Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, November 28, 2011


Hi Family and Friends:
I heard from my missionaries yesterday.  So proud to report they are well and happy and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I'll post their addresses just to keep you updated.  

Elder Nicholas Dees
12537 Chicken Dinner Road
Caldwell, Idaho   83607
(Elder Nicholas Dees'  mormon.org profile link)  http://mormon.org/me/7MQS/NickDees/  
(Elder John Dees'  mormon.org profile link)  http://mormon.org/me/693T/   


Times A Ticking

Monday, November 28, 2011 12:42:25 PM
From: "Nicholas Dees" <nicholas.dees@myldsmail.net>


Elder Nicholas Dees:  Man its been nearly three months already I’ll be home soon :p. Not really. Well we had a good Thanksgiving week. We stayed really busy and met most of our monthly goals! We ate lunch with a family in Marsing and then with an investigator in Homedale and it turns out we ate with the same family in a way. The investigator in Homedale is married to a member and her parents got a divorce and they helped the mom out so the family in Marsing doesn’t talk to them at all. I felt like I was betraying people.  Both meals were awesome though. We got dropped by an investigator but it’s all good. Other than that 4 baptismal dates set and one baptism maybe this weekend! Also thanks for the yeast rolls! I felt right at home! (:

Mom:  Hi son!
So glad to hear from you. So glad you got the yeast rolls.  Were they ok?, because I had to practically take them out of the oven and run to the post office while they were cooling and then pack and close them up while they were still a bit warm.
Sounds good about the investigators and potential baptisms. So glad to hear you had two great Thanksgivings even with the unusual situation.  That would have been a bit awkward.  Answer me about the 4gb or 8gb and did you get your sweater? Would you like another one?  What color if yes?  
Don't get off till I know you are getting off and have time to respond, ok  :) 

Elder N. Dees:  Don’t worry about the card for the GPS.  I got some on black Friday.  I sent our Bishop to get me a memory card on black Friday because he was going shopping, so he already bought me one and I've paid him back, and thanks, and yeah got the sweater, a little small though ): .  Also can I get some daytime pictures of the car and pictures from Thanksgiving of all the family?

Mom:  Do you remember the size of the sweater?  I can look for another one.
Yes on the pics - I'll try to get them to you soon.

Elder N Dees:  It was a medium.  
Also wanna send me some p day shirts? I’m mailing some of them back with other items.  

Mom:  I will look for you another sweater.  What color was that one?  Are you freezing?  Do you need blankets?

Elder N Dees:  No I’m not freezing, it feels good out here.  Send me those shirts I want from home! (: The red one with the baseball bats on it, the green one with dinosaurs, the gray one that says, “attack, attack” and that will be enough.

Mom:  ok, I'll get them off to ya soon.  What are you doing for p-day today?

Elder N Dees:  bowling I think - gotta go now, bye
Mom:  bye,  I love you --- love, mom



HAPPY HOLIDAYS - because they are here among us!

I’m anxious to hear how the missionary work is going in that part(s) of the vineyard.  How are your investigators (Chris, Leslie, and the 18 yr old) coming along?  Nicholas, how are your many investigators progressing?  I still would love to see pictures of the one(s) you baptized.  And pictures of you and your comp. as well. 

How was Thanksgiving Dinner for you two? 
We had ours at Gentryville.  Gwynn and Gyll each held their own but all others attended at mom’s.  Uncle Gary’s fried Turkey was devoured –it was so delish!  Plenty, plenty of food.  Keri and I took photo’s.  I haven’t tried to upload my photo’s yet but I saw some of Keri’s on Gina’s computer and they looked nice.  I’ll try to send each of you some family photos soon.      
I need to get this email off to you all. 

Live your testimony.  
Are you all getting meals/feed?
Be good.

I love you both and I am so proud of you both.  Be good missionaries. please.
Your mother, who is trying to do better.   Mom

For Elder Nicholas Dees:

Did you ever get a santa hat?  I’m anxious to see what kind of Christmas Card you come up with. :)

Did you ever get your sweater?  It should have arrived by now.  If so, is it what you were hoping for?  Do you want another one and if so what color?  I’m not sure what color we even sent.  Was it grey or black?

I saw Hanna in the mall.  She was down for the holidays.  She said that you and Ben and the sister (?) write back and forth.  Please send only uplifting letters. 

Still no SD card from you---hummm.  You had mentioned that you needed a 4gb Micro sd card for your GPS. There was a 8gb Micro SD card on sale at Target but the guy said you may have asked for the 4gb because of a compatibility issue.  Do you know if the 8gb would have worked?  I didn’t get it—but should have because I could have taken it back and now the sale is off. However I’m sure when I have time to look around I can find another one on sale although the guy said not to get the brand PKY or whatever that brand is that Best Buy sales.  He said he isn’t impressed w/that brand.  Let me know which size gb you want or need.

Love, Mom

Monday, November 21, 2011


Email from Elder N. Dees
Mon.  11/21/11  3:32 PM
Subject: Save me a piece of that corn!

ELDER N. DEES:  Hello everyone, busy, busy week. Got 5 new investigators, and a bunch of lessons taught. This week flew by thank goodness.
I’m anxiously awaiting next transfer.  But other than that not much has changed and I can’t send pictures because we are at a library and they disabled USB >:  
Also I need my Santa Hat mailed to me please.

