Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, October 31, 2011


Monday, October 31, 2011 3:22:24 PM
Guns But No Roses

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Well been an interesting week for sure. And also very busy/spiritual. We had the Baptism of another guy named Bill W. I gave a talk on baptism O.o yeah pretty nerve racking but it all went well. Taught a ton of other people and I committed a few to baptism (im on a roll!) Well about the title, we had two people greet us with guns. We have an elderly man we go visit and his name is Jim H.  and we knocked on his door and he said "Who is it?" We said "The Missionaries" he opened the door and said "Oh hey, guess I can put my mauser away" I thought he was kidding....... nope we walked inside and he set the gun down on the table haha. Then we went to one of our ward mission leaders sister in laws house to do service and she came out in hair curlers and pj's holding a .22 and started firing at these roosters that were in here grape vine. Been an interesting week for sure. Got the package i was supposed to get today so im sending John his in a few minutes. Got a fancy new blue tie at Ross. Ummm hmmm cant think of much more. My Mission Scripture for the last time is D+C 80:3 K? hopefully pictures will work this time.
Mom:  Hey, I watched your video---WOW you were in your element!!!!.. I know you had to enjoy that.  Still it looks like it could be dangerous.  I hope you are still there.  Loved your letter!  You sound good.  no pics though.  are u sending any?
Elder Nicholas Dees:  just sent them but gotta go now sorry you took to long bye!
Ps - did you cancel netflix?

Hi to my missionary Sons!

Scary car pics.  The other day I had a rs mtg and pulled up to the church curb and could tell by the sound of things that I had pulled up to far on the curb.  I backed out a little and went in the church.  When leaving and backing out I heard some rough sounds.  It was dark and the sounds were bad but nothing extremely bad so I didn't think anything of it and went home.  The next day your dad and Madison went to seminary but it's dark when they go so they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.  When they came out of Seminary they saw the bumper all jacked up and lights dangling.  Well you can imagine rest of the story.  However, your dad was able to take it off and reset it!!!!!  That was a blessing.  A BLESSING!!!  So all is put back together again.  Perhaps we should name the honda "humpty dumpty".  Poor thing has been taken apart and put back together again so many times.

Tonight is Halloween.  Y'all stay in and stay safe.  Elder Nicholas Dees, I will certainly miss the pillowcase full of candy this year!!!!  I don't need it so all is well.  We had our Ward Trunk or Treat last Friday.  Lots of ward members dressed up.  Funniest one to me was Brother Shields.  He was that "mayhem" guy on the insurance commercial.  Very clever.  I should have taken a pic.  I didn't even recognize Matt G.  He wasn't even in costume--he had just gotten a short haircut. I didn't know who it was at all!  LOL.  He's grown so much lately.  Y'all stay in and stay safe like I said.

I suppose you know I never sent the pics yet.  Been busy.  Went to Tally on Sat. morning (got up at 4) for Aunt Gina's b'day.  Lots of fun!  Garage sales and lunch w/good company. (Gyll, Glenn, Glynis, Gwynn, Ray, Gina and her friend Rosie, who is a non member, Gina has been doing missionary work!  Your dad and I went as well)  We stopped by Grandma Gentry's on the way home.

Brother Hewett/Ward Mission Leader spoke to us yesterday saying we need to give the missionaries some referrals and have them in our homes.  I need to do that---but who????  I'm not at all ashamed of the gospel so why don't I share it!.  EERRRRHHH.  

I don't think I told you two yet but Uncle Roy's brother was killed.  He went to get his mail on HWY 20 and was crossing back and stepped in front of a truck.  I have been so sad about that for Roy and Wayne's family.  I didn't get to make the funeral as I was dealing w/the car bumper and a clean.  I understand that Roy spoke and asked people to please forgive the driver and not hold a grudge against him.  It is my understanding that Roy has really reached out to this guy who is about my age and has been distraught over the ordeal.  Pray for them all tonight, ok. 

Thanks to the both of you for sending a card to your sister!  They were cute.

