Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, January 23, 2012

ughh -____________-

January 23, 2012

Both of my sons were on email yesterday as scheduled.  They are doing well and I certainly feel blessed that they will and have served thus far.  As a missionary mom I can testify that there are blessings in our family because they are willing to serve.  It’s an unexplainable feeling.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  I’ll miss it when it’s time for their release, so I’m going to enjoy every minute of it at present :)  Thanks for you prayers and interest in their behalf.


January 23, 2012 11:27:45 AM
Subject: ughh -____________-

Elder N Dees:  Can't wait for this transfer to be over. A little bit of companion problems. So to make up for it we do exchanges at least once a week so i can have a break from him. This week we picked up 3 new investigators and did a good amount of teaching. But this next week will be even better because our ward mission leader will be setting up our Tuesday night splits! Also we spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and then I ended up getting really sick so I came home and slept for the rest of the day and I’m feeling somewhat better now. But that’s pretty much been my week.  Hopefully this one is better.
Email conversation between Elder N Dees and his mom:
Mom:  Hi Son---I’m home now.  Are you still there? 
Hi son---Not sure if you are still on.  I didn't get a big letter out today--sorry.  Your dad is up working the election polls for early voting.  Do you need anything?  I'll try to send the tie holders this week.
Elder N Dees:  still here
Mom:  Sorry to here you were sick.  How did you do on your Sacrament Mtg talk?  
Sorry to hear about the companion issue. 
So neat to hear of the new investigators.
What are you all doing for p-day today?
Elder N Dees:  Its ok. I feel a little better, Sacrament went well. I spoke on tithing and it was appropriate. Did you buy that snoopy tie for me? Also I changed mymormon.org  For p-day I’m going to get some new shoes at Ross.  My right one for some reason just started falling apart but my left one looks great. Also we got about 4 inches of snow so we had a snowball fight up at the church building!
Mom:  I loved the update.  So glad you did well on your Sacrament Mtg talk.  That makes me proud.  I realize you are trying to "help" your companion and that is commendable. It's sad when you want to help someone and it's not received. 
Elder N Dees:  I can hold off for two weeks hopefully.
Mom:  yea, you can hold off for that length of time.  Will you send me some pics on your jump drive please?  Is it snowing today?  A cousin in Bountiful, Utah sent some footage of someone filming their front road--snow covered and black ice.  Cars were skidding and crashing like wildfire.  It was so sad.  I don't think people got hurt but just a miracle.  People would get out of their cars then other cars were heading toward them-all out of control.   I so love you Nicholas.  Remember, be kind for yourself.   You truly do/can have a Christlike heart.
Mom:  Nicholas, I sure love you.  I pray for your well being and testimony many times through out the day.  In general, you missionaries are prayed for very often.  Thank you for serving and do it honorably
Madison went to Disney for a day w/Gabi and fam.  She had a great time.    Madison is sssoooo sssaaaddd that Gabi is leaving.  Write her (Madison) if you can/will sometime.  She got out of DE BIO and will take Honors BIO.  She's happy about that.  Your brother has just 3 months and a week left on his mission.  I'll ride out to beach GW and get the tie if they still have it.  The GW around here doesn't have anything--I've checked.  Get you some good, soft, light weight shoes.  Spend more to get better ok.  
Elder N Dees:  I gotta go bye!
Mom:  bye

 Email from Mom to Elder John Dees:

Hi Son,
I got off earlier with your brother, Elder Nicholas Dees.  He seems to be doing ok.  Companion problems---it's driving him nuts.
 Nick said he changed his mormon.org profile but I haven't read it yet.  Hopefully it's improved.
Your dad got asked to work early election polls.  Sat thru Sat, 11-7.  Yea.  I have the house to myself for a bit till Madison gets in. (in a hour and half is all)   Sweet.  Rare!  
Madison got out of DE Bio---some kids moved and it opened some slots and she got to change over.  yeah!  Madison got to go to Disney for one day (last Friday).  They were out of school last Friday and Gabi invited Madison to go with them because her dad  wanted to surprise Emily and take her to Disney.  Brother V, Emily, Mady, Gabi and Madison went.   Anyway, right now Florida residents can get a 3 day Disney pass for $99 and you can add an extra day for $30 more.  Since a one day Disney fee was going to be $85 we told Madison to go ahead and get the 4 day pass and that way she would use one day there and have three left and when you get home maybe you or we all can get a 3 day pass and do a bit of Disney.  The tickets have to be used up by May 24th so the timing should be good.  Sound ok to you?  
I was released yesterday as RS Secretary and now am just a RS Counselor.  Sister W.  will be the new secretary.  Madison will have the Priest/Laurel Temple trip coming up on the first weekend of Feb.  They will go to Atlanta Temple.  
Any lasting effects of the fall last week? 
Any thing you want me to send ya?
I'll be on the look out for you on email.  I guess you get on late since your transfer to Deer Park.  Do you get to see the people that run that lake rentals business?  What is the weather there?  I know in Seattle it has been brutal.  Cousin Chloe posted a video someone put on youtube from her Bountiful area and it showed cars slipping and sliding all over the place and crashing like bumper cars, over and over again.  I watched  in disbelief (no one hurt) but it was sad that the cars were all crashing but they had no control at all.  Going side-ways, and 360's, and trying to steer away from traffic but no luck!  I hope you all will be careful!!! !!!!
I gotta do a few things but I'll be watching.  
Got a new family in the ward yesterday.  The guy has a brother that lives in Moscow, IDAHO.  I told him you served there.  Nice family.
We will have a Stake Conf Broadcast next Sunday. I loved that you enjoyed the fireside w/Elder Holland.  Mom was happy you got to shake his hand and mingle in his presence.  
I know the church is true son.  I'm glad you are developing your testimony.  But you have to be ever careful to keep it by constantly doing what is right/ making correct choices in all our doings.  So many get complacent and “poof” - no more testimony. 
I love you.  Work hard and be a great example for those you have stewardship over.  Be kind.
Love, Mom 

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