Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz

Elder Dees w/Mission President-Pres. Cannon and his wife and Elder Dees first companion-Elder Kurtz
Elder Dees w/President and Sister Cannon and first trainer / companion, Elder Kurtz

Monday, January 7, 2013

Now the Dees family has a ZL! Zone Leader!

Email of Elder Nicholas Dees 

January 7, ‘13
Subject:  Mercedes has the SL, Acura has the TL, Now the Dees family has a ZL!

Well I made it! We got transfer calls this past Saturday morning and I got called to be a Zone Leader out in Kimberly, ID! So I have a car again baby, wahooo! Because it’s snowing like mad today! But my companion is Elder Rudd.  He is from Florida so I guess that makes it pretty cool? Anyways I have a pretty tight Zone that I’m over, my previous companion Elder Larsen is out here in the zone so I’m way pumped for that! Elder Butler my greenie is staying in the area in Meridian and getting a really crazy/wild missionary so hopefully that area doesn't die. But I will miss that area.  We had some good times and saw many blessings from Heavenly Father for the short time I was there. But I'm glad to move on to a new place and be a Zone Leader, it will be way fun I can already tell! The miracle for this week was that we went out to eat at Tuscanos Brazilian Grill for Zone Lunch and we all had these scratch off cards and mine won a free meal! So I saved like 17 bucks which was way exciting! I also set some new years goals which are: No soda, no ice cream/candies, workout everyday minus Sunday, and to.......well I cant think of another right now but I'll make some more! Well that’s really all I have, kinda busy today, gotta go get settled in my new place, love you all and send me mail! -Elder Dees

New Address:
320 Center St. E
PO Box 982
Kimberly, ID 83341
### ### ### ### ### ###
Late email from mom:

Hi Son,

Sorry I didn't put in an email.  quite sick.  

Zone Leader and a new area, how nice.  I pray often for you and will continue too.  Be a great leader with spiritual leadership and example!  You certainly have the ability just make sure it's genuine.  

I finally was set apart yesterday for my Stake RS 2nd Counselor calling.  Guess it's time to work!  I already have a 15 min. talk assignment for this coming Sunday to speak in Hosford Ward.  In a month we have a RS Conference on a Saturday to plan.  Lot's to do.

The home is still a wreck.

Free meal at Tuscanas....pretty sweet, but why would missionaires go out to eat such an expensive meal?  I can't even afford that and I'm sure a lot of Elder's don't have it.  Just wondering?

John started classes today so he's back in Rexburg.

Madison started back today as well.  She stays so worried, about bad things that have happened in the schools recently.  I told her to set a goal of getting her Patriarchal Blessing by March.  Hope she will.  She is thinking about looking into graduating early.  Any recommendations?  

I see you have set some goals.  Glad you enjoy exercising but you don't have to completely cut out ALL snacks/sodas though they aren't the best for us.  What about some spiritual goals?  and temporal goals, especially since you will be returning home in less than a year.  Or even personal goals of language, and use of time.  I'll have to set my goals in these next two days.

I'll have to see who the Elder Rudd is.  There are lots of Rudd's in the family.  Also in Zac L’s family.  He's probably kin.

I know you enjoyed the Meridian area and I hope it will continue to flourish.  Just be an asset anywhere you serve.  Be kind and humble, acknowledging the blessings that come your way!

I love you.  I fast for you.  I pray often for you.  

Much success and love.

Remember this is the Lord's work.  We don't have to apologize for it.  Truth is truth.  Testify of it.

Love, Mom.

PS.  Thanks for the address!

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