Nicholas---hey, I haven't gotten a picture sd card from you yet?  Did you send it?  Madison's b'day card arrived.  It was cute and she was thrilled to get it!  How did your baptism(s) go on Saturday?  How is your Book of Mormon reading and testimony coming along?  I was so happy to read in your email that you are happy you are serving and you are where you should be.  My heart just swelled with delight.  You are a fine young man and you are good to recognize and acknowledge your blessings.  Don't lose that trait.

 Your dad emailed your driving record to the mission office.  I guess they got it.  It was "clean".  I guess the ticket class worked in your favor!  Stay away from bats.--they carry deceases.  Where was that Elder Bell from?  I used to date a guy, Steve Bell, out at BYU.  He was from Washington.  Wonderful, kind, guy.  Who knows, could be a son or nephew.  How is the "flipper" working out?  Send detailed pics please.  How are you feeling?  I'll try to get the gps sent soon.  Your dad was hoping to find a toothbrush and razor to send at same time.  I think we should just send the gps on as the other could be a while but you can cover all that w/your dad. 

I love you two Elders so much.  I'm proud of your spiritual growth.  Be true to yourself.  Don't tell me one thing and then tell others things that are not good and praiseworthy.  Live your testimony.........

I love you both.
Love, your mom.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Elder Nicholas Dees' info:


Don't Turn Your Eyes If You Leave Now

You wont remember me.

Well hello everyone, another busy week down. Well we have picked up a couple new investigators this week and have a few baptisms set up including one this Saturday day and two in the second week of November! We basically got dropped by a family two days ago and then another investigator dropped us last night due to a controlling boyfriend, bummer. Other than that we have been teaching some awesome people and have awesome object lessons that really get people thinking! I’m doing great on my Book of Mormon reading im almost in Alma 20, i plan on reading it everyday for at least 30 minutes. I'm so glad i decided to come on my mission as much as i need my family and miss all my friends i know im doing this for the right reason. Well time for the stories this week. First we were driving to get to the post office before they closed to get stamps so we are cruising along at like 60mph and all of a sudden we hear a bump, bump on the bottom of the car. We looked back and saw a cat from the house we live at. It held on for nearly 1.5 miles going 60 then fell off and hit the road and bounced HAHA but its completely fine no harm to it. My companion had to go to Boise so i went on exchanges with Elder Bell this guy and I had a ton of fun, we caught a flippin' bat =D yeah thats right it was so scary, we also went and hiked lizard's butte and got some pictures and i got my tooth yanked so now i fit in with most of the people here in my area (: and i get to wear a flipper for almost 8 months, let the jokes begin! Be sure to tell everyone to write me!

 -Elder Dees (Nicholas)

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Hey I’m on - just as the title says

Mom: What does that subject mean and what does "You wont remember me" stand for? Just curious, why all the weird sayings?  It sounds like you've been busy even though you've been sick.  I'm proud you are reading the Book of Mormon daily. We all should. I'm glad you are out on your mission. I pray over and over that you will be a great missionary.  Are you still w/Elder Kurtz?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Yup still with him we are doing good as a companionship!
Mom:  r u still there

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah im here

Mom:  hey I just read your letter. Are you feeling ok? Are you bleeding bunches?  I hate you are having to deal w/this but you sound good. What is your address that we can write to you? Is it still the Chicken Dinner Road? Tell me everything. Did you get the pkg? Can you send John his?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah im ok - bleeding stopped really fast yesterday, my address in 12537
Chicken Dinner Road, Caldwell, ID 83607 and i ate most of the stuff already so may have to send him a new one (;

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Also big news on Halloween our P-day willl be on Mondays from now on so ill be on on halloween and every Monday after that, also i need our gps.  The Boise Temple is the only close one and its closed for like another 1+ years, also i need my driving record!!!!! and i learned how to solve a rubiks cube (:

Mom:  ok, cool about Monday p-days. That's John's p-day as well so that will make it kinda nice. I'll go get the driving record. Should I send that to the mission office or to you? oh man I'd love to learn the method to he rubiks cube --that's cool you know how.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  send it to the mission office please (: and whats rachel's address and ryan's?

Mom:  did or can you send Madison a birthday card please.  Her b'day was last Saturday.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah im getting her one today

Mom:  ok thanks honey!  Do you have a camera card you was going to send?  I really want pictures of you, your area, you in your suit PLEASE!!!!!!!!! for the missionary plaque!!! and tell me your scripture again.  D&C ?????

