Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, October 31, 2011


Monday, October 31, 2011 3:22:24 PM
Guns But No Roses

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Well been an interesting week for sure. And also very busy/spiritual. We had the Baptism of another guy named Bill W. I gave a talk on baptism O.o yeah pretty nerve racking but it all went well. Taught a ton of other people and I committed a few to baptism (im on a roll!) Well about the title, we had two people greet us with guns. We have an elderly man we go visit and his name is Jim H.  and we knocked on his door and he said "Who is it?" We said "The Missionaries" he opened the door and said "Oh hey, guess I can put my mauser away" I thought he was kidding....... nope we walked inside and he set the gun down on the table haha. Then we went to one of our ward mission leaders sister in laws house to do service and she came out in hair curlers and pj's holding a .22 and started firing at these roosters that were in here grape vine. Been an interesting week for sure. Got the package i was supposed to get today so im sending John his in a few minutes. Got a fancy new blue tie at Ross. Ummm hmmm cant think of much more. My Mission Scripture for the last time is D+C 80:3 K? hopefully pictures will work this time.
Mom:  Hey, I watched your video---WOW you were in your element!!!!.. I know you had to enjoy that.  Still it looks like it could be dangerous.  I hope you are still there.  Loved your letter!  You sound good.  no pics though.  are u sending any?
Elder Nicholas Dees:  just sent them but gotta go now sorry you took to long bye!
Ps - did you cancel netflix?

Hi to my missionary Sons!

Scary car pics.  The other day I had a rs mtg and pulled up to the church curb and could tell by the sound of things that I had pulled up to far on the curb.  I backed out a little and went in the church.  When leaving and backing out I heard some rough sounds.  It was dark and the sounds were bad but nothing extremely bad so I didn't think anything of it and went home.  The next day your dad and Madison went to seminary but it's dark when they go so they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.  When they came out of Seminary they saw the bumper all jacked up and lights dangling.  Well you can imagine rest of the story.  However, your dad was able to take it off and reset it!!!!!  That was a blessing.  A BLESSING!!!  So all is put back together again.  Perhaps we should name the honda "humpty dumpty".  Poor thing has been taken apart and put back together again so many times.

Tonight is Halloween.  Y'all stay in and stay safe.  Elder Nicholas Dees, I will certainly miss the pillowcase full of candy this year!!!!  I don't need it so all is well.  We had our Ward Trunk or Treat last Friday.  Lots of ward members dressed up.  Funniest one to me was Brother Shields.  He was that "mayhem" guy on the insurance commercial.  Very clever.  I should have taken a pic.  I didn't even recognize Matt G.  He wasn't even in costume--he had just gotten a short haircut. I didn't know who it was at all!  LOL.  He's grown so much lately.  Y'all stay in and stay safe like I said.

I suppose you know I never sent the pics yet.  Been busy.  Went to Tally on Sat. morning (got up at 4) for Aunt Gina's b'day.  Lots of fun!  Garage sales and lunch w/good company. (Gyll, Glenn, Glynis, Gwynn, Ray, Gina and her friend Rosie, who is a non member, Gina has been doing missionary work!  Your dad and I went as well)  We stopped by Grandma Gentry's on the way home.

Brother Hewett/Ward Mission Leader spoke to us yesterday saying we need to give the missionaries some referrals and have them in our homes.  I need to do that---but who????  I'm not at all ashamed of the gospel so why don't I share it!.  EERRRRHHH.  

I don't think I told you two yet but Uncle Roy's brother was killed.  He went to get his mail on HWY 20 and was crossing back and stepped in front of a truck.  I have been so sad about that for Roy and Wayne's family.  I didn't get to make the funeral as I was dealing w/the car bumper and a clean.  I understand that Roy spoke and asked people to please forgive the driver and not hold a grudge against him.  It is my understanding that Roy has really reached out to this guy who is about my age and has been distraught over the ordeal.  Pray for them all tonight, ok. 

Thanks to the both of you for sending a card to your sister!  They were cute.

Nicholas---hey, I haven't gotten a picture sd card from you yet?  Did you send it?  Madison's b'day card arrived.  It was cute and she was thrilled to get it!  How did your baptism(s) go on Saturday?  How is your Book of Mormon reading and testimony coming along?  I was so happy to read in your email that you are happy you are serving and you are where you should be.  My heart just swelled with delight.  You are a fine young man and you are good to recognize and acknowledge your blessings.  Don't lose that trait.

 Your dad emailed your driving record to the mission office.  I guess they got it.  It was "clean".  I guess the ticket class worked in your favor!  Stay away from bats.--they carry deceases.  Where was that Elder Bell from?  I used to date a guy, Steve Bell, out at BYU.  He was from Washington.  Wonderful, kind, guy.  Who knows, could be a son or nephew.  How is the "flipper" working out?  Send detailed pics please.  How are you feeling?  I'll try to get the gps sent soon.  Your dad was hoping to find a toothbrush and razor to send at same time.  I think we should just send the gps on as the other could be a while but you can cover all that w/your dad. 

I love you two Elders so much.  I'm proud of your spiritual growth.  Be true to yourself.  Don't tell me one thing and then tell others things that are not good and praiseworthy.  Live your testimony.........

I love you both.
Love, your mom.

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