Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, December 26, 2011


 No email from Elder Nicholas Dees this week.  Yesterday was Christmas and we got to talk via skype.  He was getting 2 new companions today/transfer day.  He will stay in the same area for a few more transfers due to dental issues.
UPDATE---Elder N Dees did get to email on Tuesday the 27th afterall.  He didn't leave an email letter.  Just emailed w/his dad concerning some issues w/the two comps he just got on Monday.

email from mom:

Hi sons,

I was so pleased to get to speak w/you both on Christmas Day!  Skyping is great because I get to see your faces, smiles and hear your voices.  I hope it was a pleasant experience for you too.  

Both of you sounded like you are doing well and are continuing to serve your Heavenly Father.  Don't be shy in doing so.  Be bold and testify of the truths you have come to know.  Then live those truths.  Example is a great testifier.  Elder John Dees, I loved how you challenged us to have someone in the home to meet the missionaries-----twice!  LOL  You were doing your missionary duties and I loved it.  I'll hold up to my pinky promise. :)  

Often times I think of you both and wonder what you may be doing throughout the day.  Be honest in your days work and don't let others distract you from your call.

Elder Nicholas Dees:   ---  You said today is when you will get your new companion(s).  Be a strong in serving.  Don't get caught up into doing things because others are doing them.  That doesn't make it right.  We are warned as Latter-day Saints to do what is right.  When we vary we can find ourselves caught up in the very things that used to disgust us.  Correct choices in our decisions will keep us from falling into Satan's traps---no matter how innocent those choices seem.  Be valiant.  Please get rid on things that can cause you or others harm.  I saw some maturity in you yesterday.  That was so nice.  Dwell on good things and set the other mischievous behaviors and thoughts aside.  It will enrich your life.  I suppose I'm trying to say---don't let things here determine what kind of missionary you will be there.  I love you.  

The children that were in the background during the skype where funny.  ; /    You interacted so nicely w/them.  That was great to see.  

Hey your brother has a birthday in 3 days.  Send him a card or email or something.  The Post Office is closed today for their Christmas Holiday.  Your brother will be 21 years old!!!  nice age.  Enjoy your lives.  Youth comes and goes and it is so much more enjoyable when you set and attain goals in your youth.  Goal setters/reachers get so much more out of life when they achieve their goals.  Otherwise, it's just regret as the years pass.  Take it from an oldie w/little accomplishments in her life.  :(  

Oh, btw, please edit your mormon.org.   Very inappropriate.  

Will you be picking up a rubrics cube or do you want me to send you one?   Are some nicer than others?  Let me know.
I'm glad you enjoy the razor.  You looked well shaven yesterday.  heehee.

Keep up w/the investigators and keep motivating them.  Sometimes they don't realize they need the gospel to enrich their lives yet it is so enjoyable when some do!!!!
I love to hear the stories of conversions and baptisms so keep them coming!

Elder John Dees:
You too looked great yesterday.  Both of you looked strong and fit and that suits you both so well!  

So John, another year older and wiser too!  Glad you are healthy and well and can celebrate another birthday.  Enjoy it out in the mission field.  That's a unique way to spend a 21st birthday :) .  

The place where you skyped seemed to be a nice family.  I'm happy they helped y'all by giving you time on the computer to skype.  

As Zone Leader I guess you will be busy doing lots of planning and training.  Search and follow the spirit and you will serve well.  Let me know if you want anything, (teaching aides, etc) to help out.

As I said yesterday the choir presented a wonderful Christmas program.  Sister A. White continues to grow in her calling as Choir Director.  She gives it her all!  

 We have to run out to a clean but I hope to finish this letter out there and let you know the status on some things.

I love both of you boys so much.  My heart smiles when I think of you both out on missions.  I feel the blessings from Heavenly Father because you two are willing to serve!

Love, Mom.

comments of family and friends:

***Brother Roedel from our home ward received an email from his parents who live where Elder N Dees is serving, in Marsing, ID.  Brother Roedel forwarded the email.  
        [I attended a baptism with Krista and her family tonight and Elder Dees was there. His companion, who was previously in our ward, had helped teach the two people who were being baptized. We were able to have a nice conversation. He seemed like a great guy. He gave me his home address to give to Blake, so I hope don't lose it. I told him I would be seeing Blake and Jakob this weekend. He had barely met Jakob. I told him Justin's "mugger story." He says he actually likes the weather and climate here. Surprise!] - Sr. Brother and Sister Roedel.

