Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, February 20, 2012


Email from Elder Nicholas Dees:   
Feb 20, 2012 - 6:14 PM
ELDER NICHOLAS DEES - Basketball on P'day.

No caption needed.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Hello

Dad:  Dear Elder Nicholas Dees,  Well it's about time, lol.   What's going on?  

Elder Nicholas Dees:  hey not much just been hard to find a members home to email at and no places are open since its Presidents Day.

Dad:  I was just reviewing my Seminary Lesson for tomorrow before it gets too late.  There's so much to prepare each day. Wow, I don't know how Sister Hewett did it, or any of the Seminary Teachers.  It's a great calling, but also very demanding.  

What did you all do today?  John's P’day is tomorrow, due to the holiday.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Everything is going pretty good out here. We went and played football today and ate at a tongan families house for lunch.

Dad: NO INJURIES while playing football?  AMAZING !!!!  We've had a lot of rain and more tomorrow through Thursday.  But warm weather.  72 degrees.  NICE.

It's not even been a Winter here.  

Elder Nicholas Dees:  no injuries! It snowed a little today but didn’t stick sadly,  -_____- thanks a ton for the package though! 

Dad:  You're welcome for the package.  We love you and are so glad that you are serving a mission.  It's the best thing you could be doing with your time right now.  Besides, what's everyone else doing, nothing!  Maybe some school and work, but really, what are they doing?  Anyway, what size shoe did you end up buying?  

Elder Nicholas Dees:  I got a size 11. I like how they feel so I don’t need anymore at the moment.

Weekly email from mom: 
Hi Son(s),

Weeks are rolling along.  It's nearing the end of February and I haven't completed things I was striving for!!  aaarrrrrhhhh.  How is the month of February for you two?  You do know there is only 29 days in this month.  Well actually this year has that extra day--Leap Day (29th).  So if anyone says they want to get baptized on FEB 30th---don't fall for it.  Hahaha.  

Yesterday morning I took Uncle Glade and Cousin Wade to the airport.  We were so tired.  We had an eating getting together at moms on Saturday around 6:30 and visited for a while and then Glade, Wade, Uncle Gary-(William) and I worked all through the night up on Aunt Pat's home in Bristol.  Worked till about 6 - 6:30 am Eastern, went to nap at mom's till 9:30 am then off to PC for the airport. Kinda sluggish today.  However, I still made it to Relief Society. Wade had been renting the house to the missionaries.  Silly boys had put holes in the walls.  You two better not be doing/destroying property that way!!!!....  Everyone has made it home and gotta catch up on the sleep.  

I visited w/a Sister H. after Relief Society yesterday.  She is a recent convert.  She shared her conversion story and it was most interesting how she has various relatives that are preachers yet she never felt that is where she wanted to be baptized.  Needless to say her relatives are disappointed in her choice but she keeps the faith. Keep sharing the gospel boys.  There are those who are LOOKING / SEARCHING for the truth.  Don't give up on mankind.  We as humans have deity in us and we long to know our parents - earthly and heavenly.  Keep knocking on doors.

Sister M. Smith (redhead) is on her mission in Japan.  This is a part of her letter to home.  I think you will enjoy it.
"This week was amazing.... and then more amazing! I wish I could describe all of the miracles I am seeing! I will start with maybe one of my favorite ones of my mission so far. We went to go visit an elderly woman who has some interest in learning about church. It was cold and rainy and dark and Ishiyama Shimai and I were unquestionably exhausted. But we knew that we needed to go visit her. When we got there, her granddaughter that she is taking care of while her mom is away answered the door. Her granddaughter is about 14. (for church buffs, I instantly thought of Joseph Smith) She said her grandmother was busy cooking dinner and couldnt answer. my heart sank. I was standing in a cold dark doorway in the middle of Japan feeling as if there might be no reason to be here. But I remembered how my companion and I both felt very strongly that we should be there, but what for? The young girl instantly started asking us questions about why we wanted to see her grandma. She nearly jumped when I started talking in Japanese to her. We explained about how we are missionaries and our purpose. She looked more shocked. She almost started crying. I was really confused and Ishiyama Shimai asked if she was okay. Then she goes into a bit of story about how she used to go to a church with her friend but for one reason or another had to stop. We invited her to come to our English Class and she got permission from her grandma. We showed her the church building. It was amazing how much she knows. She has come to activities and has grown really attached to us and the young women. I feel like she is my little sister. She is full of energy and loves to talk about everything she is thinking. I love her so much. It is really cool. I have never had a little sister before."