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah ill mail it off today and it was D&C 80:3   (: gotta go bye love you guys and be sure to mail my pictures!


Letter from mom

Hi Sons,

How are you two?  Well I guess this week that’s a bit of a silly question.  John, Nicholas is having dental problems with that tooth that was damaged with the wake board accident he had a year or two ago.  His mission president called last Wed. and said that Nicholas had developed a cyst over that tooth and that their Stake President was a dentist and was going to look at it.  After assessment Nicholas needs oral surgery, bone graft, and etc.  They said there is a lot of infection.  The surgeons office called this morning and they were beginning the process.  Anyway, they are having to put him totally under but maybe by time you get on email he will be out of surgery.  President said that he will keep Nicholas around Boise area for recovery and other check-ups.  So for about three months he’ll stay in that area for those transfers.   So, I’m not sure what his address will be at this time till I either call the mission office or if Nicholas feels well enough to get on the computer tomorrow.  I’ll let you know via snail mail. Keep you brother in your prayers please and when you fast. 

I pray that you are well. 

So in other news.  The Bishopric was released yesterday.  The new Bishopric is Bishop Rob Stone, 1stCounselor:  Brother Roger Gomillion, 2nd Counselor:  Brother John Cope.  Pretty neat huh?  They will make a great bishopric.  Of course we had a great Bishopric that was released.  They all worked hard on behalf of the ward and Lynn Haven area.  It is no easy task but necessary.

I told your dad to get Bishop Voyles to call me as the Assistant Libraian before he was released  - hahaha – but that didn’t happen.  Drats :)  I love the call as RS Secretary but I figured if I got a new call I should be safe for a while.  Heehee Oh well---just a little humor.   YIPPEE—I don’t have to drive Madison to seminary anymore!!!!!  But poor Madison will have to leave earlier than usual.  Bummer for her.  But I GET TO SLEEP IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh a few more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 

Other news, Brother Que Alldredge passed away.  Funeral tomorrow.  I loved that man.  He was one of the main Priesthood holders on my youth temple trip to the Washington DC Temple.  He was so kind.  We had such a great trip back then.  24 hours straight, on a bus---one way!

Madison turned 16 w/o a card from any of us.  We went to Tally on her b’day (Sat) because she was wanting to go to the youth dance.  We ate at Macaroni Grill.  It was delishous.  (sp)  Then they brought her a beautiful dessert (chocolate cake w/sauce and cream/pecans).  Then what was really special is one of the staff came out to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, in ITALIAN! With an operatic voice!  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Even the other patrons clapped after she was through because everyone had quieted down to hear it and they thought it was great.  Nice treat.  Gabi spent the day and night so Madison enjoyed that as well.  We still haven’t done cake.  Gotta find the time. 

We’ve had beautiful weather.

Did you all get your pkgs?  They should have arrived Sat. 

I finally got some pics printed and I’ll try to label and send them later this evening. 
We have  two cleans today so we are out here doing them.

Jonathan and Kailyn should be moved in.  I’ll try to make some time to go check on them.

I gotta get busy.

Oh, funny thing.  Elder Justin Roedel had said in an email that it had been two wks or more since he had gotten mail so he decided he would order some free stuff from lds.org so he would get something in the mailbox.  Even that hasn’t shown up ;0  He said the last time he did that it only took 4 days to get mail from them but even they hadn’t sent it and it had been 2 wks.  Poor guy—We made a small pkg for him and will send it out today---it’s all ready to go.  He has hit his year mark.  Time is flying.

I need to write Elder R Snyder and check on him.

I’m so proud of you boys.  Keep the faith.  LIVE your testimony.  Teach with the spirit!

Love you two so much.

Love, Mom

Second email from mom:

 Hi Elder Nicholas Dees:

just sending John's somewhat email.  He didn't send a main email this time as he had to work on his BYU application (he had mission president's permission).  