         It’s amazing how things work out! - Son, S Roedel



Hi everyone!  I’m finally getting Elder Nicholas Dees’ email from last week sent out. (He didn’t email today due to transfers) We also were blessed to get to skype w/him on Christmas Day.  He looked and sounded great.  Still a little green but shows some signs of maturity!  He will continue to serve in the same area for a few more transfers due to some dental issues.  So, the Chicken Dinner Rd address is still good.
12/19/11 11:54:57 AM
Subject: Almost Christmas

Stockings for my missionary sons!

Email of Elder Nicholas Dees:

Hey everyone, another extremely busy week, did even get to do much teaching. We were having to run 1000 errands =). We attended some ward Christmas parties, some other church events and had 3 baptisms. We had a very interesting one (baptism) because we have font fillers here in our mission thanks to previous missionaries.... so she forgot and didn’t fill the font so we had to delay the baptism another 45 minutes and still only had about 1.5 feet of water, thank goodness it was a 9 year old boy. And today was fun. We skipped study time >:) and went to work with the guy we baptized Saturday and went and picked up bulls at some close by dairies, no pictures though I think we are going again this next week so stay tuned! Other than that not much else to report except the ward mission leader finished our knives without us ):

email conversation:
Mom:  I forgot---are you staying in that same place for Christmas?

Elder N Dees:  yeah I am staying at the same place for Christmas, so I’ll show you the knife on skype.  So we get transferred the day after Christmas but we get the call this Friday to find out who is going where.

Mom:  Please answer the other questions I had for you in the big email sweetheart.  Did you get the stocking yet?

Elder N Dees:  yeah I got the stocking, thanks a ton (: I already bought the exact same Santa hat haha good choice!

Holiday Dough--a missionary recipe :)
Mom:  ok, glad to know the good ole' us mail got it there on time. How did you like the "Holiday Dough"?
What do you want for Christmas?   I think your dad is working on a razor and/or toothbrush.  Is that good w/you?

Elder N Dees:  yeah and get me some other cool ties.  Gotta go - bye now.  I’ll be sending a package with some gifts today.

Mom:  ok, bye son.  I love you.  Mom

Email from Mom:

Hi Elders,

So, who's going?  and who's staying?  I need addresses if either of you are being transferred!!!!  That is if you all want a gift...!!!   I've tried to hold off till I have good addresses.  

Do either of you have info as to how or when we can skype on Christmas Day?  We will be here at the house.  Hopefully we will not be on at the same time unless y'all know a way we can do that!   

I did send a small pkg which you both should have recved Sat. or possibly will today.  It was stocking stuff. 

Sis. R said she sent a little humorous gift that Justin received once before.  The company didn't have a place for a comment for her to explain the gift so she asked me to pass this along saying it was a little something she thought you two would get a kick out of receiving.

With Christmas right upon us your message of Jesus Christ should be well received unless people are "to busy" for the reason of the season.  I hope your lessons are going well.  I think both of you were having baptisms this past week.  Hope no one overflowed the font.  LOL  That could have been awful. 

Is there anything you all want me to send to families you live with?  Let me know.

Our ward will have Fast Sunday on Jan 8th I don't know why it's not the 1st.  Is that our ward or churchwide?  I wonder?

Next year we will start services at 10 am since we are the only ward in the building.  I'm glad.  Also we will be doing church cleaning assignments by the month and that's all you have to do it for the year.  Our family (and a few more) are assigned the month of March.  Woohoo!  you'll just miss that Elder John Dees.  Luuuckkkyyy.  :)

Our upcoming Stake Conference will be at the end of Jan and will be a Broadcast this time.  

Nobody in our home to teach yet.....

As for Pippin--I think he is deaf.  He just doesn't hear things like he used to.  His actions and reactions are definitely cues from visual stimuli.   I know he misses you both. HOWEVER--he is proud you two are out serving your missions.  Enjoy your missions!  

What's the weather out there?

What are some good meals that you all like as missionaries?

I'll close for now.  
I love you boys.  
You both make me proud.
I love telling people you two are serving missions for the church.
Love,  Mom

Elder Nicholas Dees:

The ward finally has your missionary plaque on the wall.  Brother P said for me to check the spelling.  I noticed that on your scripture there is a word that we incorrect.  It seems they put "of" instead of "or" in one of the places. Bummer.

I really enjoyed the pictures you sent showing you shaping the knife out of the railroad spike.  Couldn't see your face though--and would like to see your face/smile:) .  Madison keeps looking at the picture of you we have on the fridge from when you were in the MTC.  She keeps saying you look like you had gained weight in that one but in the current pictures you look like your normal weight.  You look good. 

Fill us in on how your dental stuff is going.

