Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, April 30, 2012


Following is the P-Day email of Elder Nicholas Dees-who has already served 7 and 1/2 months in his Idaho Boise Mission!  Elder Nicholas Dees has been transferred and below is his current address.  Uplifting letters are welcomed and encouraged.....missionaries love mail!

4/30/12  11:34 AM

Here's Nicholas' email address:

1106 1/2  2nd Ave N.
Payette, ID 83661


4/30/12   11:34:52 AM

Hey im on

Elder Nicholas Dees - Shoshone Fall in Idaho

Hey dad, well we got transfer calls and im going to Payette, ID and Fruitland is in that area so my tooth will be getting completed this transfer. We stayed pretty busy this week. Taught a fair amount of lessons and used a lot of object lessons they really seem to help people put things into a better perspective. We went and made our rounds of saying bye to people only people i said bye to were the Kunzlers and the Gentrys other than that really didnt get to meet other cool people! My new companion is going to be interesting for sure he is in love with star wars more than my last companion, not to thrilled about it, but we'll see. I dont get transferred until 12:30. For last p-day me and elder bell, clark and tingle went to the canyon and hit golf balls off the top into the snake river, Bell ended up hitting one across the entire thing and of course i didnt have my camera with me =(, At the Kunzlers i was able to chase down some sheep and catch a baby one those little things are fast! Ill attach some pictures in a seperate email.
Elder Nicholas Dees in Heyburn, ID  (at Kunzler's)

4/30/12  11:54 AM
Here are some pictures ill write more tomorrow ill be on the transfer van all day. Apology accepted

Elder  Nicholas Dees at his Uncle Glade Gentry's shop in Declo, ID

Elder Nicholas Dees, at Kunzler's home.

Elder Nicholas Dees in Declo, ID

*******    *******     ******   *****


Hi Son,

I'm not sure if you are going to read this or not but I still wanted to write. 

This will be the first email just to YOU!!!  

I have been thinking of you all week.  Mostly because I'm sad as to the way we parted last week.  I know you are working and teaching and I would like to apologize.  You are 19 and I can't rule you but will try to suggest and guide you as that is my responsibility as your mother and as someone who is older and wiser than you. 

So - What are the transfer results?  Are you staying or going??  If going, do you have an address?  I hope to snail mail you this week.  This past week has been crazy busy.  You know me, shuffling junk to make room for your brother.  We have also had a lot of cleans.  Fact is we are at one today, well two today and I so need to be home doing things to get ready for John but that's not going to happen.  Bummer

As you know, Elder John Dees comes home today!!  He leaves Spokane at 10:18 Pacific, goes to Salt Lake, then to Atlanta, and finally home to PC Airport.  We are thrilled he has completed his mission and ready for the next phase of his life.  He wrote that he had received great counsel from his Stake President there in Deer Park, WA and I'm sure President Palmer as well.  A member called me yesterday/Sunday and said she and her family just dropped him off at the mission home!  She said he had been a great missionary and was sad to see him go.  It's always nice to hear people compliment your children.  A mother loves her children and wishes the best for them.  In our Sunday School lesson yesterday we spoke of parents teaching their children in the home and any other good teaching only aids that which the parents should have taught.  I want to do better.

What are you doing for PDay today?  

Are you needing a bike yet?

I do love you.  

I have got to get to cleaning.

Pippin says "hello".  He's been sweet.  For some reason he was all excited and jumped up on the twin bed.  crazy dog.  Maybe he senses that John is coming home.  Your sister is so sassy sometimes.  We are all beggers as everything is from the Lord.  We need to be more humble.

I saw a nice family photo of the L's.    

Well, I gotta go.

I love you.

Mom :)


***Thanks, Gretchen for all the updates from John and now Nick. I know how proud you are of both them. What a great family you have.   Mary L.