I'm not sure where you are, if you are back in Marsing/Caldwell or not.  I had sent a pkg.  I apparently sent the wrong pkg to you both.  If you have not opened the package could you try to forward it--if they won't let your forward just pay to have it sent to him.  His address is:

Elder John Dees
202 North Third Street West
Chewelah, WA   99109

If you don't have $ to send the pkg just use the stamps I sent you to add up to the $5 and change.  ok!     

Thanks---He will be sending your pkg to you.  
So sorry about the mix-up.  I don't think straight.  Well, you know that.

Also, I forgot to tell I took the Honda in for an oil change.  Of course that start saying I need this, I need that.  WHATEVER!  They said we are missing some pins and screws on the front bumper.  Hum.  I told them just change the oil and thats it!!!!
You should have tended to it I guess.  The guy remembered you.  and is a friend of Michaels.

I wish you would have settled down and tended to your tooth here as well.  However, I am so thankful you are getting help.  A tooth situation is no fun.  Believe me I know!

I prayed hard while you were in the surgery.  We continue to pray that you will be strong, and heal well and that you can use your mouth the serve, and serve well.  There is a difference!.....      

Please let me know where to send mail!!!!!  Are you in a different place for the recovery?  Let me know all details please,  I worry so much about you w/the surgery and needing help while you are down.  Your mission president and the dental office have been good to keep us informed.

Love ya lots Elder Nicholas Dees.
Love, Mom
Comments of family and friends: 

***Thank you Sister Dees. I like reading about your two elders, Meredith.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Tues.  Oct. 18, 2011
Heard from Elder N. Dees via email.  He’s doing well.  Thanks to those who wrote him.  He was excited to get the mail.

Letter from Elder Nicholas Dees:

There’s A Danger In Starting A Fire!

Well I'm pretty annoyed, the computer wont let me upload any pictures (What was my tithing going towards all those years?!?) (;  (Nicholas’ humor I suppose) So I may just have to mail my memory card home and have you guys send them out  -______-.

We had our first baptism on Saturday. It went very well. We
are still working with a ton of investigators (we call them gators).
Me and my companion are getting along just fine. I got tons of mail
yesterday.  I was pretty excited. The missionary work is going great. We
are totally booked today - so bad that we have to end our P-Day a bit
early. We went and did some tracking and got two new instigators! We
have a ton of cool object lessons that helps people understand what we
are teaching a lot better (The Rat Trap of Faith is my personal
favorite) We have been doing a lot of service here also - from stacking
wood, to helping an investigator clean their yard of cigarette butts so
it will be easier for them to quit! We may be committing some more
people to baptism here tonight as well.  Wish me luck!

Email conversation:
Elder N Dees:  im on

Mom:  Hi son.  Been waiting on ya!  How are you doing today?  
hey---have you gotten a sweater yet? I've got some church music for you and will try to send today.

Elder N. Dees:   no sweater yet, yes please get my package sent today and take the Honda in for an oil change- just take it to the service center drive in there and tell them you need an oil change. Simple as that. It will take all of 20 minutes to do it. 

Mom:  I'll take it in :) What are you expecting in the pkg so I'll know if I need to pick up something? What are you wearing for warmth?

Elder N. Dees:  It’s not to cold here just yet so I’m enjoying it!
Treats like jerky, gummy bears and worms, twizzlers - pull apart kind cherry or strawberry please, maybe a 100 grand bar or two (: but did
you ever get the pictures of the car?

Mom:  I have to go get some pics developed but I don't know how to put them on jump drive and little help with no success, but I'll take pics of the car right now!!!!! and get them developed. Are you going to send the SD card so we can see some pics of you?  I need one or more of you standing in full suit please and any more pics would be great.  Did you get the pics I sent from John? Who all wrote you letters? Were they on the envelopes I had made?  Can you just pick up your own sweater? That way you can get what you are looking for and I won’t have the expense of shipping it.  Let us know the cost and we will but it in your account.

Elder N. Dees:  yeah I’ll just get the sweater myself.
Gotta go - tons of stuff to do-bye!

Mom's letter:


Hi Sons,

I bet you didn't get a letter/sm pkg from me because it is sitting here on the dining table!  sorry.  I can't seem to stay focused.
Nicholas I finally have some church music made.  Of course had to wait till one of them would help me.  John your pkg is just some paper, stamps and a few treats.  Was you needing anything else?  I can't remember if you had requested something--oh yeah, pictures - but of what?   Can send some of Nicholas and Madison and your dad.  I still haven't done Pippin's ears or gotten the Honda oil changed.  But will.  Someday.  

