Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, April 30, 2012


Following is the P-Day email of Elder Nicholas Dees-who has already served 7 and 1/2 months in his Idaho Boise Mission!  Elder Nicholas Dees has been transferred and below is his current address.  Uplifting letters are welcomed and encouraged.....missionaries love mail!

4/30/12  11:34 AM

Here's Nicholas' email address:

1106 1/2  2nd Ave N.
Payette, ID 83661


4/30/12   11:34:52 AM

Hey im on

Elder Nicholas Dees - Shoshone Fall in Idaho

Hey dad, well we got transfer calls and im going to Payette, ID and Fruitland is in that area so my tooth will be getting completed this transfer. We stayed pretty busy this week. Taught a fair amount of lessons and used a lot of object lessons they really seem to help people put things into a better perspective. We went and made our rounds of saying bye to people only people i said bye to were the Kunzlers and the Gentrys other than that really didnt get to meet other cool people! My new companion is going to be interesting for sure he is in love with star wars more than my last companion, not to thrilled about it, but we'll see. I dont get transferred until 12:30. For last p-day me and elder bell, clark and tingle went to the canyon and hit golf balls off the top into the snake river, Bell ended up hitting one across the entire thing and of course i didnt have my camera with me =(, At the Kunzlers i was able to chase down some sheep and catch a baby one those little things are fast! Ill attach some pictures in a seperate email.
Elder Nicholas Dees in Heyburn, ID  (at Kunzler's)

4/30/12  11:54 AM
Here are some pictures ill write more tomorrow ill be on the transfer van all day. Apology accepted

Elder  Nicholas Dees at his Uncle Glade Gentry's shop in Declo, ID

Elder Nicholas Dees, at Kunzler's home.

Elder Nicholas Dees in Declo, ID

*******    *******     ******   *****


Hi Son,

I'm not sure if you are going to read this or not but I still wanted to write. 

This will be the first email just to YOU!!!  

I have been thinking of you all week.  Mostly because I'm sad as to the way we parted last week.  I know you are working and teaching and I would like to apologize.  You are 19 and I can't rule you but will try to suggest and guide you as that is my responsibility as your mother and as someone who is older and wiser than you. 

So - What are the transfer results?  Are you staying or going??  If going, do you have an address?  I hope to snail mail you this week.  This past week has been crazy busy.  You know me, shuffling junk to make room for your brother.  We have also had a lot of cleans.  Fact is we are at one today, well two today and I so need to be home doing things to get ready for John but that's not going to happen.  Bummer

As you know, Elder John Dees comes home today!!  He leaves Spokane at 10:18 Pacific, goes to Salt Lake, then to Atlanta, and finally home to PC Airport.  We are thrilled he has completed his mission and ready for the next phase of his life.  He wrote that he had received great counsel from his Stake President there in Deer Park, WA and I'm sure President Palmer as well.  A member called me yesterday/Sunday and said she and her family just dropped him off at the mission home!  She said he had been a great missionary and was sad to see him go.  It's always nice to hear people compliment your children.  A mother loves her children and wishes the best for them.  In our Sunday School lesson yesterday we spoke of parents teaching their children in the home and any other good teaching only aids that which the parents should have taught.  I want to do better.

What are you doing for PDay today?  

Are you needing a bike yet?

I do love you.  

I have got to get to cleaning.

Pippin says "hello".  He's been sweet.  For some reason he was all excited and jumped up on the twin bed.  crazy dog.  Maybe he senses that John is coming home.  Your sister is so sassy sometimes.  We are all beggers as everything is from the Lord.  We need to be more humble.

I saw a nice family photo of the L's.    

Well, I gotta go.

I love you.

Mom :)


***Thanks, Gretchen for all the updates from John and now Nick. I know how proud you are of both them. What a great family you have.   Mary L.

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