Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, April 9, 2012



ELDER NICHOLAS DEES never emailed on the Monday p-day.  A few days later we received this email and explanation.  

Wed., April 11, 2012  (not a reg. p-day)
Sorry didn’t get to email, well I got my tax return into my bank account. I sold my camera and got an new one that is much nicer than mine.  So that’s what that charge is so don’t get upset. I sold my camera and case for $150 and the purchase at Target was for my companion. He bought a new camera because he never had one to begin with, so he is paying me back Friday and I’ll send that money home to be deposited into my account ok (: -   bye love you guys



Dear Sons:

How was Easter for you two?  Our Sacrament meeting was used as Fast and Testimony due to conference.  We had a nice crowd-overflow opened and such.  Lots of wonderful testimonies shared.  Sister Nora Hansen just returned from her mission so it was great to see her.  We (your dad, Madison and I) left after sacrament meeting to go to Grandma Gentry's to visit.  No fancy Easter meal or anything like that.  Just used that as my day to see mom and do a few things for her.  Geoff, Carolyn and Parley were down this past week so we got to see them yesterday as well.  Aunt Carolyn is doing something remarkable.  She has scanned some of Mom's Book of Remembrance and will send each of the siblings the files!!!!!  Pretty neat.  That is so kind of her to do it.  We should have been doing it but she is ACTUALLY doing it!!!  So neat.  Mom was is some pain.  That is a daily thing for her anymore.  Brother Osterburg---Charles is her home teacher and he is so kind and diligent in getting him home teaching done so her came over to Home Teach mom and Glynis so I enjoyed that message and visit.  Today is Aunt Cindy's 50th b'day.  Melissa and Tyler and the baby should have arrived last night and Jordan is home too for a week or so.  Leslie looks great and the baby (Kimball) is like a little beautiful baby doll.  Didn't get to see Aunt Gwynn or Gayle, or Gina or Gary yesterday.  I guess everyone is busy w/their own families.  However, your dad and I took Dianne over to Tally this past Wed. and we did meet up at 5 Guys for a hamburger.  Uncle Geoff and his family, Aunt Gina and Uncle Gary and all of us.  Geoff had called Marvin earlier that day and while we were eating Marvin (Goldstein) returned his call and said he was close by so he came in and sat w/us as well.  Hence the photo.  Dianne wasn't impressed LOL---she just wanted to get her drink refill and shopping on!  :)

I still haven't invited someone to church w/me.  Why do I find that so difficult?  I suppose I just haven't been impressed as to who may be ready to hear the truth of the gospel.  who knows.  maybe soon.

Madison found her a dress for Mormon Prom.  She's excited. Still disrespectful. It hurts.

We are out at a clean right now.  Clean, Clean, Clean and yet my house is filthy!  We have been busy this week!  Your dad has to do taxes this week, etc.  I have to clean the garage, etc.

Elder Nicholas Dees:

I hope you are getting settled into the area and working to find and teach.  My heart has been so concerned for you.  Serve w/ honor.  Who is in your teaching pool?  Are you keeping a journal?  Do you need another one yet?  I still haven't sent the box w/ties, etc.  I'll try to this week.  What ever came of a bike?  Are you needing one yet?  Be on the look out to buy one off a returning missionary if they are selling theirs.  

Elder John Dees:  

How is the teaching pool for you and your comp?  Often I think of you traveling in regard to your Zone Leader responsibilities and pray for your safety and strength.  Is there anything you need?  Will you be shipping your bike home?  Should we send it to Glade's or Melissa's if you are going to need it for school?  Did you get Nicholas' address:

Elder Nicholas Dees
1510 R Street
Heyburn, ID 83336 

I guess I better get back to work. 

I want you two to know that I know Heavenly Father lives and his son, Jesus Christ, lives.  Pray and be humble to receive guidance in your lives.

I love you both so much.  I want to be a better mother for you all.

Love, Mom  

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