Monday, April 23, 2012


On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 11:40 AM

Email of Elder Nicholas Dees:

Well another week down, we get transfer calls this week which will be exciting. Im pretty sure im leaving to get my tooth fixed which will be awesome. Last pday we went to a place called city of rocks and we went and climbed some awesome rocks and then me, elder barnes, our zone leader and another missionary were on the way down from the very top and it started raining so we started racing down the rock and we went down a totally different way and ended up getting lost in the wilderness for 3 hours it was pretty crazy. We really thought we were completely lost and we didnt have a phone with us and we thought we were going to be spending the night but we said a prayer and i found a trail a few minutes later and it was unmarked and it ended up taking us right to the parking lot prayer answered for sure. We also went to the Twin Falls Temple on Friday and it was way good, first time i have been since Orlando.  i have spent so much money because members here hardly ever feed us so i have had to use a ton of money from my home card to so you wanna reimburse me? Also my companion finally paid me back but i dont want to just mail the $ home and have it get lost in the mail so how do i go about sending it home? We stayed pretty busy with teaching last week and hopefully we will this week. For P-day i have no clue what we are doing.  im probably going to hang out with my friends (elder bell and Ang) in twin so, yeah. Ill email pictures next week.

Monday, April 16, 2012



Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Elder Nicholas Dees:  So last P-day I didn't email because I was out and about in Jarbidge, NV- population 14. We rode with some elders from Filer because its their area and we went hiking all day so that’s why I didn’t get to email. And I can’t send pictures today because I left my cord in their car =( oh well. Well other than that we had zone conference and stayed really busy this week. Don’t know what else there is to talk about, well I did hit 7 months this past Saturday! Wahoooooo! And I got the package finally thanks! I really like the Tommy Hilfiger tie you sent!
Dad:  Nicholas
Good to hear from you. What are the bandages on your hands in the photos from conference?
How are you managing you money, okay I hope. 
It's been crazy here, busy is an understatement. Work keeps me busy and then Seminary, which I love.  Grandma and Grandpa Dees asked to say hi from them. They will send a letter, I think that's what they told me yesterday. 
Anything else going on?  Melissa and Tyler were here last week. They left yesterday. She wants to see you. But, remember they are not in your stake. Don't waste time playing with family, you'll get an emergency transfer out of that area. 
Mom:  Hi son,
I just got Internet access.  I'll send the big email.
How are you doing?
Elder Nicholas Dees:  pretty good,
Mom:  ok, but son you don't need to be doing all this shopping for material stuff.  Definitely do not rip off any missionary selling your old stuff.  Just lay low on your wheeling and dealing on a mission please.
You should have stuff to talk about, you are a missionary.  Surely you could enlighten us on people you come in contact with, if you ever feel the strong presence of the spirit, you know, things like that.
Do you cover Melissa's ward?  Uncle Glades?  Who's?  Is Uncle Glade out of your area????   
Was the Tommy Hilfiger the new tie?
What are some of your goals this week?  
I love you.
Love, Mom.
ps, any suggestions as to what to do for John when he returns home?
Elder Nicholas Dees:  No we are outside of his area, he is Declo, we are Paul.  Yeah the Tommy was the new one, no more blue ties though - I have so many! And put John’s lazy butt to work when he gets home.  He thinks he is going to be able to use my tv and stuff, idk about that since he wouldn’t let me use his bike.
Mom:  hey, I saw Rachel Davis a few days ago.....she keeps looking in her mailbox----hoping to hear from ya. Write her when you have time.  Use your time properly as a missionary.
Elder Nicholas Dees:  I never got a reply from her? so I have written back. 


Hi Elder Dees’-John and Nicholas,

Another week has flown by. 

We had a beautiful Sabbath day / Sacrament meeting yesterday.  Great talks.  A returned missionary from the Chipley Ward spoke of the Savior and the Atonement.  He has a firm testimony of the Plan of Salvation.  Wonderful spirit felt throughout the meetings. 

