Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Tues.  Oct. 18, 2011
Heard from Elder N. Dees via email.  He’s doing well.  Thanks to those who wrote him.  He was excited to get the mail.

Letter from Elder Nicholas Dees:

There’s A Danger In Starting A Fire!

Well I'm pretty annoyed, the computer wont let me upload any pictures (What was my tithing going towards all those years?!?) (;  (Nicholas’ humor I suppose) So I may just have to mail my memory card home and have you guys send them out  -______-.

We had our first baptism on Saturday. It went very well. We
are still working with a ton of investigators (we call them gators).
Me and my companion are getting along just fine. I got tons of mail
yesterday.  I was pretty excited. The missionary work is going great. We
are totally booked today - so bad that we have to end our P-Day a bit
early. We went and did some tracking and got two new instigators! We
have a ton of cool object lessons that helps people understand what we
are teaching a lot better (The Rat Trap of Faith is my personal
favorite) We have been doing a lot of service here also - from stacking
wood, to helping an investigator clean their yard of cigarette butts so
it will be easier for them to quit! We may be committing some more
people to baptism here tonight as well.  Wish me luck!

Email conversation:
Elder N Dees:  im on

Mom:  Hi son.  Been waiting on ya!  How are you doing today?  
hey---have you gotten a sweater yet? I've got some church music for you and will try to send today.

Elder N. Dees:   no sweater yet, yes please get my package sent today and take the Honda in for an oil change- just take it to the service center drive in there and tell them you need an oil change. Simple as that. It will take all of 20 minutes to do it. 

Mom:  I'll take it in :) What are you expecting in the pkg so I'll know if I need to pick up something? What are you wearing for warmth?

Elder N. Dees:  It’s not to cold here just yet so I’m enjoying it!
Treats like jerky, gummy bears and worms, twizzlers - pull apart kind cherry or strawberry please, maybe a 100 grand bar or two (: but did
you ever get the pictures of the car?

Mom:  I have to go get some pics developed but I don't know how to put them on jump drive and little help with no success, but I'll take pics of the car right now!!!!! and get them developed. Are you going to send the SD card so we can see some pics of you?  I need one or more of you standing in full suit please and any more pics would be great.  Did you get the pics I sent from John? Who all wrote you letters? Were they on the envelopes I had made?  Can you just pick up your own sweater? That way you can get what you are looking for and I won’t have the expense of shipping it.  Let us know the cost and we will but it in your account.

Elder N. Dees:  yeah I’ll just get the sweater myself.
Gotta go - tons of stuff to do-bye!

Mom's letter:


Hi Sons,

I bet you didn't get a letter/sm pkg from me because it is sitting here on the dining table!  sorry.  I can't seem to stay focused.
Nicholas I finally have some church music made.  Of course had to wait till one of them would help me.  John your pkg is just some paper, stamps and a few treats.  Was you needing anything else?  I can't remember if you had requested something--oh yeah, pictures - but of what?   Can send some of Nicholas and Madison and your dad.  I still haven't done Pippin's ears or gotten the Honda oil changed.  But will.  Someday.  

Oh, we have 4 cleans today so it will be a short letter.  Your dad and I were able to take Saturday off and push those cleans to today because we needed some time off!!!!  We went to Destin to a "Best of Destin",( a friend gave us tickets) where businesses had there wares out for advertisement and fund raiser.  We ate and ate because various high end restaurants where present and gave samples!!!!  I was so full.  Also Nicholas there was a man there that had flooring and home decor merchandise.  They were listening to the Boise State game and so we mentioned you were there serving a church mission and that you lived on Chicken Dinner Road.  The man piped up and said he knew right where that was and had been in a home on that road to install floors.  He used to live in Boise.  SMALL WORLD.  He said you should love it there.  He knew of the Temple there in Boise.  

Few things on the docket.  They announced yesterday that we would be getting a new Bishop/Bishopric next Sunday.  Any guesses???????  I have a few guesses but will have to wait till next week!  Bishop Voyles has been an excellent Bishop.  He or any Bishop has to assist the members in so many ways.  It is a hard calling but he has done it so well.  We'll keep you two posted as to whom the new Bishopric will be.  

We are starting to get plans together for Thanksgiving.  I've picked up some table clothes/plastic.  Leslie will have a photo booth set up for pictures.  Ryan on his mission and Jake isn't going to be there this year, anybody can win the Gentry Gobbler Strut.  If you two were here y'all would have a great chance!  Anyway, Leslie is excited and said---"GAME ON".  Guess I should try to train since I need to lose weight anyway!  :)

Your dad will be teaching Seminary T-F of this week. !!!!!  yeah!!!!!  I'm gonna sleep in this time!!!!!!!!  Actually Madison didn't make it to Seminary today--again.  We oversleep.  I gotta get an alarm that will push me out of bed.  Actually, I just forgot to set it.

Your dad got his Iphone 4 S ---I love it!  It gives him someone else to talk to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Well not a lot to say.  I really need to get back to work.  Lots to do.

Let us know how the investigators are coming along.  I think both of you have baptisms set for this week.

Oh, don't forget your sister's SWEET SIXTEEN BIRTHDAY!!!!!!   IT'S ON the 22nd which is Saturday!!!!  We will go over to Tally on Saturday because she want's to go to a Stake(s) dance held there at Gina's ward chapel on Thomasville Rd.  Gabi will be going w/us as well.  Anyway--drop Madi a card or something.

Study the gospel and live your testimony!!!!  Have faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Know that miracles still occur!

I love you boys!

Love, Mom

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