Elder John Dees: 

Thanks for the photos/attachments last week.  You look good.  It was fun to put faces to Chris and James.  Who baptized James (the guy in the photo)?

I sent a stocking to Elder Stacey in a separate box--the day after I sent yours.  Hope he gets it.  It was just a little something.  It was kind that his parents sent you that stocking.  I'd like their address to thank them if you have time sometime.

So when do you think you will hear from BYU?

I still haven't made it to Wal-mart to find that movie you want to give to us.  "The Nativity Story".  I'll be going this week and I'll check on it.  Nice idea.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Hi everyone,
Here is the email from Elder Nicholas Dees.  He too is doing well.  I don't know if his mission will have transfers next week or the week after Christmas---he failed to mention when it would occur.  I will post both his mission address and current one.  Also, I attached some pics.  :)

Current Address:
Elder Nicholas Dees
12537 Chicken Dinner Road
Caldwell, Idaho 83607

Mission Address:
1111 S. Cole Road
Boise, IDAHO 83709

Subject: Christmas Card of Elder Nicholas Dees!- 
 ******  comments of family and friends  ********
Hilarious!  - Uncle Matt
Fantastic!!!!!! :)  -  Leslie R
love the Christmas Card :)  -  Aunt Gina
That is so cute. That made me day. Thanks for sharing. - Deborah G.
very cute and clever!  -  Cathy K
Love it! gwynn

Blacksmith Dees--making a knife out of a railroad spike.

Still working and shaping.

Still working...........souvenir!

Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 10:59 AM

Elder Nicholas Dees’ email:

Been very busy this week, have three baptisms coming up this week too on the 15th and 1 on the 17th. Been visiting a ton of people, I was really sick on Tuesday (24 hour flu) so I slept most of the day. I went on exchanges with another elder in my district named Elder Bell. He was the one I caught the bat with one time. Something really cool we are doing is our ward mission leader takes old rusty railroad spikes and hammers them out and makes knives out of them. So he is helping us make our own! (= Call me blacksmith Dees! Other than that not much to report. Not been getting any mail recently either, lazy bums (;.

Email Conversation:
Mom:  Hi son,
I do apologize that I've been slow on the mail.  I keep the stamped envelopes up at the church so maybe you'll get some mail soon.   
I'm so proud to hear that you all have been busy.
So sorry to hear you were sick.  I'm sorry you had to suffer that.  Yucky stuff.  Glad you are better.
I LOVED the BLACKSMITH pics.  Be so careful.  It's
hot stuff!  Glad to see you tucked your tie in.
Elder N Dees:  I got a letter from Emily, she drew me a picture haha
Mom: I love your Christmas card?  Are you sending one to Grandma Gentry?  Dees?  I understand Michael got one w/a gun or something like that. ???
Elder N Dees:  yup sure did, I made a bunch of different ones, I have one for most of the family and stuff.
Mom:  Any other pics to attach and send?
Do you get John's emails?  Do you write/email Ryan?  
Elder N Dees:  no, but I need to write Ryan
Elder N Dees:  yes my flipper is out and yes we can skype on Christmas, what time is good for you guys? I want Michael and Brennan over to talk to them and Chris if he is in town.
Mom:  Michael and Brennan and Chris are fine to come over.  Be sweet.  You've always been the one that is sweet and forgiving.  That's been one of your finer qualities.  I love you Nicholas.  I pray so much for you.  We all do.  We are sure proud of you.  Many people ask about you all the time.
Do you need anything else?

Email from Mom:
Mon. - 12/12/11

Hi to my missionary sons,

It was a great week for us because we received letters from both of you!  Thanks!  Sorry that I haven't written or sent the promised items you both requested.  I'm trying. 

I think both of you had baptisms that were to take place this past weekend.  How did that go? 

We had our Ward Christmas Party and it was nice.  The pictures are from that event. Brother (Bishop) Voyles was Santa.  Someone had to tell me who Santa was.  I couldn't figure it out.

Elder Logan Cornelius arrived home on Friday.  He looks great.  He's seems happy and more outgoing. 

I hope you boys found something Christmasy to decorate your appt.  

Are you all cold?  Do either of you need a blanket(s)?  Coat? Gloves? warm socks--get those out there.  

Not sure what all to say--gotta go.

Keep the rules,……and commandments. 

I love you both.


To Elder Nicholas Dees:

We loved the Christmas card!  Thanks for your efforts in getting that out.  I understand you have another version of a Christmas card as well.  Send us that version too.  (make sure any are appropriate Elder Dees).   As for the shirts for p-day you requested I will send the "Red, A day to Remember" and the "Green, We came as Romans", however the grey Attack, Attack and I'll send the white "Y" shirt. Would you like one of the Hollister t-shirts?

