Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, January 30, 2012


Email of Elder Nicholas Dees:

1/30/12   11:57 am


That’s what an investigator said last night so I threw that back at him.  Haha. He and I are really good friends.  He said he is going to seriously be bummed if I get transferred but I’m sure I’ll be here one more transfer because of my dental stuff. Well this week was amazing. Elder Andersen was sick so he stayed home and we went out and taught, just me and E. Valk.  We totaled 25 lessons this week and had like 6 or 7 referrals.  Sadly no baptismal dates though but people are still progressing very well.  Things are good and we should be staying together another transfer <3.

Mom:  Hi Son, I was writing your email.  I'll send it in a minute.   So glad you all had a great teaching week.  Son, do you get letters from people?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah I get some letters occasionally. 

Mom:  So, answer my question, Did you get to see John's outhouse race pictures?  I love you.

Did Michael tell you we ran into him and Travis at DQ the other night?  They had just parked and we drove up and happen to park right by them.  He was in his dad's car.  DQ was doing a customer appreciation day--1/2 off all ice cream’s!!!  :)

Do you get enough meal invites?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah, we have meals every night except for Sunday and Monday but I’m able to get us dinners because a ton of people like me! We have that investigator Joe taking us out to eat at Golden Corral Saturday just incase I get transferred. He said me and you are having fun before/if you leave. Haha  He is super cool, we both share a love for Hondas!

Mom:  So is Joe interested in the gospel or just enjoying the spirit of Missionaries?  Tell him your mom said hello.  How old is he?  Do you get along w/all ages? I hope so son.  Be a wonderful young man and disciple of Christ.  Do your comps need anything?  Do you like your toothbrush?  I like mine.  

Elder Nicholas Dees:  both, His wife is a less active member and they have two kids and she wants to get sealed so he is taking the lessons but now we are done.  We are working with him and reading the Book of Mormon! He is 24 and yeah I get along with all ages!

Mom:  Keep working with him.  He can read more and gain an understanding.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yup I know.  Well gotta go, bye guys love you.  Did you send my snoopy tie and hangars yet?

Mom:  not yet---I didn't get the Snoopy tie---it had a stain/color bleed on the tip.  I'll send hangers soon. 
******   *****   *****   

Mom:  oh hey---I'll send you this dollar bill that Madison folded into an elephant.  It's pretty neat.

Here's a pic of me just now.

Elder N Dees:  haha sweet! I see old Dave in the background, guess what! I’m losing weight (=  I work out every morning and its paying off I’m at a steady 175 and dropping (=

Mom:  You didn't need to lose weight.  You look good but I'm proud you are getting to exercise.  Didn't you say the people you live with have exercise equipment?  I have 3 months to loose weight but I don't know if I can.  I need to just for health reasons too.

Some guys are in our backyard all the sudden.  Your dad went out to talk to them.  Don't know if they were cutting trees in the back neighbors yard and needed to reach something from our yard but they didn't even check.   So random.

Elder N Dees:  yeah I gainded 10 pounds in the MTC. I’m getting back down to 160! 

Email from mom:

Dear Elder John Dees and Elder Nicholas Dees,

Hi sons.  Another busy week here. How about there?  In both of your emails last week it seems you stay busy teaching and finding.  I hope that is still the case.  Use your time wisely as this is the time in your life set aside to serve.  Don't slack.  

We had a Stake Conf. Broadcast yesterday and it was good.  There were 48 Stakes involved w/in the FL, GA, and SC areas.  Pres. Ballard spoke about how we should move the work of the Lord - faster!  And how we as members should increase our faith and share what we know.  He also quoted the D&C scripture reference about how precious is one soul and that if we understood the potential we have to become like him (God) then we are of great worth.  He also warned us to don't be deceived by the morality of world.  Sin is sin no matter the legislation, no matter the laws, etc.  There were 4 things we need to be doing. 1) Strengthen home and families. 2) Strive to protect our own soul-live exemplary lives. 3) Share the gospel so that others my have the blessings that come from living Christ's teachings.  4) and do temple work.  We should be anchored in the doctrines. 