How are you all doing?  How are the companionships working out?  You do write in your journals don't you?  Uncle Glade and Gary just mentioned the other night that they hope they can find their mission stuff somewhere at Grandma's.  They have been off their missions for probably 20 yrs or so and they still have wonderful memories of sharing the gospel.   Enjoy your missions.  Work hard so you have no regrets.  Set the playing aside and be mature in the work you are called to do.  

My visiting sisters came by this morning and Sister Hewett had made me a copy of The Family Proclamation w/you children on it.  I LOVE IT.  Gotta find a frame for it.  I attached it so you could see it.  

Elder Bennett Maxwell sounds great.  He said the language (Spanish) is coming along really well.  However, he is due to leave the MTC but they have been told that they aren't allowed into Mexico at this time so they will be reassigned.  He said he is to receive another "call" next Thursday.  He's kinda excited.

Aunt Gina says Elder Ryan Snyder is doing well.  I still haven't written him.

Elder Nicholas Dees:

Yes, Uncle Glade knew Elder Barnes well.
Uncle Glade has a flipper too!  When he showed me I told him his nephew, Nicholas, is going to love it!  :)
We got your pkg.  THANKS.  It was nice to see pics. of you and your area and comps.   I haven't looked at one of the sd cards because I don't have room on this computer or something like that.  I'll try again. Is that a full court basketball court?  Did you want me to erase the cards or save these and get you some new cards?  Just wondering.  Real photographers say to just buy new cards and keep the old ones for safe keeping.  Let me know what you want to do.
Thanks for the steps to a happier family.  I wish we could do it.  :(
Madison seems to like the Roxy belt.  Of course I like the chocolates.  Just don't need them.  :(  
The chicken---kinda funny.  At least it will match w/his screaming monkey:). 
Cousin Wade gave you an old tie.  I'll have it cleaned and send it out some time. 
dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd----oops,i fell asleep ;)

Pretty neat about you getting to see Elder M. Russell Ballard.  Hope you learned some things so that the meeting was successful!

Did you get your pkg w/tie holders, $10, etc.????

I loved the pics of you on the tractor.  Thank the members who made those for you.  I love them.  Is that a skinny tie you had on and are those allowed?

Keep the rules son.

Elder John Dees:  

Well---what's the BYU verdict?  Maggie McKinney (Kevin McCoys sister-in-law) got into Provo and Sue Clements grandson got into Provo.  After his mom told me he had a 28 on his ACT / SAT I can see why he got in! Anyway- I hope you did.....but if you didn't life will be ok.  I'm really pulling for you.  PS.  Uncle Glade just told me last night that Merinda did not get into BYU-Provo but did get into BYU-I.  I can't believe it!  She's pretty book smart so that blows my mind.  

Did you get your small pkg yet.  Nothing in it really ---except maybe $10.  not much but get a little something.

I saw Elder Fordham's mom FB the other day.  She said Elder Fordham broke his hand last p'day but after a few days of consultation it doesn't seem he will need surgery.  Yeah!  She said he has had four injurys so far, three due to basketball on p'days and the other playing a kids game on a p-day!  She said he is in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area training a new missionary right now.  

I had been needing to mail a pkg to Sis J Ranes and finally called to get a current address but only left a message.  She finally called me back but just had to leave a message.  She said she has/had the flu.   I see Patrick get on FB every blue moon but I just tell him hi or something.  
Let her know we love her.  I'll get that pkg off tomorrow. 

Guess I'll close.

I pray constantly for you two and your comps and all missionaries.  Be true to the faith.  I love you both.  Say your prayers.


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