Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, March 26, 2012


FYI:  Elder Nicholas Dees said in last weeks email that he was being transferred to Mountain Home, ID and gave an address but that is no longer good.  He was soon transferred somewhere else but he didn't have the new mailing address with him today.  He will send me the address via snail mail and I'll update his blog when I get it.

3/26/12  2:06 PM
Subject:  ET Phone Home  (ET for Emergency Transfer)

Email from Elder Nicholas Dees: 
Well I got an ET (emergency transfer) out of Mountain Home on Friday.  I asked if he could move one of us and he said he would move me. There were other areas that were having problems and he said he is glad mine wasn’t a bad problem so that it wouldn’t be as hard to move people around.  So I’m now with Elder Barnes who came out with me! And we are super tight together so I’m super happy this transfer. I'll tell you my address in a letter because I don’t even know it yet. haha. But things are way better now thank goodness. Well not much else is new. I saw Michael got his New Civic Si.  Has he brought it by the house yet?
Mom:  Hi Elder Nicholas Dees,
Wow, so you've changed areas???  Wish it could have worked out.  Where are you/what town?  Yes, if you could drop an address soon I will put them on the envelopes up at the church.
What is the next step regarding your tooth sweetheart?
I'll send John's email.  I think he just got off.
Mom again:  Son, what is going on teaching wise?
Please answer me regarding your tooth.
Love to you Nicholas.   Mom
Elder Nicholas Dees:  Teaching wise idk, I just got here today.  My tooth won’t be worked on again till next transfer. I study every morning.
Mom:  ok,
love u

Email to both Elders from Mom:
Hello Sons,
Time has passed quickly this week.  
Did you both get your little pkg w/the cake?  Lame I know,  but hey---at least you got a pkg in the mail.
This week has been filled to the max for me.  Hope you two can say the same.  I pray you have had success in sharing the gospel message.  Remember, you are planting "seeds" is some cases, as well as developing and strengthening your own testimonies.  It brings great delight to me as your mom to know you are learning the gospel more as you use your study time and as you teach those truths you have come to know.  Imagine the joy our Heavenly Father must feel to see us grow in the gospel---increasing our testimonies.  As you know it is not enough to know these truths but we must LIVE these truths. That is how we determine the extent of our exaltation.  I need to "put the shoulder to the wheel" and do better.  There is always something to do.  
Bishop Stone gave an excellent talk in Sacrament Mtg yesterday.  It is quite evident that he loves us as a ward.  He is a good man.  Humble, honest and truly desirous to see we all achieve great things in our lives. 
I went to mom's last Tues.  We had a wonderful day even though she was in pain w/her back.  
Odd---I had a busy, busy week yet nothing to write.  We have more cleans this week as well.  But, I have so much other stuff to do.  Garage, house, etc. etc.  Gotta get things in order.
Did you all have fast Sunday yesterday?  Ours will be the second week of April (Easter) due to General Conference coming up.  I hope you both enjoy conference.  No sleeping (like old times)  heehee.  
Nicholas, how has the transfer been this week?  Are you all working together?  I was told Mountain Home has an Air Force Base and is quite large.  I was thinking that you will have quite a drive when you have to go in for your tooth.  bummer.  
Is there plenty of work to do there?  How many wards, stakes in that area?  Do you live in an apt or mobile home? What is your teaching pool like for right now?
John, how are things w/you?
Just got a call---Leslie had her baby this morning.  KImball.  All is well I heard.  They spent their first night in their new home last night and now this. Perfect timing. Keep them in your prayers please!
Love you both--really I do!
Love, Mom

Monday, March 19, 2012


Recent baptism!

Elder Dees - Me on Saint Pattys Day

-crazy tie and suspenders.  
 Elder Nicholas Dees-in suspenders and wacky tie---only wears that to District meetings---not out in PUBLIC :) 

6 MONTH MARK!!!!!!  Tie Burning! 

Sister Leslie and family

Joe L. and his family and his/our friend, Timmy

Elder Dees, the Vassar's and a coveted pillow case!

