Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Elder Nicholas Dees' info:


Don't Turn Your Eyes If You Leave Now

You wont remember me.

Well hello everyone, another busy week down. Well we have picked up a couple new investigators this week and have a few baptisms set up including one this Saturday day and two in the second week of November! We basically got dropped by a family two days ago and then another investigator dropped us last night due to a controlling boyfriend, bummer. Other than that we have been teaching some awesome people and have awesome object lessons that really get people thinking! I’m doing great on my Book of Mormon reading im almost in Alma 20, i plan on reading it everyday for at least 30 minutes. I'm so glad i decided to come on my mission as much as i need my family and miss all my friends i know im doing this for the right reason. Well time for the stories this week. First we were driving to get to the post office before they closed to get stamps so we are cruising along at like 60mph and all of a sudden we hear a bump, bump on the bottom of the car. We looked back and saw a cat from the house we live at. It held on for nearly 1.5 miles going 60 then fell off and hit the road and bounced HAHA but its completely fine no harm to it. My companion had to go to Boise so i went on exchanges with Elder Bell this guy and I had a ton of fun, we caught a flippin' bat =D yeah thats right it was so scary, we also went and hiked lizard's butte and got some pictures and i got my tooth yanked so now i fit in with most of the people here in my area (: and i get to wear a flipper for almost 8 months, let the jokes begin! Be sure to tell everyone to write me!

 -Elder Dees (Nicholas)

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Hey I’m on - just as the title says

Mom: What does that subject mean and what does "You wont remember me" stand for? Just curious, why all the weird sayings?  It sounds like you've been busy even though you've been sick.  I'm proud you are reading the Book of Mormon daily. We all should. I'm glad you are out on your mission. I pray over and over that you will be a great missionary.  Are you still w/Elder Kurtz?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Yup still with him we are doing good as a companionship!
Mom:  r u still there

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah im here

Mom:  hey I just read your letter. Are you feeling ok? Are you bleeding bunches?  I hate you are having to deal w/this but you sound good. What is your address that we can write to you? Is it still the Chicken Dinner Road? Tell me everything. Did you get the pkg? Can you send John his?

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah im ok - bleeding stopped really fast yesterday, my address in 12537
Chicken Dinner Road, Caldwell, ID 83607 and i ate most of the stuff already so may have to send him a new one (;

Elder Nicholas Dees:  Also big news on Halloween our P-day willl be on Mondays from now on so ill be on on halloween and every Monday after that, also i need our gps.  The Boise Temple is the only close one and its closed for like another 1+ years, also i need my driving record!!!!! and i learned how to solve a rubiks cube (:

Mom:  ok, cool about Monday p-days. That's John's p-day as well so that will make it kinda nice. I'll go get the driving record. Should I send that to the mission office or to you? oh man I'd love to learn the method to he rubiks cube --that's cool you know how.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  send it to the mission office please (: and whats rachel's address and ryan's?

Mom:  did or can you send Madison a birthday card please.  Her b'day was last Saturday.

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah im getting her one today

Mom:  ok thanks honey!  Do you have a camera card you was going to send?  I really want pictures of you, your area, you in your suit PLEASE!!!!!!!!! for the missionary plaque!!! and tell me your scripture again.  D&C ?????

Elder Nicholas Dees:  yeah ill mail it off today and it was D&C 80:3   (: gotta go bye love you guys and be sure to mail my pictures!


Letter from mom

Hi Sons,

How are you two?  Well I guess this week that’s a bit of a silly question.  John, Nicholas is having dental problems with that tooth that was damaged with the wake board accident he had a year or two ago.  His mission president called last Wed. and said that Nicholas had developed a cyst over that tooth and that their Stake President was a dentist and was going to look at it.  After assessment Nicholas needs oral surgery, bone graft, and etc.  They said there is a lot of infection.  The surgeons office called this morning and they were beginning the process.  Anyway, they are having to put him totally under but maybe by time you get on email he will be out of surgery.  President said that he will keep Nicholas around Boise area for recovery and other check-ups.  So for about three months he’ll stay in that area for those transfers.   So, I’m not sure what his address will be at this time till I either call the mission office or if Nicholas feels well enough to get on the computer tomorrow.  I’ll let you know via snail mail. Keep you brother in your prayers please and when you fast. 

I pray that you are well. 