I see you just got on Elder Nicholas Dees.  I'll hurry and finish this email.
We've had beautiful weather here.
Nicholas, did you get the pics of John's email last week?  the Outhouse Race?  That is so something you would enjoy!
Pippin stinks to high heaven.  No one will give him a bath-------
What is going on with you all?
I love you both so much.  
Is there anything you boys need?
Love, Mom

Monday, January 23, 2012

ughh -____________-

January 23, 2012

Both of my sons were on email yesterday as scheduled.  They are doing well and I certainly feel blessed that they will and have served thus far.  As a missionary mom I can testify that there are blessings in our family because they are willing to serve.  It’s an unexplainable feeling.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  I’ll miss it when it’s time for their release, so I’m going to enjoy every minute of it at present :)  Thanks for you prayers and interest in their behalf.


January 23, 2012 11:27:45 AM
Subject: ughh -____________-

Elder N Dees:  Can't wait for this transfer to be over. A little bit of companion problems. So to make up for it we do exchanges at least once a week so i can have a break from him. This week we picked up 3 new investigators and did a good amount of teaching. But this next week will be even better because our ward mission leader will be setting up our Tuesday night splits! Also we spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and then I ended up getting really sick so I came home and slept for the rest of the day and I’m feeling somewhat better now. But that’s pretty much been my week.  Hopefully this one is better.
Email conversation between Elder N Dees and his mom:
Mom:  Hi Son---I’m home now.  Are you still there? 
Hi son---Not sure if you are still on.  I didn't get a big letter out today--sorry.  Your dad is up working the election polls for early voting.  Do you need anything?  I'll try to send the tie holders this week.
Elder N Dees:  still here
Mom:  Sorry to here you were sick.  How did you do on your Sacrament Mtg talk?  
Sorry to hear about the companion issue. 
So neat to hear of the new investigators.
What are you all doing for p-day today?
Elder N Dees:  Its ok. I feel a little better, Sacrament went well. I spoke on tithing and it was appropriate. Did you buy that snoopy tie for me? Also I changed mymormon.org  For p-day I’m going to get some new shoes at Ross.  My right one for some reason just started falling apart but my left one looks great. Also we got about 4 inches of snow so we had a snowball fight up at the church building!
Mom:  I loved the update.  So glad you did well on your Sacrament Mtg talk.  That makes me proud.  I realize you are trying to "help" your companion and that is commendable. It's sad when you want to help someone and it's not received. 
Elder N Dees:  I can hold off for two weeks hopefully.
Mom:  yea, you can hold off for that length of time.  Will you send me some pics on your jump drive please?  Is it snowing today?  A cousin in Bountiful, Utah sent some footage of someone filming their front road--snow covered and black ice.  Cars were skidding and crashing like wildfire.  It was so sad.  I don't think people got hurt but just a miracle.  People would get out of their cars then other cars were heading toward them-all out of control.   I so love you Nicholas.  Remember, be kind for yourself.   You truly do/can have a Christlike heart.
Mom:  Nicholas, I sure love you.  I pray for your well being and testimony many times through out the day.  In general, you missionaries are prayed for very often.  Thank you for serving and do it honorably
Madison went to Disney for a day w/Gabi and fam.  She had a great time.    Madison is sssoooo sssaaaddd that Gabi is leaving.  Write her (Madison) if you can/will sometime.  She got out of DE BIO and will take Honors BIO.  She's happy about that.  Your brother has just 3 months and a week left on his mission.  I'll ride out to beach GW and get the tie if they still have it.  The GW around here doesn't have anything--I've checked.  Get you some good, soft, light weight shoes.  Spend more to get better ok.  
Elder N Dees:  I gotta go bye!
Mom:  bye

 Email from Mom to Elder John Dees:

