Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, December 26, 2011


Hi everyone!  I’m finally getting Elder Nicholas Dees’ email from last week sent out. (He didn’t email today due to transfers) We also were blessed to get to skype w/him on Christmas Day.  He looked and sounded great.  Still a little green but shows some signs of maturity!  He will continue to serve in the same area for a few more transfers due to some dental issues.  So, the Chicken Dinner Rd address is still good.
12/19/11 11:54:57 AM
Subject: Almost Christmas

Stockings for my missionary sons!

Email of Elder Nicholas Dees:

Hey everyone, another extremely busy week, did even get to do much teaching. We were having to run 1000 errands =). We attended some ward Christmas parties, some other church events and had 3 baptisms. We had a very interesting one (baptism) because we have font fillers here in our mission thanks to previous missionaries.... so she forgot and didn’t fill the font so we had to delay the baptism another 45 minutes and still only had about 1.5 feet of water, thank goodness it was a 9 year old boy. And today was fun. We skipped study time >:) and went to work with the guy we baptized Saturday and went and picked up bulls at some close by dairies, no pictures though I think we are going again this next week so stay tuned! Other than that not much else to report except the ward mission leader finished our knives without us ):

email conversation:
Mom:  I forgot---are you staying in that same place for Christmas?

Elder N Dees:  yeah I am staying at the same place for Christmas, so I’ll show you the knife on skype.  So we get transferred the day after Christmas but we get the call this Friday to find out who is going where.

Mom:  Please answer the other questions I had for you in the big email sweetheart.  Did you get the stocking yet?

Elder N Dees:  yeah I got the stocking, thanks a ton (: I already bought the exact same Santa hat haha good choice!

Holiday Dough--a missionary recipe :)
Mom:  ok, glad to know the good ole' us mail got it there on time. How did you like the "Holiday Dough"?
What do you want for Christmas?   I think your dad is working on a razor and/or toothbrush.  Is that good w/you?

Elder N Dees:  yeah and get me some other cool ties.  Gotta go - bye now.  I’ll be sending a package with some gifts today.

Mom:  ok, bye son.  I love you.  Mom

Email from Mom:

Hi Elders,

So, who's going?  and who's staying?  I need addresses if either of you are being transferred!!!!  That is if you all want a gift...!!!   I've tried to hold off till I have good addresses.  

Do either of you have info as to how or when we can skype on Christmas Day?  We will be here at the house.  Hopefully we will not be on at the same time unless y'all know a way we can do that!   

I did send a small pkg which you both should have recved Sat. or possibly will today.  It was stocking stuff. 

Sis. R said she sent a little humorous gift that Justin received once before.  The company didn't have a place for a comment for her to explain the gift so she asked me to pass this along saying it was a little something she thought you two would get a kick out of receiving.

With Christmas right upon us your message of Jesus Christ should be well received unless people are "to busy" for the reason of the season.  I hope your lessons are going well.  I think both of you were having baptisms this past week.  Hope no one overflowed the font.  LOL  That could have been awful. 

Is there anything you all want me to send to families you live with?  Let me know.

Our ward will have Fast Sunday on Jan 8th I don't know why it's not the 1st.  Is that our ward or churchwide?  I wonder?

Next year we will start services at 10 am since we are the only ward in the building.  I'm glad.  Also we will be doing church cleaning assignments by the month and that's all you have to do it for the year.  Our family (and a few more) are assigned the month of March.  Woohoo!  you'll just miss that Elder John Dees.  Luuuckkkyyy.  :)

Our upcoming Stake Conference will be at the end of Jan and will be a Broadcast this time.  

Nobody in our home to teach yet.....

As for Pippin--I think he is deaf.  He just doesn't hear things like he used to.  His actions and reactions are definitely cues from visual stimuli.   I know he misses you both. HOWEVER--he is proud you two are out serving your missions.  Enjoy your missions!  

What's the weather out there?

What are some good meals that you all like as missionaries?

I'll close for now.  
I love you boys.  
You both make me proud.
I love telling people you two are serving missions for the church.
Love,  Mom

Elder Nicholas Dees:

The ward finally has your missionary plaque on the wall.  Brother P said for me to check the spelling.  I noticed that on your scripture there is a word that we incorrect.  It seems they put "of" instead of "or" in one of the places. Bummer.

I really enjoyed the pictures you sent showing you shaping the knife out of the railroad spike.  Couldn't see your face though--and would like to see your face/smile:) .  Madison keeps looking at the picture of you we have on the fridge from when you were in the MTC.  She keeps saying you look like you had gained weight in that one but in the current pictures you look like your normal weight.  You look good. 

Fill us in on how your dental stuff is going.

Elder John Dees: 

Thanks for the photos/attachments last week.  You look good.  It was fun to put faces to Chris and James.  Who baptized James (the guy in the photo)?

I sent a stocking to Elder Stacey in a separate box--the day after I sent yours.  Hope he gets it.  It was just a little something.  It was kind that his parents sent you that stocking.  I'd like their address to thank them if you have time sometime.

So when do you think you will hear from BYU?

I still haven't made it to Wal-mart to find that movie you want to give to us.  "The Nativity Story".  I'll be going this week and I'll check on it.  Nice idea.

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