Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, December 5, 2011


December 5, 2011 -  12:54:03 PM

Email of Elder Nicholas Dees.   I will attach a pic he sent :)
Chicken chase on Chicken Dinner Road!

Elder Nicholas Dees: 
I'm on! We had a baptism this weekend and 4 more for the 17th of December so we are staying nice and busy. I caught the chicken because I was beyond bored at the house and I thought it would be funny! Not much happened this week though just a lot of teaching so not to much to report this week sadly ): But I did get my Christmas cards made so I will be sending those out soon!

Email Conversation

Mom:  I forgot to mention that Elder L Cornelius comes home this Friday!!!  Gene and Jill are excited.  I'm sure proud of him!

Elder N Dees:  wow, seems like he just left the other day!

Mom:  yep - his mission did fly by, just as yours is doing.  Do you realize you have been out almost 3 months?  You seem willing and happy.  Are you?   I pray for you all the time and I'm very proud of you.  I'm proud you were willing to go out and serve but do it for all the right reasons, please.  I'll be here on the computer if you need me otherwise I’ll let you do your letter/emailing to President.. 

Elder N Dees:  What is the P-Day for our elders back home? I’ll write a letter.  Gotta go!
Email from Mom:


Hi Sons' / Elder Dees X 2,

This morning is beautiful here in Lynn Haven. (high of 75 and a little cooler tonight, 62).  Short sleeve weather.  It's pretty nice.  I fear that you both are having cooler temps.  Sorry about that :)  Be safe as you navigate through snow and ice and rain.  Don't take chances.  An extra few seconds can save yours and others lives.  Please be aware of the conditions.  Also, Elder John Dees-no speeding!  Sounds like you got lucky last time. 

We have the missionaries coming to supper on Wed.  Any menu suggestions?  No pork or seafood and I think onions.  What are some of your favorite meals?

Both of your last weeks emails were really nice.  I enjoy hearing of the progress of the investigators.  I'm so very proud that you both are sharing your testimony with those who are searching for the truth that exist on this earth.  Be good examples.  That will be like bearing your testimony.  Teaching the truths then having loose character or speech will shot down any trust or faith that others will have in the truths you teach.  Be good.  Share what progress you all have made this week!

Did you both get to attend the First Presidency Christmas Devotional?  I did and I enjoyed it but also enjoyed thinking we were all sitting and listening together!

Madison and I pulled down some of the Christmas Decor last night.  Not sure that I'll put up both trees.  I'm getting old and tired.  I'll probably put up a tree only in the piano room.

I'm anxious to see/receive Christmas cards from you both.  At least I know Nicholas has plans to send a card.  Send two so I can put one up on the church bulletin board.
I'd love to get pics---as I know I've been saying I'd send some.  Last week was super busy.  No CLEANS TODAY so I hope to get that taken care of today!!!!

What have you two found out about the Christmas call?  Will either of you get to "skype"???  Let me know!

Atten:  Elder Nicholas Dees:

We received your sweet letter on Saturday.  Sorry to hear you and your companion are still not getting along.  Do something nice for him today if you can.  Do you get mail?  Brother Gainer told me he got a letter and was excited about that.  Ryan D said he got a letter from you last week. 

Tell me how or why you "caught a chicken"  LOL!

I'm needing some Christmas gift ideas.  Candies?, Ties?, gift cards?  Someone asked what kind of eating places you both like---I think they were thinking to get a gift card to a fast food place.  Taco Bell?  Chick-fil-a?  McD's?  Suggestions????

Nicholas-I'll get your shirts out to you---sorry for the delay.

You asked about my callings.  I was recently called as the 1st Counselor in Relief Society w/Sister Hewett as RS President.  
We have started Rotation again for Grandma Gentry. 

I'll close.  I love you both.  You both make my world so happy.

Love, Mom.

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