Hi Son,
I got off earlier with your brother, Elder Nicholas Dees.  He seems to be doing ok.  Companion problems---it's driving him nuts.
 Nick said he changed his mormon.org profile but I haven't read it yet.  Hopefully it's improved.
Your dad got asked to work early election polls.  Sat thru Sat, 11-7.  Yea.  I have the house to myself for a bit till Madison gets in. (in a hour and half is all)   Sweet.  Rare!  
Madison got out of DE Bio---some kids moved and it opened some slots and she got to change over.  yeah!  Madison got to go to Disney for one day (last Friday).  They were out of school last Friday and Gabi invited Madison to go with them because her dad  wanted to surprise Emily and take her to Disney.  Brother V, Emily, Mady, Gabi and Madison went.   Anyway, right now Florida residents can get a 3 day Disney pass for $99 and you can add an extra day for $30 more.  Since a one day Disney fee was going to be $85 we told Madison to go ahead and get the 4 day pass and that way she would use one day there and have three left and when you get home maybe you or we all can get a 3 day pass and do a bit of Disney.  The tickets have to be used up by May 24th so the timing should be good.  Sound ok to you?  
I was released yesterday as RS Secretary and now am just a RS Counselor.  Sister W.  will be the new secretary.  Madison will have the Priest/Laurel Temple trip coming up on the first weekend of Feb.  They will go to Atlanta Temple.  
Any lasting effects of the fall last week? 
Any thing you want me to send ya?
I'll be on the look out for you on email.  I guess you get on late since your transfer to Deer Park.  Do you get to see the people that run that lake rentals business?  What is the weather there?  I know in Seattle it has been brutal.  Cousin Chloe posted a video someone put on youtube from her Bountiful area and it showed cars slipping and sliding all over the place and crashing like bumper cars, over and over again.  I watched  in disbelief (no one hurt) but it was sad that the cars were all crashing but they had no control at all.  Going side-ways, and 360's, and trying to steer away from traffic but no luck!  I hope you all will be careful!!! !!!!
I gotta do a few things but I'll be watching.  
Got a new family in the ward yesterday.  The guy has a brother that lives in Moscow, IDAHO.  I told him you served there.  Nice family.
We will have a Stake Conf Broadcast next Sunday. I loved that you enjoyed the fireside w/Elder Holland.  Mom was happy you got to shake his hand and mingle in his presence.  
I know the church is true son.  I'm glad you are developing your testimony.  But you have to be ever careful to keep it by constantly doing what is right/ making correct choices in all our doings.  So many get complacent and “poof” - no more testimony. 
I love you.  Work hard and be a great example for those you have stewardship over.  Be kind.
Love, Mom 

Monday, January 16, 2012



Email of Elder N Dees:

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Hello family and friends, another great/horrible week, great because we did plenty of teaching and went to some ward parties/events. Horrible because we are struggling w/a missionary who literally goes out of his way to break rules to try and look cool. He sleeps in and constantly separates himself from us.
Well last P-Day I was able to acquire about 30 new ties (= for about 18 dollars but I need more funny ties!  (He only wears the funny ties to District Mtgs only). But all in all this transfer is going by very fast.

Email conversation of Elder N Dees and mom:

Mom:  Hi Son!  Sounds like you have your hands full w/this elder.
So great you have had lots of teaching opportunities!  Do you do well on your part of teaching?
30 NEW ties????
Elder N Dees:  yeah I have a ton now. I got some really cool/funny ones. I got a Noah’s ark one. haha!
Mom:  Did you get my big email?  Did you get John's last weeks email?  I'll forward it if you didn't.
Elder N Dees:  yeah I got it all. Have you been looking for funny ties and stuff?
Mom:  yea, I've been checking.  I only found a snoopy / tennis one at gw but didn't get it.  They wanted $5 for it and I'll not be spending that for a tie that you can't wear but I’ll keep looking.
Elder N Dees:  Buy it and I’ll pay you back! PLease (= btw why did you only send me two bucks in that letter! Cheeeeeeeeeeeap (;
Mom:  yes---in that letter it was just two bucks.  hey---I had 4 one dollar bills in my purse at the time I sent your letters.  I sent you two and your brother two.  I do what I can.  We aren’t rolling in the dough you know. :)  However, you should get a letter today and it has a $10.   Do you be kind sweetheart?  You have such a kind heart so I hope so.
Mom:  Oh and why buy so many "funny" ties that you can only wear to district mtgs?  And are you saying buy that one because of snoopy or why?
Elder N Dees:  because I need ties!!!! =D
Mom:  sweetheart----you have way to many ties!!!!!!  but if I see one that I think you would like I'll get it.  How has the last 4 months been for you?  I posted that you had been out for 4 months and friends "liked" it  :)  
Your dad said hi-
Elder N Dees:  but I need more ties, but the past 4 months have flown by its crazy!
Mom:  oh ok   
I need the comps names and where they are from for these pics.
When will you send your sd card?  I want to see some pics.
Elder N Dees:  The Big one is Elder Valk and the other one is Elder Andersen. Valk is from Oakdale, CA and Andersen is from Sacramento, Ca
Elder N Dees:   Hey where is the closest airport to Pensacola? 
Mom:  Pensacola has an airport and there is one in Fort Walton.   Why do you ask?
Elder N Dees:  I’m coming home!!!!! sike --a member is going to be going to P’cola and didn’t know where the closest one is so he told me to ask you guys.
Mom:  oh I wasn't psyched----I know you are happy and doing well and blessing the lives of others==but live worthy to be able to do that.  Cool about the member coming this way!
Elder N Dees:  yeah a ton of people think I’m down by Miami or something -____- what noobies
Mom:  I can't remember---what colors are your suits?
Elder N Dees:  1 black 1 blue , 1 blue with yellowish pinstripes and another, blue one with gray pinstripes
Mom:  ok, I'll send the tie hangers (there are actually 4 hangers that have a dozen holders) but what do you mean you will take the ties?  Are you wanting me to send you some of those in you closet?  
Elder N Dees:  if there are some nice ones in the closet then yes! but if not no thanks keep looking at GW for funny but also nice ones!
Mom:  still wondering---are they NEW ties?  Y   N 
Elder N Dees:  No the ties aren’t new, but yes I’ll take those ties and the hangers!
Mom:  hey, keep your brother in your prayers.  He really wants to get into BYU-Provo.  Do you hear from Elder Ryan S anytime?
* * * *   * * * *   * * * *
Email from Mom to both Elder Dees’.

