Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, July 30, 2012



Getting Shredded

Well like the title says that's what I'm up to. Me and my new companion are having a competition to see who can get in better shape so I have been getting up early and working out longer and harder and I must say I'm feeling like a champ and my weight isn't changing because its burning fat but gaining muscle. We are looking at all the Nutrition Facts now when we eat and go shopping haha its pretty lame I know but you find stupid stuff like this to keep you entertained on your mission! We stayed super busy this week so I'm excited that the work is still great and that time is flying by.

Today for P-Day we were walking to the library and I saw a little old lady in the road in a wheel chair and I said mam where are you going, would you like some help? That little old lady was so happy I asked her she had another two blocks to wheel herself and she was moving at a snails pace and she asked if I could wheel her so I said of course. So while I wheeled her and talked for a while and then we ended up running into one of our investigators that works at that retirement center and who we have been having trouble getting ahold of and he asked if we could meet with him this weekend and we told him no.........just kidding we said yes and got a solid appointment with him it was awesome because if I didn't take that chance to help that lady we wouldn't have been able to run into Braden, biggest blessing yet! This week we went over to the Clovers house and had dinner with them and they let us play on their kids GIANT indoor playground and fed us some giant huge steaks! Other than that everything is going great.  I did well on my first DM (District Meeting)  so I' not to worried about it anymore. Well thats all for now until next week! Oh and get people to send me mail- I'm tired of my greenie still getting mail a week after he has left!!!!!!!!!!!

email conversation w/Elder Dees:
Mom: - hi son--are you there?

Elder Dees:  yeah I’m here

Mom:  how is your knee?

why so late on the emails today???  just wondering what y'all did for p-day.

need anything?

one of Madison's classmates was killed in a single car accident yesterday up by Crystal Lake---please be careful for me!

I'll mail you a copy of how we are kin to Elder Bednar so if he comes your way you can call him Elder Cousin!  :)

Did you still want the "mormon" game?

Elder Dees:  yeah just been busy, my knee is doing ok, don’t send the mormon game but a little cash is always nice (= and thats cool about Elder Bednar! How is the family doing?

Mom:  Didn't you get my long email earlier????  I sent it this morning.

I'll try to get some cash your way.  I never have any---imagine that.  Your dad and I will work the polls for a week next week.  John is bossing everybody.  Madison is sad school will start soon.  She skyped w/Gabbi yesterday and Sydney is home till Jan.  She misses Idaho already and wants to go right back.  

Your dad and John are over at grandpas.  He (grandpa) bought grandma an ipad3 so they are helping to get it set up or something like that.  

The Clover's home sounds like a lot of fun!

Haven't seen Michael in forever.  or Chris either.

Mom always ask about you.

I just learned right now that one of my classmates, a  cousin, just lost her girl--she was maybe your age or a few years older.  I'm sad.

The gospel helps.  

I love you Elder Nicholas Dees.

Elder Dees:  gotta go.  will send pics tomorrow since we get to do our shopping tomorrow since they didn;t give us our monthly allotment today >=/

Monday, July 23, 2012



Well we got transfer calls this Thursday, that is right, Thursday.   We got them a day early because on Thursday we also got word that the Boise Idaho Temple will be having its open house from October 13th - November 10th! So to celebrate President Cannon sent us out transfer calls a day early and it was pretty shocking what happened. I didn't know we were getting the calls that day until Elder Larson called me and said, "Dees! I'm coming to Payette with you this transfer!" I was so confused I told him to stop lying and wanted to see what he was really calling about and sure enough a voicemail came through and said Elder Dees you will be staying and Elder Larson will be coming from Meridian and you will be the District Leader O.o not what I was expecting. My companion Elder Stone wrote President and told him he was nervous about his Spanish so he left me )=. It was a shame but I'm glad he will get to go and practice his Spanish in Boise. So we spent some time going around letting him say bye to people and stuff and they were all saying "you two can't separate! your the best ones we have had for quite a while! It was sad but people are really glad that I'm staying so that's always a plus! 

But thankfully we had a baptism together and it was an amazing baptism.  It was a guy named Paul M. that we started teaching when I first got to the area and he finally had his baptism and he was so excited for it and has such an amazing testimony for 3 months. I think in the whole time he was investigating (3 months) he missed church twice because he was extremely ill one week and had a death in the family another but it was really awesome for him to be baptized and for Elder Stone to have a baptism his first transfer! On the topic of baptisms, the Elders in New Plymouth had a baptism that we attended on Friday night and it was awful. They made no programs, no pianist, didn't have their suit coats, and for a while they didn't know they had a member of the Bishopric present. It was a disaster. I was sitting with our Zone Leaders in the back and we were just laughing silently because they knew how bad it was and they were trying to improvise but they failed hardcore hahaha. But other than that we had a really great week. My knee has been giving me some issues though so in the morning when we go and run the track after about 3 laps its in serious pain and it has been for this entire transfer I'm starting to think it might be a side affect from the car accident so I may need to go get that looked at soonish. Also more cool news! We won the cleanest appartment award across 3 Zones! so it was pretty sweet, other than that not much to report on this week.

