Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Below is the email of Elder Nicholas Dees.  Thanks for your cards, letters and support and prayers.  Both Elder Dees' seem to be doing great!

I was out of town so we didn’t email each other.


From Elder Nicholas Dees:

2012!!!!! The end is near?!? Can’t tell you how many times I have already heard that. :P.  This week went by insanely fast. Did a ton of teaching and stuff.  Did a lot of service also, from filling in holes with frozen dirt to cooking potstickers with some members. On Saturday we got a voicemail from our Bishop in Marsing 1st Ward that we needed to call him back asap, that it was an emergency. So we did numerous times before he answered, and we finally got ahold of him and he said we need speakers tomorrow because I forgot that Fast Sunday isn’t until next Sunday -_____-   Talk about upset! We did it though and it ended up being a very good talk.  I spoke for 15 minutes, that’s more than I ever have in my entire career of giving talks.  haha! Well I also got some more really cool ties from the crazy lady T  so all in all it was a decent week!


Hi Sons,


Set a personal goal or two please and truly work on it this new year. 

Remember that we don't have to wait for a "New Year" to come around before we can set a big goal or "try again".   Like Uncle Ray said at John's baptism, we will goof up sometimes and make mistakes but we don't have to "wait" and do better "tomorrow", we can start that very minute to repent and try to do better!  I have always recalled that council. Oh course it's the council of our Father in Heaven but he reminded us at the baptism.   We would do great to follow it.  :)  Anyway, make a couple of sincere goals----me too.

I sure enjoyed our chat's on Christmas Day.  You both looked great!  Our Elders here said they got to skpye and enjoyed it.  They came by yesterday.  I was letting them use the keyboard.  They both play.  I told them you committed me to having someone in our home for dinner and / or discussions.  I will get on that.  Thanks for the challenge.  You are a great missionary to challenge us "twice" while we were on the Christmas skype!  

We had a wonderful Sacrament Mtg yesterday.  We will have Fast Sunday next week on the 8th.  Anyway, Samantha Gardner and Bro. Gutknecht presented wonderful talks, then Bishop Stone spoke.  He did an excellent job going over some ward issues, ie:  reverence in the chapel, tithing--who to make the check out to (Lynn Haven Ward), not to him, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, etc., why we should attend tithing settlement to declare our status, bearing of testimony-letting children needing assistance bear theirs in Primary instead of at the pulpit, the cleaning of the church, etc.  He councils us in a loving manner.  He is a good Bishop as Bishop Voyles was.  Good Ward.

I had to teach Relief Society yesterday.  I love it but sure could improve. I used the introduction of this years manuel---Teachings of Presidents of the Church.  George Albert Smith.   I imagine both of you are good teachers.  If not, work on it and don't even try to do it on your own---teach with the spirit - listen for it's promptings and follow those promptings.  I know you both do but that is just a reminder.

I go down to mom's today.  I'll be leaving after I finish this email.  I may not be able to get on the computer down there but your dad will probably be on.  

We went to eat (Golden Corral) and then to Pier Park for the New Year Eve ball drop.  Lots of folks.  Kinda pitiful.  Most were drinking, smoking, etc.  Don't think I'll be going there again.  The weather however was wonderful.  Not cold, not hot!

Oh I almost forgot.  Bennett Maxwell has reported now to the MTC.  (this past Wed.)  of course you can reach him at DearElder.com  MTC Box 308 with exit date of Feb 28th.  He is in one of the Mexico Missions.  I'll need to find out.  Found it.  Mexico Tijuana Mission.  I'm not sure if you all are allowed to email to the MTC or not?  but I guess you know.

Well, I best close.  I sure do love you boys!!!!!  I'm proud you both are serving.  It makes me happy.  I found this quote on a friend of Bennett's facebook.  I love it.

"I believe there is nothing in all the world that can compare with the joy that a man feels when he realizes that he has been the instrument in the hands of the living God of reaching some honest heart, inspiring in it a love of God and the desire to serve Him."

- Heber J. Grant

Love to you both.


Atten:  Elder Nicholas Dees:

How are you doing Nicholas?  Your dad said you had some concerns last email.  Be a good companion.  Don't fall into the trap of drama, etc.  Be a good example.  Your playing around could get you into some trouble.  
What are you studying at present?  Who is in your teaching pool?  Please send some pics of those who are baptized so I can put them in your mission notebook.  Do you need anything for teaching?  P-days?  I googled Chicken Dinner Road and think I found the area you must live.  There is a lot of farm buildings around the bigger homes.  Is that chicken houses?  What are the buildings?  Do you treat the members well?

Brother and Sister Roedel sent us an email saying that his parents met you at a baptism.  Glad you all finally got to meet. 

I ran into Hannah B and her mom, Nancy.  They ask about you and are proud of you.  Don't disappoint please.  Be a good example in speech and attitude.

Atten:  Elder John Dees:

Hi son.  I hope by today you should get your b'day pkg.  Just had a few items, your sheet music, and a few manicure tools.  I ordered the items you requested and the conference dvd but they will probably come separate because I had gotten an email that said the dvd was on back order but now I got another email saying they have been shipped---so all that should come in about a week or two.  From facebook post I think Clarissa and now Sydney V have made it out to BYU-I.  Hope they have a great semester.  I'm glad they are taking this opportunity to go.  

I saw Conner S the other day.  He is a Sr.  He is still excited about music and plans to major and minor (? ) in it at some Northern Alabama School.  I think he said he was the brass colonel this year and he was invited to play in the FLA band or something like that.  We were talking about French Horns and what is a good brand etc.  Wish I could get you one.  Someday. 

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