Oh, we have 4 cleans today so it will be a short letter.  Your dad and I were able to take Saturday off and push those cleans to today because we needed some time off!!!!  We went to Destin to a "Best of Destin",( a friend gave us tickets) where businesses had there wares out for advertisement and fund raiser.  We ate and ate because various high end restaurants where present and gave samples!!!!  I was so full.  Also Nicholas there was a man there that had flooring and home decor merchandise.  They were listening to the Boise State game and so we mentioned you were there serving a church mission and that you lived on Chicken Dinner Road.  The man piped up and said he knew right where that was and had been in a home on that road to install floors.  He used to live in Boise.  SMALL WORLD.  He said you should love it there.  He knew of the Temple there in Boise.  

Few things on the docket.  They announced yesterday that we would be getting a new Bishop/Bishopric next Sunday.  Any guesses???????  I have a few guesses but will have to wait till next week!  Bishop Voyles has been an excellent Bishop.  He or any Bishop has to assist the members in so many ways.  It is a hard calling but he has done it so well.  We'll keep you two posted as to whom the new Bishopric will be.  

We are starting to get plans together for Thanksgiving.  I've picked up some table clothes/plastic.  Leslie will have a photo booth set up for pictures.  Ryan on his mission and Jake isn't going to be there this year, anybody can win the Gentry Gobbler Strut.  If you two were here y'all would have a great chance!  Anyway, Leslie is excited and said---"GAME ON".  Guess I should try to train since I need to lose weight anyway!  :)

Your dad will be teaching Seminary T-F of this week. !!!!!  yeah!!!!!  I'm gonna sleep in this time!!!!!!!!  Actually Madison didn't make it to Seminary today--again.  We oversleep.  I gotta get an alarm that will push me out of bed.  Actually, I just forgot to set it.

Your dad got his Iphone 4 S ---I love it!  It gives him someone else to talk to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Well not a lot to say.  I really need to get back to work.  Lots to do.

Let us know how the investigators are coming along.  I think both of you have baptisms set for this week.

Oh, don't forget your sister's SWEET SIXTEEN BIRTHDAY!!!!!!   IT'S ON the 22nd which is Saturday!!!!  We will go over to Tally on Saturday because she want's to go to a Stake(s) dance held there at Gina's ward chapel on Thomasville Rd.  Gabi will be going w/us as well.  Anyway--drop Madi a card or something.

Study the gospel and live your testimony!!!!  Have faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Know that miracles still occur!

I love you boys!

Love, Mom

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Heard from Elder Nicholas Dees on Tuesday and just getting around to getting this out.  He sounds pretty good.  Here is his current address:

Elder Nicholas Dees
12357 Chicken Dinner Road
Caldwell, Idaho   83607

There are a few pics attached of him and his companion / trainer, Elder Kurtz and their Mission President, President Cannon and his wife.  The other picture is when Elder N. Dees was at the MTC.
Elder Nicholas Dees (3rd) w/President and Sister Cannon
and first companion/trainer Elder Kurtz, (from Canada)
Elder Dees just arrived into the Idaho Boise Mission!!!  10/04/11

Elder Nicholas Dees, with President and Sister Cannon,
Idaho Boise Mission---just arrived!  10/04/11
From: "Nicholas Dees" <nicholas.dees@myldsmail.net>
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 1:08:15 PM
Ain't got no job but i stay fly! (As a missionary)