In your Christmas pic w/ the chicken is your "flipper" out?  You've never sent the pic of your mouth. And, still waiting on the card so we can print pics.

How is the companionship going?

Did you say if we will get to skype for Christmas?

To Elder John Dees:

How are you? Have you all received recent snow so you could get a Christmas pic for a card?  

Monday, December 5, 2011


December 5, 2011 -  12:54:03 PM

Email of Elder Nicholas Dees.   I will attach a pic he sent :)
Chicken chase on Chicken Dinner Road!

Elder Nicholas Dees: 
I'm on! We had a baptism this weekend and 4 more for the 17th of December so we are staying nice and busy. I caught the chicken because I was beyond bored at the house and I thought it would be funny! Not much happened this week though just a lot of teaching so not to much to report this week sadly ): But I did get my Christmas cards made so I will be sending those out soon!

Email Conversation

Mom:  I forgot to mention that Elder L Cornelius comes home this Friday!!!  Gene and Jill are excited.  I'm sure proud of him!

Elder N Dees:  wow, seems like he just left the other day!

Mom:  yep - his mission did fly by, just as yours is doing.  Do you realize you have been out almost 3 months?  You seem willing and happy.  Are you?   I pray for you all the time and I'm very proud of you.  I'm proud you were willing to go out and serve but do it for all the right reasons, please.  I'll be here on the computer if you need me otherwise I’ll let you do your letter/emailing to President.. 

Elder N Dees:  What is the P-Day for our elders back home? I’ll write a letter.  Gotta go!
Email from Mom:


Hi Sons' / Elder Dees X 2,

This morning is beautiful here in Lynn Haven. (high of 75 and a little cooler tonight, 62).  Short sleeve weather.  It's pretty nice.  I fear that you both are having cooler temps.  Sorry about that :)  Be safe as you navigate through snow and ice and rain.  Don't take chances.  An extra few seconds can save yours and others lives.  Please be aware of the conditions.  Also, Elder John Dees-no speeding!  Sounds like you got lucky last time. 

We have the missionaries coming to supper on Wed.  Any menu suggestions?  No pork or seafood and I think onions.  What are some of your favorite meals?

Both of your last weeks emails were really nice.  I enjoy hearing of the progress of the investigators.  I'm so very proud that you both are sharing your testimony with those who are searching for the truth that exist on this earth.  Be good examples.  That will be like bearing your testimony.  Teaching the truths then having loose character or speech will shot down any trust or faith that others will have in the truths you teach.  Be good.  Share what progress you all have made this week!

Did you both get to attend the First Presidency Christmas Devotional?  I did and I enjoyed it but also enjoyed thinking we were all sitting and listening together!

Madison and I pulled down some of the Christmas Decor last night.  Not sure that I'll put up both trees.  I'm getting old and tired.  I'll probably put up a tree only in the piano room.

I'm anxious to see/receive Christmas cards from you both.  At least I know Nicholas has plans to send a card.  Send two so I can put one up on the church bulletin board.
I'd love to get pics---as I know I've been saying I'd send some.  Last week was super busy.  No CLEANS TODAY so I hope to get that taken care of today!!!!

What have you two found out about the Christmas call?  Will either of you get to "skype"???  Let me know!

Atten:  Elder Nicholas Dees:

We received your sweet letter on Saturday.  Sorry to hear you and your companion are still not getting along.  Do something nice for him today if you can.  Do you get mail?  Brother Gainer told me he got a letter and was excited about that.  Ryan D said he got a letter from you last week. 

Tell me how or why you "caught a chicken"  LOL!

I'm needing some Christmas gift ideas.  Candies?, Ties?, gift cards?  Someone asked what kind of eating places you both like---I think they were thinking to get a gift card to a fast food place.  Taco Bell?  Chick-fil-a?  McD's?  Suggestions????

Nicholas-I'll get your shirts out to you---sorry for the delay.

You asked about my callings.  I was recently called as the 1st Counselor in Relief Society w/Sister Hewett as RS President.  
We have started Rotation again for Grandma Gentry. 

I'll close.  I love you both.  You both make my world so happy.

Love, Mom.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Hi Family and Friends:
I heard from my missionaries yesterday.  So proud to report they are well and happy and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I'll post their addresses just to keep you updated.  

