Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, December 26, 2011


 No email from Elder Nicholas Dees this week.  Yesterday was Christmas and we got to talk via skype.  He was getting 2 new companions today/transfer day.  He will stay in the same area for a few more transfers due to dental issues.
UPDATE---Elder N Dees did get to email on Tuesday the 27th afterall.  He didn't leave an email letter.  Just emailed w/his dad concerning some issues w/the two comps he just got on Monday.

email from mom:

Hi sons,

I was so pleased to get to speak w/you both on Christmas Day!  Skyping is great because I get to see your faces, smiles and hear your voices.  I hope it was a pleasant experience for you too.  

Both of you sounded like you are doing well and are continuing to serve your Heavenly Father.  Don't be shy in doing so.  Be bold and testify of the truths you have come to know.  Then live those truths.  Example is a great testifier.  Elder John Dees, I loved how you challenged us to have someone in the home to meet the missionaries-----twice!  LOL  You were doing your missionary duties and I loved it.  I'll hold up to my pinky promise. :)  

Often times I think of you both and wonder what you may be doing throughout the day.  Be honest in your days work and don't let others distract you from your call.

Elder Nicholas Dees:   ---  You said today is when you will get your new companion(s).  Be a strong in serving.  Don't get caught up into doing things because others are doing them.  That doesn't make it right.  We are warned as Latter-day Saints to do what is right.  When we vary we can find ourselves caught up in the very things that used to disgust us.  Correct choices in our decisions will keep us from falling into Satan's traps---no matter how innocent those choices seem.  Be valiant.  Please get rid on things that can cause you or others harm.  I saw some maturity in you yesterday.  That was so nice.  Dwell on good things and set the other mischievous behaviors and thoughts aside.  It will enrich your life.  I suppose I'm trying to say---don't let things here determine what kind of missionary you will be there.  I love you.  

The children that were in the background during the skype where funny.  ; /    You interacted so nicely w/them.  That was great to see.  

Hey your brother has a birthday in 3 days.  Send him a card or email or something.  The Post Office is closed today for their Christmas Holiday.  Your brother will be 21 years old!!!  nice age.  Enjoy your lives.  Youth comes and goes and it is so much more enjoyable when you set and attain goals in your youth.  Goal setters/reachers get so much more out of life when they achieve their goals.  Otherwise, it's just regret as the years pass.  Take it from an oldie w/little accomplishments in her life.  :(  

Oh, btw, please edit your mormon.org.   Very inappropriate.  

Will you be picking up a rubrics cube or do you want me to send you one?   Are some nicer than others?  Let me know.
I'm glad you enjoy the razor.  You looked well shaven yesterday.  heehee.

Keep up w/the investigators and keep motivating them.  Sometimes they don't realize they need the gospel to enrich their lives yet it is so enjoyable when some do!!!!
I love to hear the stories of conversions and baptisms so keep them coming!

Elder John Dees:
You too looked great yesterday.  Both of you looked strong and fit and that suits you both so well!  

So John, another year older and wiser too!  Glad you are healthy and well and can celebrate another birthday.  Enjoy it out in the mission field.  That's a unique way to spend a 21st birthday :) .  

The place where you skyped seemed to be a nice family.  I'm happy they helped y'all by giving you time on the computer to skype.  

As Zone Leader I guess you will be busy doing lots of planning and training.  Search and follow the spirit and you will serve well.  Let me know if you want anything, (teaching aides, etc) to help out.

As I said yesterday the choir presented a wonderful Christmas program.  Sister A. White continues to grow in her calling as Choir Director.  She gives it her all!  

 We have to run out to a clean but I hope to finish this letter out there and let you know the status on some things.

I love both of you boys so much.  My heart smiles when I think of you both out on missions.  I feel the blessings from Heavenly Father because you two are willing to serve!

Love, Mom.

comments of family and friends:

***Brother Roedel from our home ward received an email from his parents who live where Elder N Dees is serving, in Marsing, ID.  Brother Roedel forwarded the email.  
        [I attended a baptism with Krista and her family tonight and Elder Dees was there. His companion, who was previously in our ward, had helped teach the two people who were being baptized. We were able to have a nice conversation. He seemed like a great guy. He gave me his home address to give to Blake, so I hope don't lose it. I told him I would be seeing Blake and Jakob this weekend. He had barely met Jakob. I told him Justin's "mugger story." He says he actually likes the weather and climate here. Surprise!] - Sr. Brother and Sister Roedel.

         It’s amazing how things work out! - Son, S Roedel


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