Monday, July 16, 2012



I'm 20 NOW!!!!!! Whats up everyone. It's the birthday boy sending off an email. My birthday was great! First of all I gave a talk in sacrament meeting with a young man who is leaving for the MTC next Wednesday so he gave his farewell.  It was a very good sacrament meeting! This week was nuts though! We castrated 2 cows and a bunch of sheep using the bander. It was a ton of fun with the sheep because we had to chase them around and then catch them, tackle them, and then hold them down! No video though sadly )= but we got down and dirty and it was a ton of fun! WE have a few pictures that the neighbor (Sister Baker) took so I will include those. We have a baptism this weekend hopefully so I'm pretty excited for that. We are staying nice and busy so no complaints. We get transfer calls this Friday but I'm 100% sure that I am staying. Other than that no plans for P'day today so far. Trunky moment for the week, today for breakfast we made smoothies (using the exact measurements and stuff from Tropical Smoothie.  It tasted exactly like it.  I was super Trunked. Well thats all for now.

Monday, July 9, 2012


7/9/12---5:07 pm  (Pics, 3 at Zoo)
Hey everyone not much this week. Had a hard time getting in to see people due to the holiday weekend. Had a meeting on the fourth in Boise, finally get a day off and I have to spend it in a meeting! But other than that things went ok.  We began teaching a new part member family and they are LOADED, they litterally have a giant jungle gym INSIDE their house and they fed us dinner and gave me a steak like the size of my face! But other than that kind of a slow week. Some news though is that I have to speak next week on my birthday.  My greeny volunteered me not knowing it was my birthday, greenies don't know anything!!!! Just kidding its ok. Today we went to the zoo in Boise and it was so much fun! Got to see all kinds of animals and fed a giraffe! The video is to large to email though )=. Well you can see it in 14 months I guess. Other than that not much to report, hopefully this next week is better. I'll be awaiting a birthday package here soon! Bye!

Email from Mom:  pics
Early HaPpY 20th BiRtHdAy SoN!!!!!!

Hi Son!

Son you are growing up and having another birthday!  UnBelIeVaBlE!!!!  I recall the day you were born.  You were a precious little boy---well, not little--you did weigh in at 10 lbs 6 oz!  :]  You were 22 inches tall and you've kept up the growth spurt all your life.  So much time has passed-you are now a grown man.  I'm proud of you.  You've accomplished many good things in you life, the most important being baptized on July 15, 2000, becoming a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was looking at that picture of you and Ryan S and Logan and Jordan C were standing outside of the church and now look-Logan has returned from his mission and you, Ryan and Jordan are serving your missions at present--I find that pretty cool.  Keep the faith.  

I want you to know we love you and I have enjoyed many wonderful moments with you as you have grown up.  Wish I would have been a better mom for you and I will try harder to do so.  

I had a strong impression in Sacrament Mtg yesterday to pray for you and I immediately did so, a silent yet heart felt prayer asking Heavenly Father to watch over you and keep you safe and strong in doing good.  I pray for you often.  I pray things are well w/you and that you are continuing in doing good on your mission.   Overcome evil thoughts and actions.  We all can w/the help of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and our love for them and ourselves will motivate us to do so.

From your last email I seems you and comp have been busy w/teaching appointments!  That's awesome!  

How are meals coming along?  We feed our missionaries this Wed night.  What to fix?????

Had a prank call on my cell last night.  My heart sank because I wasn't sure if it was you.  I hope not you or any of your friends.  Such ugly cussing.  I just hung up.  So uncalled for.

We have spent some time in Bristol this past week since Melissa and family were down.  Mark and Savannah and children are at Cindy's as well.  They may move to our Lynn Haven area.  Some have been swimming in the Springs.  Not me though.  Too mossy---I just walk the dock and do "gator watch" patrol.  


Grandma Gentry is doing ok.  Her memory is still poor but she ALWAYS remembers to ask about you and ask how you are liking your mission.  I told her she should write you but her penmanship has diminished and I think she feels embarrassed about it.  She seems to have arthritis in her right hand.  I causes her pain, as well as her back.  

