that is always good! Have a good week!

Email from Mom:
Dear Elder Nicholas Dees:
I don't know how your week went but this week flew by for me!  How was yours?  You had mentioned that you all had some teaching appts.  How did those go?  I would love to sit in on one of your lessons.  I'm sure you can do a great job in explaining the gospel topics.  Always invite the spirit and make everyone comfortable with the principals you teach.  Often we are the ones that learn a lot too.  Hence, our testimony grows when we study something in order to teach it.  Many times I have heard the saying, "You can't teach that which you don't know".  It's true.  Anyway I hope you are having great success in sharing the message of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  I love my Savior however I need to show that love by the things I do and don't do.  John is at the piano playing, "If the Savior Stood Beside Me..would I do the things I do...."   It's a wonderful Primary song.  Do you all do presentations sometimes in Primary?  Primary children love the missionaries so don't brush them off.  They really look up to the missionaries.  Be a positive influence for them.

We have the missionaries over for supper tomorrow.  John has been wanting to make the Cafe' Rio meal so he invited them and hopes to get up w/Michael and Allison and see if they would like to come. 

We have been busy w/lots of cleans.  From this point on it should be mostly Saturdays during these Summer months.  I'm about tired of them but will keep it up for the next year and 3 months while you are serving!!!!  It makes it easier to do knowing the cleans help to support you on your mission.  :)  Then watch out--I'm quitting  heehee.

We have been trying to clean the garage.  SO MUCH JUNK!!!!  It's all been in the living room till last night we finally stuffed in back in the garage because Aunt Glynis and Sydney were coming over for Seminary Graduation and they were bring Grandma Gentry to sit w/me.  We had a nice visit and John talked her into making some hoecake for us.  It was yummy.  w/tupelo honey!!!!  Grandma and your Grandpa and Ma Dees always ask how you are doing.  I'm thrilled to tell them you are doing good and searching out what Heavenly Father wants you to do.  I pray (and always fast) that that is still the case.....for a lifetime.

I understand Mark and Savannah and boys are here at Cindy's and he'll be looking for a job or setting up a business.  It will be nice to have him and family "home".  I hope things will work out.

I was going to write and haven't yet.  Do you need anything?  A pkg?  and what do you want in the pkg?

How are you and your companion?  Be kind and patient.  Be a good person. 

I'll close for now.  Gotta go do some errands but John will have his phone so send your letter to his email as well.

I love you so much.  My heart is so full knowing you are trying to serve w/honor.  Many other guys serve....but it's really wonderful when you serve...w/honor.   No regrets.

Love, your mom.