The people I lived with - "The Russells"

Email of Elder Nicholas Dees: 

To Mountain Home! Scared You! I got transferred today.  I’m now serving in Mountain Home 2 with Elder Bernard. AKA The Nard Dog. He is an interesting fellow. So I saw President Cannon today at the mission office and he pulled me aside and said that Elder X. will be living in the same apartment as me this transfer.  He moved me out in the middle of NOWHERE?!?!?!? so keep me in your prayers.  Other than that, I went and said my goodbyes to people and it was pretty tough.  I got to know some awesome people there but apparently I’m needed here. My new mailing address is:

Elder Nicholas Dees
1252 C. Highway 51
Mountain Home, ID 83647 

so be sure to start writing me! And yes tell dad I would like those tie hangers and any nice looking ties he has.  I have more funny ties than serious almost! Attached are the pictures of the people I lived with "The Russells", and then Sister Leslie and her family and Joe L. and his family and his/our friend Timmy.  The people with me and the pillow case are the Vassars. They are a family that houses missionaries from Elder Valks old area and she ONLY makes pillowcases for missionaries that live there but we became friends and she surprised me with one.  I’m the only elder to get one that hasn’t served there (=  .

Mom:  Hi son,

You look good.  Where were your scouting skills.  You lit fire around a lot of brush.  Use your Eagle Scout knowledge and be safe next time.  Certaintly should not have that flammable can right next to fire!!!!  aaarrrhhh..  

Well, are you staying on Chicken Dinner or going?  John is staying put for his last transfer so write him sometime.

Still no dim lights-it's driving me crazy.
oh, I need names of all the Elders and the others in the baptism picture please.  

ok.....<3 mom

Mom again:  so you got sent out to the "nowhere zone" or I thought you said it's for missionaries that well, cause problems.???? Are you????  Be sweet and just teach honey.  focus.  
So you will still have to have dental work?  aarrrhhh.  
I'll send the tie hangers.  Anything else?

Dad:  Elder Nicholas Dees,

Fear not, I didn't expect that you would be coming home.  Ha! 

I am mailing you a letter this week.  I was inspired to write you and your brother and have the letter almost completed.  Look for it in a few days.

Spring Break is crazy, people everywhere, traffic is a nightmare.  Oh well, they spend money to help our economy.  Too bad they are such a pain to deal with.  I have noticed more families on the beach.  In fact, I have several families checking in over the new few weeks.  This is the first year I've not had to deal with any Spring Breakers staying in any unit.  That is a blessing.  Although, the few I've had weren't really bad.  A bit messy, but no destruction.  Heck, I've seen adults leave places in worse condition.  Still, I'd rather have families in the units.

You'll have to tell me about your new area.  I hope you enjoy it.  And, yes President Cannon is well aware of your tooth and is going to work around it.  You be sure to work around it as well.  Serve the people and the Lord.  That's your focus.

More in a bit.  Dad

Dad:  Elder Nicholas Dees,

I like all of the pictures except the tie burning.  What are you doing with an aerosol can next to fire?  Don't you remember fire safety from Scouts???  That's how people get severe burns and end up scarred for life.  Don't play with fire, duh!

Suspenders, ha-ha.  You look like an uber prep!

Nice pillowcase, now you can dream cars...

The people look like they appreciate you.  I hope you are leaving them with a good impression and your testimony. 

Anything new going on, besides transfers?  Dad

Email to Elder Nicholas Dees:  

Hi son, been waiting on you to get on.  You must be getting transferred and doing so last minute things.  Take pics. of the people you rented from.  Tell them I loved the “horseshoe” buggy, horses and bull and that he is really talented!
Here is John's letter.  His last transfer!!!!!  He will stay in Deer Park w/the same comp for the last transfer!  
I'll be watching to see if you get on the computer.  We are still cleaning.  Mom

EMAIL to the boys From MOM:

Hi Elders John and Nicholas Dees!

How are you all today?
I'm guessing you both got transfer information for us today.  I think you two are on the same rotation now.?.  So.....staying or going?  IF GOING I WANT A CURRENT ADDRESS!  

I've been thinking a lot of you guys and all missionaries throughout the lands.  Many people pray earnestly for your well being and opportunities to share the gospel and bring light and eternal happiness in the lives of others.  I too need to internalize this light.  Often we still need to reenergize our well being so that we have something to share.  Keep yourselves clean and spotless of the worldly ways.  Language, thoughts, and actions all have to be kept in check in order to progress.  When we do that our spirit is better able to identify good and truth and anything less than that becomes offensive to our spirit.  That’s where we need to be on a daily basis.

We had a young return missionary speak in our ward, well he is from our ward as well.  He gave an excellent account of his mission teaching opportunities.  He's message touched my heart.  I want to do better in opening my mouth and sharing what I know.  Like you said in your last email John, we just need to be simple and invite people to hear the message.  I'll keep trying.

I saw neighbors, J. and S.  J. knew your time to come home should be soon.  He asked what exactly do missionaries do so I got to speak for a while about the church and missionary life.  I didn't think of it but should have told him he could do a search onmormon.org and find out anything he would like to know. BUT NO....I didn't.  Missed opportunity!

