Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, February 13, 2012


February 13, 2012 11:42:00 AM

Humpty Dumpty

Lets just say it really hasn’t been my week haha. I seemed to have hit my head a lot but it did me no good considering I feel even more stupid since I did it so much! Didn’t get a lot of teaching done due to tons of service. We went and picked up bull calves again and I almost got kicked in the mouth by one. We were stopping by a member’s house and one of their dogs escaped. I went and caught him and was trying to pull him back, the stupid thing was so strong it pulled me right into this iron bar so my head has a HUGE lump in it now and I hit my head on their cages numerous times and to top it all off, my favorite suit got a small rip on the jacket and I stepped in dog crap. I was ready to strangle some hounds! Other than that we got to see M Russell Ballard on Saturday! He came and talked to the entire mission and I got to see some of my favorite comps from the MTC.  It was awesome! And that’s pretty much it!

Mom:  Hi Son, I just sent the big email.  Is your head ok????  So now you have a rip in your suit?  Take a pic. Do you need to take it to a cleaners and have it fixed???  OH SO GLAD you did not get kicked in the mouth!!!!  We don't need that son.  You don't need that either--it would be painful.

What a great event to get to hear Elder M Russell Ballard and get to see some of your MTC comps.  I'm thrilled you got to have that experience.....and that you seemed to enjoy it.

When you say service be more specific.  Are you all having a lot of snow?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  We haven’t had snow in forever I’m pretty bummed ):

Can you send my red vans, my other shoes got trashed, my ray ban sunglasses, they are in the top drawer of my night stand in a case, if not check the bottom drawer.  (: . Also send me those tie racks and send something for Elder Valk as well. His mom always sends me stuff in his packages, so send a nice tie or something for him. Also when you see Uncle Glade ask him about Elder Barnes.  He was in my residence at the MTC and his first transfer was in Declo and he said he went over there a ton and really liked Uncle Glade!

Mom:  I will send Elder Valk something.   Do you have any pics to send?   I'll ask Uncle Glade about Elder Barnes.  Did you already tell me where Elder Valk is from?  Are the red vans appropriate?  Answer my other questions in the other email please.  :)

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Elder Valk is from Oakdale, California. His mom just sends small things like candy so just do the same with him. Also send me some cash. Some places charge like 3 bucks if you don’t have cash due to it being out in the middle of nowhere. 

Mom:  I found your glasses and red vans. 

What is the plan about a bike?

Don't you get some cash from your monthly allotment?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  

 No, we get a credit card and there isn’t an atm around, but I still don’t need a bike just yet but I didn’t know john still had plans for it and I will need one soon I’m sure.

Mom: ok so no rush on the bike?  

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Send my shoes, sunglasses, tie racks, my blue and pink Breathe Carolina shirt and money and candy. Bike is no issue right now. And anything else you can think of that I might need!
Mom:  ok honey, I'll get that stuff sent off today.  I'll go see if I can find that t-shirt.  Do you have a way to send me a pic of you right now.  I'd love to see a pic of you!  :)  Will you be sending the sd card soon?  Does it have some of the bulls pictures on it?
I do so very love you Elder Nicholas Dees.  :)

Love, Mom

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah I’m mailing the memory card home tomorrow. I have a package to send home.

Mom:  Hi son---I just remembered--I wanted to thank you for changing your mormon.org profile.  It is more enjoyable to read.
Mom.  Ps.  I share it w/others.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  ok thanks, gotta go - bye!

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Email from Mom:Mon.

Hi Sons!

How are you both?  I enjoy reading your emails over and over.  You delight me w/your missionary work in your areas.  We have had a recent baptism in our ward.  Shirley H has really enjoyed learning about the gospel.  She is friends w/Bro. Williams who is a fairly recent convert of maybe a couple of years now but he loves sharing the gospel.  The sister missionaries here announced in Relief Society yesterday that if we come across anyone interested in the church that they would do a "church tour" w/them.  I told one of the sisters that you do those as well.  This is transfer time for our missionaries.  I think the sisters will stay put and one of the elders will be transferred and we will get in a new "greenie" from the MTC.  Do you both remember those days? heehee   We have the Elders coming for supper on Thursday.  Probably will do chicken parmeissan w/noodles, broccoli and salad and Chocolate Dessert/pie..  We'll see. 

We will have a missionary coming home next week (Wed).  An Elder Tolbert that no one has met because his family moved here while he was out on his mission.

Your dad stays busy w/phone calls/reservations.  People still go on vacations so that is nice.  Lucky them.  

Elder Nicholas Dees:

I'd love to hear more from you via email.  Your emails are short and even shorter after I edit them..  I suppose with Elder Anderson gone though you have been more at ease w/the teaching and finding process.  Are you reading and studying so you can teach well?  Do you have your personal prayers to work through the gospel learning?  I have full confidence in your abilities to learn about the church and teachings of Jesus Christ.  It will serve you well to use this time to study and teach what you know. 

How are your investigators coming along?  How is Elder Valk doing?

As you know/guessed I haven't sent the pkg...been extremely lazy but will send it for sure TODAY, so do you need anything in particular?????  I haven't found any fun ties yet either.  If you have sent the sd card/pkg I haven't received it either.  :(  I long for some pictures of you and those you are teaching/baptizing. 

I hope you are keeping the rules. 

Uncle Glade and cousin Wade Gause flew down Saturday to work on Aunt Pats home there in Bristol.  They will be here for a week.

The car lights may have just had water in the lines somewhere. or there is a short in the switch where I turn them on.  Hope we can figure it out soon.  I really need to clean the car.  Do you keep your mission car clean on the inside and out?  

So, about a bike.  We won't be able to talk to John till later.  He doesn't get on till after you.  I'm thinking he is going to want to keep his bike (for home and college) so the best thing to do is to just get you a bike out there.  That way you can get what you want, what fits and we don't have to pay shipping.  Surely there is somewhere in Boise to get one.  What do you think?  When you get one, go ahead and get all the equipment....safety lights, good, good helmet, water cage, extra tube...whatever you will need.  That way it's just one final cost.  Let me know what you think!!!

Elder John Dees:

So, I hope the baptism is still on the go for the 18th.  How are the other investigators coming along?  Pretty neat that you mentioned that 6 investigators showed up last week!  You haven't had any signs of "lice" have you?  Anytime someone mentions it it makes my head itch as well-----like just now.  scratch, scratch, scratch.

We went to Seaside Yard sale and didn't get a thing.  Madison and Gabi went and they go a few new clothes from the Dejavue place.  It was cold but doable.  We have finally had a little cold snap.  I doubt it will last to long.

I thought I'd try to lose some weight but have gained.  I'm hopeless.  Nicholas said he is trimming up---exercising and getting the MTC weight off. 

As you probably read in Nicholas's email stuff he was wondering if you needed your bike anymore---since you are a Zone Leader.  He was wanting to see if you would have it shipped to him.  Are you wanting to keep your bike?  If so, we can have him (Nicholas) pick up a bike there in his area.  I'll even get on Craigslist in a minute and see what they have to offer in his area.

I see Elder Nicholas Dees just got on.  

Love to you both.


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