Hello Everyone, well i have now been in Idaho for 1 whole week and
lots or good/crazy stuff has happened. Well the lady Tina we are
teaching lost it and got sent to the hospital bummer ):, she still has
a desire to get baptized and speaking of baptisms we have 17 potential
people who want to be baptized :D. And two others with confirmed dates
already! We began teaching a family of four named the Loewens. Very
truly awesome family who said they would like to get baptized but the
Dad really said he doesn't know just yet and then they all said if we
are doing this it will be as a family. Two days later he was trying to
get internet set up but the landlord went back on her word and said
they can't get a new internet service wired in because they would have
to run new wires and mount a antenna on the roof. So he was very upset
and sad because his kids are home schooled so they need internet and
dont have money for the existing cable. He was willing to pack up and
move back to washington where i guess it was cheaper for him to get
internet and live just so his kids can get an education. What a great
parent it really struck me how much he loves his family so we taught
the plan of salvation and he stopped us mid lesson and said "We want
to be baptized" Talk about heart stopping so we are working with them
now. #superlongstorysorry
Anyways we attended 8 hours of church on fast sunday
#thoughtiwasgoingtodie but we had a ton of investigators there it was
so awesome! The wards here are very laid back the testimony meeting i
was dying laughing because one guy got up and said the same story 3-4
times then sister russell (the member family we live with) raced some
guy up to the pulpit it was hilarious then i ripped my suit pants on a
STUPID ARMREST ON THE PEW #hatethosethings. But we have an awesome set of members here so i got them fixed yesterday! Well today for P-Day we already played volleyball and afterwords we are driving to meridian to shop etc then we are going to a place called jump time where its a huge indoor trampoline park, the entire floor and the walls are trampolines #gonnabesick so i will have pictures next week for that.  Mom please send me some church music on cd's. Tell everyone to write me!
Also i got to drive a bulldozer last night! Haha a member owns one and
we were eating at their house and he was just like hey lets go have
some fun so we went and drove the bullbozer he has pictures not me i
left my camera at home  (hum, I need to check the little white missionary handbook about that, Gretchen)

Elder Nicholas Dees at Jump Time in Meridian, ID during P-Day time.  Other missionaries are there as well.  Elder Dees loves anything to do with "jumping". ALWAYS HAS!!!!

Hi Elder Dees’,
I’ll make a general letter now that you are both out in the field and have two different P-day’s.  Then at the end I will personalize the letter for each of you.  How does that sound?  Sounds like it will save me a lot of time. :) 
Today is a holiday so I am assuming that Elder John Dees will not be on today and that you will both be on tomorrow. 
I pray often and earnestly that you both are fine and well and happy.  I look at the clock throughout the day and wonder if you are out teaching, tracking, studying, eating, driving, biking, cleaning, giving service, etc, etc..  I go to bed late and some of that is so that I know that at least you both should be back in your apts. and getting ready for bed.  Haha, you are both on your missions and I’m still waiting up on y’all.  It’s a good thing y’all aren’t in some really weird time zone!  A mother just always worries.  I do pray to that your investigators are receptive to the gospel message and that you and your companions will allow the spirit to direct the teaching.  You are both very capable to teach your testimony.  Do it effectively so that others may know of God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.  I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and will bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man if we will abide by the precepts taught by Christ.  He lives, God lives and the Holy Ghost will testify of that truth.  Isn’t it a great comfort when you feel the Holy Ghost testify of truths?  It is for me.  Live worthy to receive that witness.  We have it to do!   I love you two young men. 
We had Stake Conference yesterday.  I was great and seemed well attended.  Of course the Saturday night session was really good.  An Elder Gay of the Seventies presided.  He spoke very much on missionary work.  He was a mission president in Africa or somewhere (I can’t remember exactly).  He has a PHD from Harvard.  Very bright/intelligent man yet loves the power of the Holy Ghost to teach and train.  He shared many experiences from life as a mission president but at the beginning he shared a fun story.  He said he was attending BYU and his wife, (who was not his wife at the time) was attending BYU-I.  She was in a fast and testimony mtg and the Bishop was conducting.  The bishop’s son was sitting next to her and he had fallen asleep.  The bishop had just borne his testimony and said the remaining time is for the congregation to bear their testimony.  The sister then leaned over to the bishop’s sleeping son and said to him, “Your dad just called on you to give the closing prayer.”  He popped right up and went to the pulpit and offered a closing prayer.!!!!  She didn’t even try to stop him.  Elder Gay says that is why he doesn’t’ fall asleep in mtgs.  HAHA --  SO STAY AWAKE and ALERT :) President Johnson shared a story about how his oldest boy has started seminary and how it is pretty early and tiring!  For the both of them.  LOL   Anyway, he said his boy was saying that he was so tired and that getting up for early morning seminary was like a job and that the church expects a lot from us.  Pres. Johnson listened to him for a while and then it was time for his boy to get out and go into seminary and he told his boy that at least the gospel has a great retirement plan.  Pretty clever.  
We have been plenty busy---but I need to be busier in the right kind of way.  We have cleans throughout this week.  We need them.  Lots of expenses to cover like everyone else. 
I’ve been bad on my snail mail lately and can’t seem to get any pics developed.  I’m quite the slacker lately.  But I’ll put something in the mail tomorrow.  I have spent days trying to scan onto the computer but just don’t know how.  And, my memory (lack of) doesn’t help either. 
I did get Haleigh’s baptismal dress made and shipped.  She should get it tomorrow (Tuesday).  I hope she likes it and hope it fits. 
I’ve not gone to Bristol in a couple of weeks now.  I need to go and see mom.  She ALWAYS ask about you two.  She does remember to do that!. 
The weather has been nice here.  Leaves are starting to fall in the yard.  HUH!  The three trees are full of leaves.  I’ll be raking till next spring! 
Madison is growing.  Doing good in her piano lessons, or at least I know she enjoys them.  It’s nice to hear her practice.  I think she does pretty good.  School keeps her busy.  Always a test, quiz or drama.  Often she comes in from school and takes a nap-then can’t go to bed early enough to get the nights sleep she needs to get up for early morning seminary!  But she does.  We need to get on a better schedule. 