MOM:  Hi son, Elder Nicholas Dees,

Wonderful to hear from you.  You sound like you have had a busy week.  Please son, be patient, better yet BE a good companion.

Since you can't send pics, can you send your sd card and I'll get the pics printed and send pics and sd card back?  I like the photo you sent where you are at the Provo Temple and we will probably use that but there are shadows on your face so if you send the sd card today I might can find another option.

As far as the Santa Hat---can you find one there?  It will save cost.

Email me right back,

I love you.  Oh, John found your profile and sent it to me just a bit ago.  His is up too!  I'll send you his email in a minute.
Love, Mom

ELDER N. DEES:  I replied :P
ELDER N. DEES:  yeah I’ll look for a Santa hat out here. Also nice buy on the 32gb jump drive! I’m super jealous! Can you buy me a micro sd card for my gps so I can update maps etc?  I’m being very obedient don’t worry! I reread my patriarchal blessing and I want all those promises it has to offer me by being obedient! Either way I’m doing good!

MOM:  Hi son,

What a delight to me as your mother to know you are trying to do what is right.  Thanks for that.  I'm glad you reread your patriarchal blessing and recognize that the Lord is bound when we do our part.

Your dad is extremely busy today.

 Love, mom

ELDER N. DEES:  Your welcome, but I’m doing it mainly for me.  I need a 4gb Micro sd card. My GPS is  nice! But yeah I’m doing great here. Is Ryan ok? How is dad doing?

ELDER N. DEES:  gotta go bye!

Mom:  It's nice to hear that you are doing it for YOU---being nice that is.    I'm glad you got a nice GPS and that you'll get to use it for the whole mission.  Did it come w/a case or do you need to get one????  I'll get the sd card you mentioned and get it out to you.  Did you ever get that old pkg--the one I had to correct the address?   You should be getting one today that has your sweater.  Hope it works out.  Oh and the conference Ensign is in the pkg too.
Your dad just had to leave.  
As for Ryan, he is out of the hospital and doing fine I guess.  No news is good news.  However, just keep him in your prayers.
Did you get the email I sent from your brother?  Check out his profile.  I loved yours.
Love, Mom

Monday, November 14, 2011


Family and Friends—
Weekly email from  Elder Dees (Nicholas)

Note Elder Nicholas Dees’ address—I had given a wrong address so the correct one is listed below.

Elder Nicholas Dees
12537 Chicken Dinner Road
Caldwell, Idaho 83607        eff. at least until: 12/25/11


Elder Nicholas Dees - Sept 2011 - MTC / Provo Temple

Monday, November 14, 2011 11:54:22 AM

Elder Nicholas Dees: 

‘If life gives you melons, you might be dyslexic’

Haha that was on a sign I saw this morning! How is everyone we had two baptisms on saturday and the first one that I did was so bad haha. The lady answered her phone during the opening song and prayer. Then said oh my "gosh" right before she got into the font and everyone heard of course. Well at least it was before she was dunked so it was forgiven =). Other than that we are reaching all of our weekly goals and staying busy. I’ll be on email about this time every week. I also got a fresh haircut today thanks to Clippers and it looks good! Not much more to talk about this week though.

Mom:  are you still there son?

Elder N Dees:  yeah gotta go though from now on I’ll be on about 11:30 your time love you bye (: send packages!

Mom:  son, do you have a pic for us?

Elder N Dees:  I sent one

Elder N. Dees:  I got one for free (sweater) from an elder who is going home, but its blue and I need a black!

Elder N. Dees:  yeah I got gloves and a scarf free from another missionary the tooth is good feels so much better. Still in a car area

Elder N Dees:  here you go (he sent a pic), send me some nice ties, how is madison doing?

Monday, November 7, 2011


On Nov 7, 2011 - 11:58 AM

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Well like the title says only been out two months so still as green as can be. Well been a busy week again teaching a ton of people and lost 6 investigators >: l. 1 family of four and 2 single investigators packed up and skipped town out of nowhere. But we are already filling their places! Had a Baptism for Bill W. last Saturday. I spoke on Baptism, it went pretty good (can't remember if I already told you about that). But good news is we have two more this weekend and I am actually doing the baptizing part! We were going over the program with her trying to fill the assignments and before we got started she just said I don’t care who does what but I want him to baptize me and pointed at me O.o talk about scary but I’m really excited to do it! No guns pulled on us this week thankfully but we did have some dogs come after us. All in all the mission is going good. Other than that, not much to share. Sent John’s package so yeah. I’m all caught up. 

Mom:  Nicholas:

WE NEED A PICTURE OF YOU ALL SUITED UP WITH BADGE AND A SMILE.  Brother Poppell can’t order your plaque till we get that.  PLEASE TAKE a PIC now and send it or send the sd card today like you have been promosing.  The picture should have a plain background if possible and remember this pic will always be on the plaque so we want a good one.   I hope you will settle down and be teachable Nicholas.  Be an asset to the work and not just goofing off for two years.   I love you.  You have great potiential.  Use your energy for good. 

How is the flipper working out?  I ask again because you had never answered me. 

It soon will be your 2 month mark!  How about that!  Just 22 more to go.  I had called the mission office to get your return date (because Brother Poppell needed it) and they said it was 9/17/13.

Dad:  Still need a picture for your plaque.

Mom:  Nicholas are you still there?  Pretty exciting about the baptism.  Be prepared.  Don't try to wing something that important.
Could you answer me about the conference stuff?

What are your plans for today?