Jan. 16, 2012

Hi Sons!

Another week has past.  Elder Nicholas--you marked your 4 mouths out in the field!  You seem to be doing good and I'm happy about that.  Keep the rules and study the gospel--read.  Then teach it!  How is the finding coming along?

Oh-News Alert---The Voyles Family is moving.  :(   He has a new job.  We all will miss the family. 

Sister Hewett just called me and said Sister Richards (they both are my VTchers) had to go out to California about a week ago to help out w/a daughter that was very ill. Anyway Sister Richards was trying to get up w/the missionaries to see if they would come by and give her daughter a blessing.  It's my understanding she tried to call the missionaries and others several times but only got a machine.  Later she was texting Sandy H who was down at the temple and Sandy said she would call the mission office and then they told her to have Sister Richards call them and give an address and they would send some missionaries around there.  Of course you've probably guessed which missionary(s) showed up.  Yup, that's right!  Your very own cousin, Elder R Snyder!  It's a small world in the gospel. :)

Aunt Gina went to a lesson last night (just met the missionaries there) and they are teaching a couple who could use a few thing.  (blankets, clothes, etc)  Aunt Gina and the RS are helping them out as they can.  It was the Baptismal Challenge lesson.  This couple has been to church about 3 times already. Aunt Gina does well to try to help out w/missionary work.

I--not so much yet.  No shocker there. Madison has a kid that found out she was "Mormon" and anyway asked a question.  Madison told him to go online to lds.org and then we had the missionaries that night for supper and he gave her a pass along card and told her to tell him to go to mormon.org.  She gave the kid the card the next day.  It's someone she has been good friends with for a long while.  So, she's doing a little bit of missionary work as well. 

We had the elders for supper a few nights ago. We had the Greenie/Elder Buchanan and then an Elder who was on trade offs from the Callaway Ward.  They a good young men.  Very focused.

The Theme for all the upcoming Ward Conferences in 2012 will be Helaman 5:12  "And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." Great council.  Always remember these truths sons!

I finally went to see Jonathon and Kailyn and Kinsley.  They are fun to have in the ward.  Kinsley is a sweet child.  Kailyn spoke yesterday in Sacrament mtg and Kinsley kept pointing to her and wanted her mom but she did good.  Kailyn did a great job too.  

Hey Elder John Dees did you get to speak to Elder Holland?  about BYU?  I've been praying they will accept you.  I hope they will.  

Madison may get out of DE Bio because some kids moved over the Christmas Holidays and left a few slots in the Honors Bio.  I hope she gets to be moved if that is her desire.

We have Zone Conference here tomorrow and I'll help out although Sister Stewart and Peel have things lined up and in order.

I pray for you two and all missionaries.  
Be sweet.
Be careful and follow the spirit.  There is safety in doing so.
I love you both.
Love, Mom

Monday, January 9, 2012


Elder Nicholas Dees (w/the white socks :) )  Elder Dees baptized the young lady next to him.