Madison does have a b’day on the 22nd.  She will be 16!!
I’ve set out a few pumpkin/fall/Halloween stuff.  What is the ruling of missionaries and Halloween? 
I put both of your addresses on the church bulletin board and some envelopes w/address and stamp so maybe that will generate some good mail—although we had Stake Conference yesterday, but next week things will be back to normal.
HI SON!!!!
How is you new companion?  Where is he from? (we just got that info last night from your Mission President!!!!)   From your email last Wed. it sounds like you all have some progress already in place. Plenty of baptisms already on the horizon.  Brother Roedel used to live in Marsing.  Father used to be a high school vice principal I think he said and maybe his mom was the school nurse.  (I think)  He is excited to hear about your accomplishments.  Said there is a lot of spanish speaking in that area.
I'm trying to clean and box up your room.  So much stuff.  Kinda like the garage but just your room and your stuff, that's the only diff. yet y'all blame all the garage on ME.? :(

Do you need blankets?

I love the pic of you and some of the other missionaries at the MTC!  I need names.  I'll try to attatch the pic and you can email the names to me right now if you know / remember them, so I can mark the pic.
I have to run out to cleans but will be checking the comp. and try to catch you on to email w/you.

I'll send your brother's email from yesterday.  I thought with the holiday that he wouldn't get on email till today too but he got on yesterday/his reg. p-day.

We got an email from your mission president last night.  It was just stating you had arrived safe and told us your Trainer was an Elder Kurtz.  Pres. Cannon also sent 2 pics w/ you and them and your trainer.  I was ecstatic to get the pics.  I'll go and develop them.  

I pray you are doing well.  Be a sweet young man!

I love, love, love you.  You have almost been out a whole month!  unbelievable!  

Love, Mom


email conversation:

Mom:  we're here haven’t read the letter yet just wanted to let you know we are here.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  well whats up?

Mom:  Wow Elder Dees, sounds like you have been busy in the teaching dept. You sound like you are doing well. Do you still need the sweater?  We haven’t had time to find one yet. Can't wait to get some pics. What would you like me to send other than the sweater?
Are you keeping rules?
Where is Elder Kurtz from?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  send me some beef jerky, a lot of gummy worms and orange tic tacs! please

Mom:  ok---i can do that. you are controlling your tongue aren't you? all these wacky sayings-I don't know where they come from. So where is your comp from?  Are there a lot of spanish speaking people there?
Do you all get to go to the temple sometime? Sounds like y'all are being fed. are ya?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  come from songs gotta go he is from alberta canada

Mom:  bye--I love you

Comments of family and friends:

***Thanks Gretchen,  Sounds like Nick is doing well, we miss him too.