So in other news.  The Bishopric was released yesterday.  The new Bishopric is Bishop Rob Stone, 1stCounselor:  Brother Roger Gomillion, 2nd Counselor:  Brother John Cope.  Pretty neat huh?  They will make a great bishopric.  Of course we had a great Bishopric that was released.  They all worked hard on behalf of the ward and Lynn Haven area.  It is no easy task but necessary.

I told your dad to get Bishop Voyles to call me as the Assistant Libraian before he was released  - hahaha – but that didn’t happen.  Drats :)  I love the call as RS Secretary but I figured if I got a new call I should be safe for a while.  Heehee Oh well---just a little humor.   YIPPEE—I don’t have to drive Madison to seminary anymore!!!!!  But poor Madison will have to leave earlier than usual.  Bummer for her.  But I GET TO SLEEP IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh a few more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 

Other news, Brother Que Alldredge passed away.  Funeral tomorrow.  I loved that man.  He was one of the main Priesthood holders on my youth temple trip to the Washington DC Temple.  He was so kind.  We had such a great trip back then.  24 hours straight, on a bus---one way!

Madison turned 16 w/o a card from any of us.  We went to Tally on her b’day (Sat) because she was wanting to go to the youth dance.  We ate at Macaroni Grill.  It was delishous.  (sp)  Then they brought her a beautiful dessert (chocolate cake w/sauce and cream/pecans).  Then what was really special is one of the staff came out to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, in ITALIAN! With an operatic voice!  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Even the other patrons clapped after she was through because everyone had quieted down to hear it and they thought it was great.  Nice treat.  Gabi spent the day and night so Madison enjoyed that as well.  We still haven’t done cake.  Gotta find the time. 

We’ve had beautiful weather.

Did you all get your pkgs?  They should have arrived Sat. 

I finally got some pics printed and I’ll try to label and send them later this evening. 
We have  two cleans today so we are out here doing them.

Jonathan and Kailyn should be moved in.  I’ll try to make some time to go check on them.

I gotta get busy.

Oh, funny thing.  Elder Justin Roedel had said in an email that it had been two wks or more since he had gotten mail so he decided he would order some free stuff from lds.org so he would get something in the mailbox.  Even that hasn’t shown up ;0  He said the last time he did that it only took 4 days to get mail from them but even they hadn’t sent it and it had been 2 wks.  Poor guy—We made a small pkg for him and will send it out today---it’s all ready to go.  He has hit his year mark.  Time is flying.

I need to write Elder R Snyder and check on him.

I’m so proud of you boys.  Keep the faith.  LIVE your testimony.  Teach with the spirit!

Love you two so much.

Love, Mom

Second email from mom:

 Hi Elder Nicholas Dees:

just sending John's somewhat email.  He didn't send a main email this time as he had to work on his BYU application (he had mission president's permission).  

I'm not sure where you are, if you are back in Marsing/Caldwell or not.  I had sent a pkg.  I apparently sent the wrong pkg to you both.  If you have not opened the package could you try to forward it--if they won't let your forward just pay to have it sent to him.  His address is:

Elder John Dees
202 North Third Street West
Chewelah, WA   99109

If you don't have $ to send the pkg just use the stamps I sent you to add up to the $5 and change.  ok!     

Thanks---He will be sending your pkg to you.  
So sorry about the mix-up.  I don't think straight.  Well, you know that.

Also, I forgot to tell I took the Honda in for an oil change.  Of course that start saying I need this, I need that.  WHATEVER!  They said we are missing some pins and screws on the front bumper.  Hum.  I told them just change the oil and thats it!!!!
You should have tended to it I guess.  The guy remembered you.  and is a friend of Michaels.

I wish you would have settled down and tended to your tooth here as well.  However, I am so thankful you are getting help.  A tooth situation is no fun.  Believe me I know!

I prayed hard while you were in the surgery.  We continue to pray that you will be strong, and heal well and that you can use your mouth the serve, and serve well.  There is a difference!.....      

Please let me know where to send mail!!!!!  Are you in a different place for the recovery?  Let me know all details please,  I worry so much about you w/the surgery and needing help while you are down.  Your mission president and the dental office have been good to keep us informed.

Love ya lots Elder Nicholas Dees.
Love, Mom
Comments of family and friends: 

***Thank you Sister Dees. I like reading about your two elders, Meredith.

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