Elder Nicholas Dees
12537 Chicken Dinner Road
Caldwell, Idaho   83607
(Elder Nicholas Dees'  mormon.org profile link)  http://mormon.org/me/7MQS/NickDees/  
(Elder John Dees'  mormon.org profile link)  http://mormon.org/me/693T/   


Times A Ticking

Monday, November 28, 2011 12:42:25 PM
From: "Nicholas Dees" <nicholas.dees@myldsmail.net>


Elder Nicholas Dees:  Man its been nearly three months already I’ll be home soon :p. Not really. Well we had a good Thanksgiving week. We stayed really busy and met most of our monthly goals! We ate lunch with a family in Marsing and then with an investigator in Homedale and it turns out we ate with the same family in a way. The investigator in Homedale is married to a member and her parents got a divorce and they helped the mom out so the family in Marsing doesn’t talk to them at all. I felt like I was betraying people.  Both meals were awesome though. We got dropped by an investigator but it’s all good. Other than that 4 baptismal dates set and one baptism maybe this weekend! Also thanks for the yeast rolls! I felt right at home! (:

Mom:  Hi son!
So glad to hear from you. So glad you got the yeast rolls.  Were they ok?, because I had to practically take them out of the oven and run to the post office while they were cooling and then pack and close them up while they were still a bit warm.
Sounds good about the investigators and potential baptisms. So glad to hear you had two great Thanksgivings even with the unusual situation.  That would have been a bit awkward.  Answer me about the 4gb or 8gb and did you get your sweater? Would you like another one?  What color if yes?  
Don't get off till I know you are getting off and have time to respond, ok  :) 

Elder N. Dees:  Don’t worry about the card for the GPS.  I got some on black Friday.  I sent our Bishop to get me a memory card on black Friday because he was going shopping, so he already bought me one and I've paid him back, and thanks, and yeah got the sweater, a little small though ): .  Also can I get some daytime pictures of the car and pictures from Thanksgiving of all the family?

Mom:  Do you remember the size of the sweater?  I can look for another one.
Yes on the pics - I'll try to get them to you soon.

Elder N Dees:  It was a medium.  
Also wanna send me some p day shirts? I’m mailing some of them back with other items.  

Mom:  I will look for you another sweater.  What color was that one?  Are you freezing?  Do you need blankets?

Elder N Dees:  No I’m not freezing, it feels good out here.  Send me those shirts I want from home! (: The red one with the baseball bats on it, the green one with dinosaurs, the gray one that says, “attack, attack” and that will be enough.

Mom:  ok, I'll get them off to ya soon.  What are you doing for p-day today?

Elder N Dees:  bowling I think - gotta go now, bye
Mom:  bye,  I love you --- love, mom



HAPPY HOLIDAYS - because they are here among us!

I’m anxious to hear how the missionary work is going in that part(s) of the vineyard.  How are your investigators (Chris, Leslie, and the 18 yr old) coming along?  Nicholas, how are your many investigators progressing?  I still would love to see pictures of the one(s) you baptized.  And pictures of you and your comp. as well. 

How was Thanksgiving Dinner for you two? 
We had ours at Gentryville.  Gwynn and Gyll each held their own but all others attended at mom’s.  Uncle Gary’s fried Turkey was devoured –it was so delish!  Plenty, plenty of food.  Keri and I took photo’s.  I haven’t tried to upload my photo’s yet but I saw some of Keri’s on Gina’s computer and they looked nice.  I’ll try to send each of you some family photos soon.      
I need to get this email off to you all. 

Live your testimony.  
Are you all getting meals/feed?
Be good.

I love you both and I am so proud of you both.  Be good missionaries. please.
Your mother, who is trying to do better.   Mom

For Elder Nicholas Dees:

Did you ever get a santa hat?  I’m anxious to see what kind of Christmas Card you come up with. :)

Did you ever get your sweater?  It should have arrived by now.  If so, is it what you were hoping for?  Do you want another one and if so what color?  I’m not sure what color we even sent.  Was it grey or black?

I saw Hanna in the mall.  She was down for the holidays.  She said that you and Ben and the sister (?) write back and forth.  Please send only uplifting letters. 

Still no SD card from you---hummm.  You had mentioned that you needed a 4gb Micro sd card for your GPS. There was a 8gb Micro SD card on sale at Target but the guy said you may have asked for the 4gb because of a compatibility issue.  Do you know if the 8gb would have worked?  I didn’t get it—but should have because I could have taken it back and now the sale is off. However I’m sure when I have time to look around I can find another one on sale although the guy said not to get the brand PKY or whatever that brand is that Best Buy sales.  He said he isn’t impressed w/that brand.  Let me know which size gb you want or need.

Love, Mom