Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, July 30, 2012



Getting Shredded

Well like the title says that's what I'm up to. Me and my new companion are having a competition to see who can get in better shape so I have been getting up early and working out longer and harder and I must say I'm feeling like a champ and my weight isn't changing because its burning fat but gaining muscle. We are looking at all the Nutrition Facts now when we eat and go shopping haha its pretty lame I know but you find stupid stuff like this to keep you entertained on your mission! We stayed super busy this week so I'm excited that the work is still great and that time is flying by.

Today for P-Day we were walking to the library and I saw a little old lady in the road in a wheel chair and I said mam where are you going, would you like some help? That little old lady was so happy I asked her she had another two blocks to wheel herself and she was moving at a snails pace and she asked if I could wheel her so I said of course. So while I wheeled her and talked for a while and then we ended up running into one of our investigators that works at that retirement center and who we have been having trouble getting ahold of and he asked if we could meet with him this weekend and we told him no.........just kidding we said yes and got a solid appointment with him it was awesome because if I didn't take that chance to help that lady we wouldn't have been able to run into Braden, biggest blessing yet! This week we went over to the Clovers house and had dinner with them and they let us play on their kids GIANT indoor playground and fed us some giant huge steaks! Other than that everything is going great.  I did well on my first DM (District Meeting)  so I' not to worried about it anymore. Well thats all for now until next week! Oh and get people to send me mail- I'm tired of my greenie still getting mail a week after he has left!!!!!!!!!!!

email conversation w/Elder Dees:
Mom: - hi son--are you there?

Elder Dees:  yeah I’m here

Mom:  how is your knee?

why so late on the emails today???  just wondering what y'all did for p-day.

need anything?

one of Madison's classmates was killed in a single car accident yesterday up by Crystal Lake---please be careful for me!

I'll mail you a copy of how we are kin to Elder Bednar so if he comes your way you can call him Elder Cousin!  :)

Did you still want the "mormon" game?

Elder Dees:  yeah just been busy, my knee is doing ok, don’t send the mormon game but a little cash is always nice (= and thats cool about Elder Bednar! How is the family doing?

Mom:  Didn't you get my long email earlier????  I sent it this morning.

I'll try to get some cash your way.  I never have any---imagine that.  Your dad and I will work the polls for a week next week.  John is bossing everybody.  Madison is sad school will start soon.  She skyped w/Gabbi yesterday and Sydney is home till Jan.  She misses Idaho already and wants to go right back.  

Your dad and John are over at grandpas.  He (grandpa) bought grandma an ipad3 so they are helping to get it set up or something like that.  

The Clover's home sounds like a lot of fun!

Haven't seen Michael in forever.  or Chris either.

Mom always ask about you.

I just learned right now that one of my classmates, a  cousin, just lost her girl--she was maybe your age or a few years older.  I'm sad.

The gospel helps.  

I love you Elder Nicholas Dees.

Elder Dees:  gotta go.  will send pics tomorrow since we get to do our shopping tomorrow since they didn;t give us our monthly allotment today >=/

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