We had the missionaries over last Wed.  We had Seabreeze ribs.  They were good.  They come to eat again this Thursday.  They do good to make sure the calendar gets filled. LOL  We really have some good missionaries here right now but that is short lived.  Elder Buchanan (just out 5 months) will be going to Tally 1st and to work in the office and Elder Wright (out one transfer--we were his first area) will stay here and train a new Elder.  He's like WHAT.  But he has a wonderful testimony and will do really well.  I told Elder Buchanan to get Aunt Gina and Uncle Matt to take care of him.  Today is Ryan's (Elder Snyder) birthday.  Did I send him anything....NNNOOOOO.  I'm a slacker.

Madison is back to seminary and school today.  Spring break is over for her.  She didn't get to really do anything!  She did go spend the night with some of those beach branch girls on Friday.  Madison is still a bit sassy.  

Nicholas, Are you being a good missionary and reading your white handbook and striving to follow the rules.  Please do.  Your dad cleaned out his closet and had some tie hangers.  Do you want me to send those two to you?  You sound like you are collecting a lot of ties.  :)  How is your tooth?  Are you through with your antibiotics and pain meds?  you should be by now.  Don't be a slacker.  Get to work.  Did you get your SD cards?  Do you need me to send you anything?

John, Our Elder Wright that is here asked if you knew an Elder Molyneauz who is in the Spokane Mission?  Not sure if he said how long he had been out.  Just a shot in the dark.  I will try to get up w/ Jordan and see what he recommends as far as apts in Rexburg.  Are you wanting me to book anything or let you do that when you get home?  If that is where you have decided to go and then you and Merinda and Jordan can go to and from to Uncle Glades and Melissa's.  Is there anything you need me to send you?

I best get to cleaning but will watch for you two to get on email.

I love you both!  I'm so proud of you both!  Make your Heavenly Father proud too!

Love, Mom


*First Marsing and then Mountain Home.  He sure is going to learn patience and perseverance.  It is mostly an air force base out in the desert. -  Brother S. Roedel

*He needs to learn some patience and perseverance but seems he got his way and had an emergency transfer and to all places, Hayden, 6 miles from where my brother/family lives.  Seems they spent conference with them because my brother Glade just called and said so.  Hope Pres. moves him if this becomes a distraction.  Anyway, glad you are home safe and back w/your family.  Gretchen

Monday, March 5, 2012


Email from Elder Nicholas Dees:

Monday, March 5, 2012 11:50:21 AM
Subject:  ¿↨►♫╜█ÄbÄ#┌qó•█║╚ÄbÄæΘy╒╪♠I

Elder Nicholas Dees:  IDK^ I couldn't think of a cool title =P.

Well this week has been fun for sure.  Things are starting to pick up here again but I’m pretty sure I’m about to be transferred out this time.  We had interviews with President Cannon this week and he told my companion that I was more than likely going to leave this transfer. Also I went to the oral surgeon last week. Part 2/3 of my implant is going down this Friday at 11 am my time, 12 FL time. They are going to be sedating me again so I’ll be down for probably 2 days. Something really cool that happened this week was we were at a member’s house and we had an investigator there who had been taught everything, finally quit smoking and wanted to be baptized but she said she would need a really long time to think about it. So we are sitting over there visiting, I’m playing with the Rubik’s cube, half asleep, and out of nowhere she says "Hey Elder Dees", I said  "Yeah?" She said "When am I gonna get baptized?" o.O Talk about a wake up call, haha, so we set a date for March 10th, this weekend!!!! I’m super excited.  She has had missionaries for nearly a year now! So that was awesome. 
We got a little bit of snow and had some fun playing in that.  Only downside to this week has been that I got sick starting on Friday,  Thats the only thing I really dislike about my mission, I’m getting sick all the time. I NEVER got sick back home. haha.
Other than that things are going great!

Mom:  Love you email Elder Nicholas Dees.  Neat about that lady wanting to go ahead w/her baptism and so glad that you are still there.  I will pray things go well for her and you two elders as well.

Yea, we got a fax from your dentist.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$  The lady, (secretary) said she would call us when you are out of surgery.  I will be thinking of ya and will put your name in the temple.  I was talking to a dentist for the Airforce (young guy in our ward now) and he said that it shouldn't be to bad, that it sounds like they will be putting in a screw and then cap later or are they doing that all at the same time?   So yea, I imagine you will get transferred but maybe not, depending on how the surgery goes. One missionary here has been in Callaway for 7 1/2 months so far.  

Are you being a good comp? 