Email of Elder Nicholas Dees:
Put That Smut Down!
Haha my cool companion was reading a book called Mormon Doctrine which is all about deep doctrine and Brother Russel came into our room and jokingly, but sounded serious, yelled that at him then started cracking up! Well our baptisms went well.  These were the children that belong to the first lady I baptized, I was going to baptize them both but the mom felt bad because my companion  had never baptized anyone. But oh well, our teaching pool is growing very fast in some wards and one is still struggling but they are trying. We went and worked with a recent convert who works for one of our bishops picking up and hauling bull calves and it was so much fun.  I had one that charged me and knocked me down and kept running and I finally got that stupid thing (:< . Then Jeremy (the recent convert) tried to push me into a big hay pile that was full of crap but I didn’t fall in.   I was glad but then revenge came by pure luck.  He was tagging a cow and I was picking up the baby bull and I said “Hey Jeremy, do I take this one”, he said “yeah”, so I picked it up and he looked up at me and as soon as I picked it up it let a huge one rip right in his face HAHAHAHAHA.  I dropped the poor cow laughing so hard and he did too so it was awesome.  I  forgot to take my camera though for pictures ): . But I’ll be going again soon! Also I have been exercising a ton because that same member I skyped at during Christmas has a really nice home gym so I run on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes and lift weights, etc. I feel strong! :D Well that’s really all that was interesting this week, be sure to go to goodwill, thrift shops, etc. and find cool, unique and funny ties.   Here is the Chick-Fil-A tie I found at a thrift store!

Mom:  Hi son.  I enjoyed your email---well other than the info that the calf knock you down.  PLEASE be careful Nicholas.  You aren't invincible.  You sure look great in your baptismal clothes.  So did the comp baptize both children?  I'm glad you are teaching and bringing the gospel to people!  
You don't wear the chick-fil-a tie do you?  I bet you feel strong getting to do actual exercises.  You are such a strong young man anyway!  
How are you doing w/comps?

Elder N Dees:  I baptized the girl.  I only wear the chick-fil-a tie to district meetings. It’s a tradition to wear funny/goofy ties but I take a nice tie to change into after. Me and my companion are still having issues with the other one.  He might be moved out of our area.   I have tried being nice.
Mom:  Be kind.
Good to know you aren't breaking the rules and wearing the chick-fil-a tie out.  Since you can wear them to district mtg’s I'll look for some ties.  I guess that's ok? or is that just your interpretation of the rules?
Do you email Pres each week as well?
Can you believe you have been out almost 4 months?
Do you need anything?
I can't believe you go to goodwills, etc?  You’ve changed? LOL
What to do w/this bumper?  Mom

Elder N Dees:  Just chunk the bumper.  Yeah I’m poor now so I’m scrimping! haha but yes find me some cool funny ties! And yeah I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 months!

Mom:  By poor what do you mean?   Do you need some money for food?

Elder N Dees:  haha - I’m not wasting money, it’s just that I’m limited so I use my resources.   I’m fine mom.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Below is the email of Elder Nicholas Dees.  Thanks for your cards, letters and support and prayers.  Both Elder Dees' seem to be doing great!

I was out of town so we didn’t email each other.


From Elder Nicholas Dees:

2012!!!!! The end is near?!? Can’t tell you how many times I have already heard that. :P.  This week went by insanely fast. Did a ton of teaching and stuff.  Did a lot of service also, from filling in holes with frozen dirt to cooking potstickers with some members. On Saturday we got a voicemail from our Bishop in Marsing 1st Ward that we needed to call him back asap, that it was an emergency. So we did numerous times before he answered, and we finally got ahold of him and he said we need speakers tomorrow because I forgot that Fast Sunday isn’t until next Sunday -_____-   Talk about upset! We did it though and it ended up being a very good talk.  I spoke for 15 minutes, that’s more than I ever have in my entire career of giving talks.  haha! Well I also got some more really cool ties from the crazy lady T  so all in all it was a decent week!


Hi Sons,


Set a personal goal or two please and truly work on it this new year. 

Remember that we don't have to wait for a "New Year" to come around before we can set a big goal or "try again".   Like Uncle Ray said at John's baptism, we will goof up sometimes and make mistakes but we don't have to "wait" and do better "tomorrow", we can start that very minute to repent and try to do better!  I have always recalled that council. Oh course it's the council of our Father in Heaven but he reminded us at the baptism.   We would do great to follow it.  :)  Anyway, make a couple of sincere goals----me too.

