Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, January 30, 2012


Email of Elder Nicholas Dees:

1/30/12   11:57 am


That’s what an investigator said last night so I threw that back at him.  Haha. He and I are really good friends.  He said he is going to seriously be bummed if I get transferred but I’m sure I’ll be here one more transfer because of my dental stuff. Well this week was amazing. Elder Andersen was sick so he stayed home and we went out and taught, just me and E. Valk.  We totaled 25 lessons this week and had like 6 or 7 referrals.  Sadly no baptismal dates though but people are still progressing very well.  Things are good and we should be staying together another transfer <3.

Mom:  Hi Son, I was writing your email.  I'll send it in a minute.   So glad you all had a great teaching week.  Son, do you get letters from people?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah I get some letters occasionally. 

Mom:  So, answer my question, Did you get to see John's outhouse race pictures?  I love you.

Did Michael tell you we ran into him and Travis at DQ the other night?  They had just parked and we drove up and happen to park right by them.  He was in his dad's car.  DQ was doing a customer appreciation day--1/2 off all ice cream’s!!!  :)

Do you get enough meal invites?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah, we have meals every night except for Sunday and Monday but I’m able to get us dinners because a ton of people like me! We have that investigator Joe taking us out to eat at Golden Corral Saturday just incase I get transferred. He said me and you are having fun before/if you leave. Haha  He is super cool, we both share a love for Hondas!

Mom:  So is Joe interested in the gospel or just enjoying the spirit of Missionaries?  Tell him your mom said hello.  How old is he?  Do you get along w/all ages? I hope so son.  Be a wonderful young man and disciple of Christ.  Do your comps need anything?  Do you like your toothbrush?  I like mine.  

Elder Nicholas Dees:  both, His wife is a less active member and they have two kids and she wants to get sealed so he is taking the lessons but now we are done.  We are working with him and reading the Book of Mormon! He is 24 and yeah I get along with all ages!

Mom:  Keep working with him.  He can read more and gain an understanding.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yup I know.  Well gotta go, bye guys love you.  Did you send my snoopy tie and hangars yet?

Mom:  not yet---I didn't get the Snoopy tie---it had a stain/color bleed on the tip.  I'll send hangers soon. 
******   *****   *****   

Mom:  oh hey---I'll send you this dollar bill that Madison folded into an elephant.  It's pretty neat.

Here's a pic of me just now.

Elder N Dees:  haha sweet! I see old Dave in the background, guess what! I’m losing weight (=  I work out every morning and its paying off I’m at a steady 175 and dropping (=

Mom:  You didn't need to lose weight.  You look good but I'm proud you are getting to exercise.  Didn't you say the people you live with have exercise equipment?  I have 3 months to loose weight but I don't know if I can.  I need to just for health reasons too.

Some guys are in our backyard all the sudden.  Your dad went out to talk to them.  Don't know if they were cutting trees in the back neighbors yard and needed to reach something from our yard but they didn't even check.   So random.

Elder N Dees:  yeah I gainded 10 pounds in the MTC. I’m getting back down to 160! 

Email from mom:

Dear Elder John Dees and Elder Nicholas Dees,

Hi sons.  Another busy week here. How about there?  In both of your emails last week it seems you stay busy teaching and finding.  I hope that is still the case.  Use your time wisely as this is the time in your life set aside to serve.  Don't slack.  

We had a Stake Conf. Broadcast yesterday and it was good.  There were 48 Stakes involved w/in the FL, GA, and SC areas.  Pres. Ballard spoke about how we should move the work of the Lord - faster!  And how we as members should increase our faith and share what we know.  He also quoted the D&C scripture reference about how precious is one soul and that if we understood the potential we have to become like him (God) then we are of great worth.  He also warned us to don't be deceived by the morality of world.  Sin is sin no matter the legislation, no matter the laws, etc.  There were 4 things we need to be doing. 1) Strengthen home and families. 2) Strive to protect our own soul-live exemplary lives. 3) Share the gospel so that others my have the blessings that come from living Christ's teachings.  4) and do temple work.  We should be anchored in the doctrines. 

I see you just got on Elder Nicholas Dees.  I'll hurry and finish this email.
We've had beautiful weather here.
Nicholas, did you get the pics of John's email last week?  the Outhouse Race?  That is so something you would enjoy!
Pippin stinks to high heaven.  No one will give him a bath-------
What is going on with you all?
I love you both so much.  
Is there anything you boys need?
Love, Mom

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