After church I ran on up to mom’s as it was my rotation day.  Glynis was there helping mom out.  We got things straightened around and had a nice supper and Charles had stopped in on an assignment as their home teacher to invite them to their ward conference coming up in 2 weeks.  He is a good home teacher.  Wade Gause had stopped in as well so we all sat around the kitchen table talking and enjoying the company.  We then rode over to see the garden and turkeys Charles is raising.  Neat.  Grandma said she is very proud of you boys.  We were counting up how many of her children and grandchildren have/or are serving missions.  We came up with a total of 18 and hopefully more to serve.  I’m glad you two can be counted in that group.

Do you two get Elder Maxwell’s (Bennett’s) emails?  He is doing so good.  He loves his mission!  At present he is still in Colorado Springs, waiting on his visa for the Mexico mission.

Gina said Elder Snyder is doing good.  He loves where he is in California. Oh, Aunt Gina, Uncle Matt and Keri will be in Paris when you get home John. 

We have so much to do at the house but we seem to be involved w/cleans, cleans, and more cleans.  We had to “fire” Madison last Saturday due to her smacky mouth and not doing some of the tasks correctly.  Pretty sad.  Hahaha.  Poor thing has FCAT today and tomorrow.  We barely got to school in time.  I bet you two don’t miss that hahahaha.

John, I spoke to Jordan yesterday.  He mentioned that if you want to room together that that may work.  He really likes where he stays and said you will definitely want your own room.  He said usually everyone has diff. class times and schedules so to have your own room makes it nice.  I guess we should be receiving your bike today.  We are out at a clean right now but hopefully will be home in time when they bring it by.

Nicholas, did you get your pkg yesterday w/ties and tie holders?  If not it will probably arrive today. 

Monday, April 9, 2012



ELDER NICHOLAS DEES never emailed on the Monday p-day.  A few days later we received this email and explanation.  

Wed., April 11, 2012  (not a reg. p-day)
Sorry didn’t get to email, well I got my tax return into my bank account. I sold my camera and got an new one that is much nicer than mine.  So that’s what that charge is so don’t get upset. I sold my camera and case for $150 and the purchase at Target was for my companion. He bought a new camera because he never had one to begin with, so he is paying me back Friday and I’ll send that money home to be deposited into my account ok (: -   bye love you guys



Dear Sons:

How was Easter for you two?  Our Sacrament meeting was used as Fast and Testimony due to conference.  We had a nice crowd-overflow opened and such.  Lots of wonderful testimonies shared.  Sister Nora Hansen just returned from her mission so it was great to see her.  We (your dad, Madison and I) left after sacrament meeting to go to Grandma Gentry's to visit.  No fancy Easter meal or anything like that.  Just used that as my day to see mom and do a few things for her.  Geoff, Carolyn and Parley were down this past week so we got to see them yesterday as well.  Aunt Carolyn is doing something remarkable.  She has scanned some of Mom's Book of Remembrance and will send each of the siblings the files!!!!!  Pretty neat.  That is so kind of her to do it.  We should have been doing it but she is ACTUALLY doing it!!!  So neat.  Mom was is some pain.  That is a daily thing for her anymore.  Brother Osterburg---Charles is her home teacher and he is so kind and diligent in getting him home teaching done so her came over to Home Teach mom and Glynis so I enjoyed that message and visit.  Today is Aunt Cindy's 50th b'day.  Melissa and Tyler and the baby should have arrived last night and Jordan is home too for a week or so.  Leslie looks great and the baby (Kimball) is like a little beautiful baby doll.  Didn't get to see Aunt Gwynn or Gayle, or Gina or Gary yesterday.  I guess everyone is busy w/their own families.  However, your dad and I took Dianne over to Tally this past Wed. and we did meet up at 5 Guys for a hamburger.  Uncle Geoff and his family, Aunt Gina and Uncle Gary and all of us.  Geoff had called Marvin earlier that day and while we were eating Marvin (Goldstein) returned his call and said he was close by so he came in and sat w/us as well.  Hence the photo.  Dianne wasn't impressed LOL---she just wanted to get her drink refill and shopping on!  :)

I still haven't invited someone to church w/me.  Why do I find that so difficult?  I suppose I just haven't been impressed as to who may be ready to hear the truth of the gospel.  who knows.  maybe soon.