If you are getting sick often it may be that you need to wash your hands more often and then don't put them near your mouth, nose or eyes.  A clean restroom in your apt is a must as well.  Follow those rules and that should help.  Of course some hand sanitizer is helpful when you can't wash up.
Are you feeling some better today?

What are you doing for P-day?
Email conversation:

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Whats up? I’m on!

Mom:  Oh I forgot to say the Voyles got moved. 
Any full bodied pics of you in suit and tag?  I really want some good ones.  I still haven't looked at the second sd card because of no room on the computer and I haven't tried it on your computer yet.  aarrrhhh.  Telll you dad to help me w/that.
Are you being a sweet and a helpful companion?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  DANG, that’s way more than I thought it would be for my tooth. o.O. Yeah I’m being a good comp and we were over there visting right before dinner, but President Cannon said I more than likely will be moved out of the area this transfer, so I’m kinda excited. That’s neat about the Voyles already packed up and moved, that was pretty quick.  I need those sd cards back pronto. I’m running out of space on this one I have now =P.  IDK why I get sick.  I always wash my hands and do all that stuff you have always got on to me about not doing and I’m still getting sick -____- ugggghhhh.   Oh well this transfer is going by nice and fast! The day of my 6 month mark we are having a party at the Russell’s house with a giant bonfire and s’mores, etc. with 3 other elders that came out with me and we are doing our tie burning =D
Also for p-day we are going to Boise to hang out with some people and doing some shopping. Also no more full body shots yet. Have you guys got the headlights on the Honda working properly?

Mom:  no the headlights aren't working properly yet.  It seems that when it rains they won't work.  yadda, yadda, yadda.  aaarrrhhh..
I'll get those sd cards off to you tomorrow ok.
Do you want me to send the people you live with any thing special?  or the Russell’s?  
Well I'm glad you are trying to be sanitary to keep from getting sick.  Perhaps you should consider taking a multi-vitamin.
Is tie burning allowed?
Can you even believe you are coming up on 6 months!!!  Crazy.  But I do hope you are being a great missionary--following the rules---please.
I love you.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah we can do tie burning.  But yeah I’m sorry, I should have put the original ones (lights) on before I left. But I already found the car I’m buying once I’m done with my mission. A 2000 Civic SI, our investigator has for sale, for cheap,  It’s actually the one who is about to get baptized!

Mom:  Meant to send this earlier.

Ok, I'll finish the email.

The Voyles got off to their new place, St Louis.
Brother Gainer said he enjoys the emails of you two.  Nic, he said he got a letter from you.  Thanks and I hope it was a nice letter.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Yeah it was nice. I love the Gainers. There is a guy out here that looks just like him. haha  And a guy that looks like Chuck Norris!

Mom:  A Chuck Norris look a like---now that's funny. How are you feeling?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Got a runny nose and sore throat but for the most part I feel great!

Mom:  Well--take some cold medicine --it will help. or even some Tylenol.
Hey here is a quote you will like,
 "Why did the cop
 put me in the back seat
 when I clearly called shotgun!"  
Hilarious and so redneck  :)
Be careful on your p-day

Elder Nicholas Dees:  I will. What are you guys up to today?

Mom:  Well, I was waiting to hear from you two.  John is on as well.  BYU-I gave him the crazy track of Winter/Spring---he needs Fall/Winter.  Know anybody that has connections?  He didn't get into BYU Provo but really wanted that. So if you have any connections lets do it!!!  :) hahaha 
Your dad is busy w/rentals. 
I will tend to your sd cards and get them off by tomorrow with these socks and vest so be looking for those by the weekend.
Mark is now in Burley, ID but is kinda putting in applications around here as a surveyor.  Maybe you will get sent to Burley or Declo.  Wouldn't that be cool!

Email from Mom:
March is "March"ing on!

March is here!  Already!  
I've had you two on my mind so much this week.  I hope things have been well with you both.  I have prayed and prayed for your well being, health and success in finding golden investigators.  Praying earnestly that you both are studying and increasing your testimony in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Read and study the scriptures as well as the conference issues of the Ensign.  Great counsel.

We had a wonderful testimony meeting yesterday.  Our elders bore their testimonies.  Superb young men!  I need to find someone for them to teach because they have a wonderful spirit and testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray you two are living in accordance to the commandments so that you too can teach with the spirit.  I love you both so much.  I know you are trying to serve faithfully.  If you need to do better then do so.  Only you know if you are in line w/the missionary handbook.  There are reasons for those guidelines.  Follow them.  Let the wisdom of the leaders increase your lives.  

Hi Nic--I see you are on.  I'll send this and read your email.  Mom