I sure enjoyed our chat's on Christmas Day.  You both looked great!  Our Elders here said they got to skpye and enjoyed it.  They came by yesterday.  I was letting them use the keyboard.  They both play.  I told them you committed me to having someone in our home for dinner and / or discussions.  I will get on that.  Thanks for the challenge.  You are a great missionary to challenge us "twice" while we were on the Christmas skype!  

We had a wonderful Sacrament Mtg yesterday.  We will have Fast Sunday next week on the 8th.  Anyway, Samantha Gardner and Bro. Gutknecht presented wonderful talks, then Bishop Stone spoke.  He did an excellent job going over some ward issues, ie:  reverence in the chapel, tithing--who to make the check out to (Lynn Haven Ward), not to him, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, etc., why we should attend tithing settlement to declare our status, bearing of testimony-letting children needing assistance bear theirs in Primary instead of at the pulpit, the cleaning of the church, etc.  He councils us in a loving manner.  He is a good Bishop as Bishop Voyles was.  Good Ward.

I had to teach Relief Society yesterday.  I love it but sure could improve. I used the introduction of this years manuel---Teachings of Presidents of the Church.  George Albert Smith.   I imagine both of you are good teachers.  If not, work on it and don't even try to do it on your own---teach with the spirit - listen for it's promptings and follow those promptings.  I know you both do but that is just a reminder.

I go down to mom's today.  I'll be leaving after I finish this email.  I may not be able to get on the computer down there but your dad will probably be on.  

We went to eat (Golden Corral) and then to Pier Park for the New Year Eve ball drop.  Lots of folks.  Kinda pitiful.  Most were drinking, smoking, etc.  Don't think I'll be going there again.  The weather however was wonderful.  Not cold, not hot!

Oh I almost forgot.  Bennett Maxwell has reported now to the MTC.  (this past Wed.)  of course you can reach him at DearElder.com  MTC Box 308 with exit date of Feb 28th.  He is in one of the Mexico Missions.  I'll need to find out.  Found it.  Mexico Tijuana Mission.  I'm not sure if you all are allowed to email to the MTC or not?  but I guess you know.

Well, I best close.  I sure do love you boys!!!!!  I'm proud you both are serving.  It makes me happy.  I found this quote on a friend of Bennett's facebook.  I love it.

"I believe there is nothing in all the world that can compare with the joy that a man feels when he realizes that he has been the instrument in the hands of the living God of reaching some honest heart, inspiring in it a love of God and the desire to serve Him."

- Heber J. Grant

Love to you both.


Atten:  Elder Nicholas Dees:

How are you doing Nicholas?  Your dad said you had some concerns last email.  Be a good companion.  Don't fall into the trap of drama, etc.  Be a good example.  Your playing around could get you into some trouble.  
What are you studying at present?  Who is in your teaching pool?  Please send some pics of those who are baptized so I can put them in your mission notebook.  Do you need anything for teaching?  P-days?  I googled Chicken Dinner Road and think I found the area you must live.  There is a lot of farm buildings around the bigger homes.  Is that chicken houses?  What are the buildings?  Do you treat the members well?

Brother and Sister Roedel sent us an email saying that his parents met you at a baptism.  Glad you all finally got to meet. 

I ran into Hannah B and her mom, Nancy.  They ask about you and are proud of you.  Don't disappoint please.  Be a good example in speech and attitude.

Atten:  Elder John Dees:

Hi son.  I hope by today you should get your b'day pkg.  Just had a few items, your sheet music, and a few manicure tools.  I ordered the items you requested and the conference dvd but they will probably come separate because I had gotten an email that said the dvd was on back order but now I got another email saying they have been shipped---so all that should come in about a week or two.  From facebook post I think Clarissa and now Sydney V have made it out to BYU-I.  Hope they have a great semester.  I'm glad they are taking this opportunity to go.  

I saw Conner S the other day.  He is a Sr.  He is still excited about music and plans to major and minor (? ) in it at some Northern Alabama School.  I think he said he was the brass colonel this year and he was invited to play in the FLA band or something like that.  We were talking about French Horns and what is a good brand etc.  Wish I could get you one.  Someday.