Madison found her a dress for Mormon Prom.  She's excited. Still disrespectful. It hurts.

We are out at a clean right now.  Clean, Clean, Clean and yet my house is filthy!  We have been busy this week!  Your dad has to do taxes this week, etc.  I have to clean the garage, etc.

Elder Nicholas Dees:

I hope you are getting settled into the area and working to find and teach.  My heart has been so concerned for you.  Serve w/ honor.  Who is in your teaching pool?  Are you keeping a journal?  Do you need another one yet?  I still haven't sent the box w/ties, etc.  I'll try to this week.  What ever came of a bike?  Are you needing one yet?  Be on the look out to buy one off a returning missionary if they are selling theirs.  

Elder John Dees:  

How is the teaching pool for you and your comp?  Often I think of you traveling in regard to your Zone Leader responsibilities and pray for your safety and strength.  Is there anything you need?  Will you be shipping your bike home?  Should we send it to Glade's or Melissa's if you are going to need it for school?  Did you get Nicholas' address:

Elder Nicholas Dees
1510 R Street
Heyburn, ID 83336 

I guess I better get back to work. 

I want you two to know that I know Heavenly Father lives and his son, Jesus Christ, lives.  Pray and be humble to receive guidance in your lives.

I love you both so much.  I want to be a better mother for you all.

Love, Mom  

Monday, April 2, 2012


Pictures:  Elder Nicholas Dees, Elder Barnes on Nicholas' shoulders and other comp ???, Glade/Cherice Gentry Family, Gretta and friend Mark and Elder Nicholas Dees

Monday, April 2, 2012
12:18:23 PM

Elder Barnes and Elder Nicholas Dees on mountain / "D" in Declo, ID

Elder Nicholas Dees w/Aunts and Uncle and first cousins in Declo, ID

Hey everyone, SURPRISE - I was in Declo for conference with the family since I’m serving in the Paul area! So Uncle Glade and his family were all there of course.  I saw Mark and his wife and kids, and Aunt Gretta and her man Mark came up and Jordan was there as well.  It was awesome and I actually paid attention to conference! Afterwards we went and had some fun climbing up to the “D” in Declo, it was way worse/steeper than the “Y” but it was worth every second and after that we went back and had some hot chocolate at Uncle Glade’s. I got to play on the jumping stilts and all other kinds of fun stuff.  I caught some more chickens (Uncle Glade has chickens) and just overall had a great time! This week was kinda tough for missionary work though just because of spring break and not a lot of people were home, but we still taught a lot of people. There is a place out here called Kiwi Loco which is a frozen yogurt place and it’s so good and its 50% off. Hopefully we will be going there today. I already spent $30 of my monthly money to buy a new camera charger.  Mine went MIA during transfers-maybe left in the van or something. )=  My resolution this month.... to save money, well there went that idea (=. Everything is going great here though! Here are some pictures from this weekend. Elder Barnes is the one on my shoulders.

Email conversation:
Elder Nicholas Dees:  hey im on, whats up?

Mom:  Why do I have mixed feelings about all this.  I guess I just don't want you to get to comfy and want you to do the work but at the same time I'm glad you have the chance to see Uncle Glade and family.  Thanks for sending some pictures.

Trying to save money would have been good. However it’s early in the month to already be spending big.  Hope members are going to feed you all.  It's kinda hard to feed 3 missionaries, financially anyway, for some people, so be moderate in what you eat unless they have plenty.  Be sensitive to people and their means.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  You have mixed feelings because you are like the rest of the moms on the G side, just calm down and breathe a little, it will help.

Mom:  hi son,

Need an address to mail something.  Do you have one for us today?  Ask your comps for the address.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Below is my address:

Elder Nicholas Dees
1510 R Street
Heyburn, ID 83336

Dad knew it the whole time - he called the mission office.