The ward is growing.  Have I mentioned we open the overflow curtains?  They still haven't asked John to give a return missionary talk.  Two plus months now---he's a bit disappointed.  Oh well.  Sister Cornelius did ask him to come into RS yesterday and share on "how to prepare for a mission".  He did a nice job.

"GEORGIA THUMPER"?  ON Grandma's screen.
The house is a wreck---been trying to clean out this garage.  Overwhelming.  Your dad keeps threatening to get flooring.  We shall see.  Way overdue but funds are slim.

Pippin is still doing well.  Seems to hear better since John got some medicine for him.  Your dad's phone has a high pitched "ding" when someone calls and it always sends Pippin into barking mode.  aaarrrrhhhhh

Well, I'll get you a pkg off soon for sure this time!!!!!!  

Madison goes to Youth Conference this week.  They don't need your dad to go this time----BUM  - MER   !!!!!!!  I could have used the break!  :)

I have to put some quilts together up at the church (for youth conference) so I may not be around when you get on but if you could let John know you are on I would like to ask a question or two.  But it you don't want to---well I'll have to understand.  (tears)  

I love you----really I do.

Live your testimony.

Love, Mom

****    *****    *****    *****
Cousin Wade G.:  Did I fall off the email list or did Nicholas stop writing?

Gretchen:  Hi Wade---I am behind on sending out his emails for like a month now but I have plans to get them out soon.  Thanks for asking.. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012


I'll explain it in a minute!  Anyways not much time. Things went well this week. Met with a ton of people,26 lessons too! We met with this guy named Joe and man he was drunk out of his mind! It was sad but so funny! He freaked out (we were teaching him outside) and a butterfly flew by and he belted out every cuss word under the sun to show how scared he was of that butterfly haha! After a few more freak outs from him we decided it was best if we left, nothing was getting accomplished! This fourth of July is going to be super lame. Me and my greeny have to be at a meeting so there goes my day off!!!!!! Now for the title we were at a dinner appointment and there were 3 people in the house 2 elderly people and like a 30 something year old woman. We are sitting there eating and out of no where the 30 year old lady says we are expecting. I thought she was gonna say they are expecting company nope she proceeds to tell us her and the 74 year old man are married and they are expecting a child. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY, seriously. Well other than that set a few baptismal dates and that’s that. gotta run! Bye!

-Elder Dees

Elder N. Dees:  ummmm I don’t know – I’m good on clothing and stuff, money is always nice! but also some other fun stuff like party hats etc!

Email from Mom: 

Hi Son!

How are you and your comp.?  Is the training going well?  Tell us what your day is like.  What are your p-day plans for today? I have been fasting and praying for you.  I pray Heavenly Father will aide you in your missionary work and testimony.  As my son I want you to have many righteous successes and grow in the gospel but it will take willingness and obedience on your part.  You are a fine and capable young man.  I do love you.  

Seems we both had to give talks last week.  Twins.  hahaha

We had two baptisms this past Saturday.  They had asked John to play the piano, which he did, and he did a great job.  He had improved his talents while on his mission.  

Today is your dad's 50th Birthday.  I think he will go to his mom's since Sherry is still down.  John and Madison rode out to Pier Park w/Aunt Sherry this morning and maybe the beach this evening.  I asked them to be very careful as a 50+ man drowned last Fri/Sat during yellow flags and the person that tried to rescue was in the hospital.  It's important to heed warnings.  They are for our safety.  Whether it is physical, temporal or spiritual warnings, we have to listen.  

I am doing ok.  My day for mom's falls on the 4 of July so I'll be in Bristol for that.  What are your 4 of July plans?  Have any members invited you all to eat or are there some community events you all will attend?  PLEASE do not fall into the temptation to do fireworks.  I'm pretty sure it's against mission policies.  

Are you all getting feed?

I still did not send a pkg due to the fact that I don't know WHAT to send so I am open to specifics or do you prefer $$$ instead of the pkg expense?  PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  :)  How are you on socks?  shirts?  do you need shoes?  the shoes in last weeks pics looked shabby-but it wasn't a clear pic.  

Well, gotta go to an Election Mtg.  Seems we will be working the early voting next month to make some $$.  So many expenses.  

Write Madison and tell her to be sweet.  Sometimes she is not so.....  I hope you are being sweet and not “drama”.  :)

John's mission president went home last Friday---it was time for the new pres to arrive.  Poor mission pres have to go through so much---Please, Please, help President Cannon and don't be one that causes grief!  These are good men trying to serve in their callings and that is difficult enough w/out all kinds of DRAMA!!! 

Well-I'll close for now.  

Love ya lots.